Monday Updates and Musings

  Good Morning!

It was a busy week last week, but I’m finally starting to get some projects up and running again around my place.  Now that I have a more functional storage closet (which I will post about tomorrow), I have been able to move some things into the closet from the built-in shelving unit in my living room. I am going to create a bar area there, but I still need to use some of the shelves for storage. And I want those shelves to be hidden.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I contemplated curtains but I really would prefer doors. BUT, I hadn’t been able to find doors that fit exactly. Then my Spidey-upcycling-senses kicked in and I spotted these in a garbage pile on my street.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I went back and measured and they fit! And with some upcycling magic, these will be perfect!

I’m also getting the lovely ladies at Tonic Living to make me some new custom drapery for my living room.  I just have a sheer white panel now and I’ve never really loved it. This is the fabric I chose:

Millie, Berry – via Tonic Living

And the best part of last week for me was that I finally entered the iUniverse and got an iPad mini! My first Apple product!

It’s super fun! Now I just need a case.  You can bet there will be a post on that coming up soon.

Have a great Monday!



Friday Punnies

Good Morning,

It’s Friday and given the crappy weather and the fact that the work week is finally coming to an end, I thought a few laughs were in order.  I do love me a good pun, and I have been giggling like a schoolgirl putting this post together.  Comic. Genius.

via 1,2,3,4,5 (unknown),6,7,8

So much punny, I can’t even take it.  (p.s. If you haven’t smiled at least once reading this, I don’t think we can ever be friends. That’s just how it is.)

Have a great day!



Pink Party

Good Morning,

It’s a little late, but today I’m featuring a amazing kid’s birthday party I attended last Monday on the Victoria Day holiday.  It was the 2nd and 4th birthday party for my bestie’s kids, Ella and Tatum. I love these two little humans more than I can possibly describe, but ALSO they looove pink…which just makes me love them even more.  So, of course, their Mom decided that for the girl’s birthday party (their b-day’s are only 5 days apart), a PINK PARTY was in order.  With the invites, instructions were given for attendees to don as much pink as they could.  It was so fun….and oozing with pink goodies.  Bright pink, light pink, salmon, neon….every pink you could imagine.

Kelly did amazing job pink-ifying the decor and food….even the cucumber slices were dyed pink.  There was birthday cake with 3 pink layers, pink popcorn and pink yoghurt pops.  Pink poofs, pink lemonade, and pink strawberry milk!

Decor and Food copy And then there was the stylin’ kiddies in their best pink outfits and accessories.

Stylin in Pink

And the pink fun continued with face-painting and birthday cake!

More pink fun copy

 Such a fun party with a fabulous theme.

Don’t get used to it Kel….before you know it they’ll be 15 and wanting to wear ripped jeans, plaid shirts and Doc Martens…because by then the early 90’s will be cool again.



Friday Fancies – Vignettes

Good Morning!

I love vignettes.  I do struggle with making my own look particularly good but I love the process of trying.  There are so many different objects you can use to create them….art, flowers, food, mirrors, books, jewelry….the list goes on.  Emily Henderson gave some styling tips for vignettes during a session at Alt Summit that I attended two years ago…and lemme tell you, she creates a kick-ass vignettes, for example….


  A couple of the tips she gave that I recall are 1) to use objects of varying heights to draw the eye to different locations/create different levels and 2) use items with different textures and finishes.  I know there were a few more but those were the ones that stuck.  She’s such a design smarty-pants, no?

Anyhoooo, today I’m sharing some vignettes that I think are quite lovely.


Which are your faves?

And I PROMISE I will be posting Vegas pictures soon but I’m still editing away.

Have a great long weekend!



Here Comes the Sun!

Good Morning!

This past weekend was gorgeous in Toronto; sunny and 20 to 25 degrees, and the humidity has not set in quite yet. I tried to be outside as much as I could.  I started some planters, cleaned off my patio furniture and soaked in the rays.  Today’s post is inspired by that bright sparkling sun….


Have a great Monday!



Sunkissed, not Sun…pissed?

Good Morning!

My exciting news this morning (but not exactly new) is that I booked my first trip to Vegas!


Yes, I’m a Vegas virgin.  I’m heading there in a couple of weeks with two girlfriends for a weekend of lounging, gambling, eating….and perhaps some outlet shopping.  More on the trip later….but since I’m all of sudden going to be pool-bound before bathing suit “season” has started here in Toronto, I’m thinking about my pasty white ass in a bathing suit. I know it’s vain, and I can admit it. I’m concern about blinding the other patrons at the hotel pool. I also don’t want that beacon of white light to attract attention to me in a bathing suit. I don’t want to look like this…


Soooo, I’m looking for advice on fake tanning.

At the beginning of every summer, before I am able to get outside (with my 45-60 SPF), I usually use a self-tanner on my arms and legs, etc. The best one I’ve found for my fair skin is Clarins Radiance Plus Glow Body Lotion.  You apply daily and it’s a gradual effect and I don’t look orange. The problem with self-tanner is that I live alone so I can’t get all the hard to reach places that are visible in a bathing suit (my back) with these daily applications. So, I’m actually considering spray tanning. But I have huge reservations, because I don’t want to look like this….


What I want is a subtle glow like this….

or this

both via

So, all you fairish skinned ladies, have you every tried spray-tanning?  Is it possible to get a nice glow sans l’orange? Any advice would be much appreciated.



Recent Discovery: The Uniform Project

Good Morning!

Last Friday I went to the Green Living Show and just happened to catch the main stage presentation on The Uniform ProjectTM and Little Black Dress Runway Show featuring Tara St. James.  I’m so glad I did. Tara is the founder of the sustainable womenswear label, Study New York and the creative director for The Uniform Project. I was fascinated by this project, founded by Sheena Matheiken in 2009. And I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it before!

Tired of the culture of over-consumption in fashion Sheena decided to wear one little black dress for 365 days in order to encourage a more sustainable fashion industry and to support the Akanksha Foundation— a non-profit organization providing education to underprivileged kids in India. Using only vintage, handmade, reused, or donated clothing and accessories Sheena reinvented this dress every day from May 1st 2009 to April 30, 2010.  She posted dailies on the project’s blog featuring her outfits and asked people to donate to the cause.  People started donating their used clothing and accessories to the project for her to use in her outfits it grew from there. Here are some examples the great outfits she came up with.

Such a great idea. You can watch the 365 Picture Book video here (so fun, I would recommend the watch).

Once the year was over, all the accessories she used were auctioned off on Ebay. In addition they reproduced a limited run of 365 replicates of her little black dress for sale (using sustainable fabrics and practices). The organization now designs other limited run dresses for sale…all with the idea that you can do a lot with one little black dress.  All these profits go to the Akanksha Foundation as well as the other causes they support.To date, the organization has sent 287 children to school in India.

I have to say this has made me re-think how much I purchase in terms of clothing. I have too much in my closet that I don’t wear and I make far too many impulse buys. I also haven’t ever thought too much about where my clothes are coming from and what is being made to use it.  I’ll be honest, I doubt I will ever convert to strictly sustainable clothing but I think the point of this project is to make you think more carefully about what you are buying how much you are buying.  I know that when I finally dig out my spring/summer clothing, I’m going to try to be more creative and stretch what I have as best I can, and be a little more conscious about what I buy new. Check out the website and see how you can get involved!



Southworks Antique Centre + News

Good morning lovelies,

On a rainy Easter Sunday, my parents and I took a trek to the Southworks Antique Centre in Cambridge, Ontario.  Now, I can usually can spend a solid amount of time at antique/vintage stores, but we spent at least 3 hours in this place….it’s GINORMOUS. 30,000 square feet to be exact.  In the end I didn’t buy anything for me but did pick up a couple of gifts. Here is a little summary of what we saw that I loved, liked, was intrigued by, and regretted not buying. (Excuse the horrible blackberry photos).


I love this print, simple and elegant, but I couldn’t spend $150 on it…especially since i would probably want to re-frame it.


Made me smile:

These letter press stamps made me happy.  I’ll admit it – I’m a typeset flousy (sp?).

Cambridge-20130331-01081 Made me giggle:

How cute and hilarious are these pin cushions? I really should have a bought a couple.

Cambridge-20130331-01080 Don’t need but want: 

I adore this lamp…great shape, crystal, and gold, oh my! And did I mention there was a pair of them?  But I just don’t need a set of lamps.

Cambridge-20130331-01078 REALLY don’t need, but want:

This bedroom vanity and stool….it has a great shape and a ton of storage.  But I have NO place to put it and I likely won’t ever have a bedroom large enough to accommodate this gorgeous beast. Given the reasons above, it just didn’t seem like $750 that would be well spent.  Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Cambridge-20130331-01075 REALLY regret not buying:

After this I can understand if you no longer have faith in my thrifting abilities.  Who would walk away from this brass and faux bamboo small side table/plant stand?  WHO???? This girl, apparently.  In fairness, it was near the beginning of the 30,000 sq. ft. trek and by the time I remembered it,  I was in line to pay, the store was closing, and I wasn’t quite sure where to find it again.

Ok, yes I’m making excuses. Did I mention it was $18. Yep. FML

Cambridge-20130331-01077 Anyhow, based on my first experience, I definitely will be returning to this little piece of heaven on earth again soon.  I just hope that brass-bamboo lovely is still there.

As for the news…..Recreated is getting a major facelift!  The lovely Miss Brittany from Gallery No. 8 is redesigning my little online love nest as we speak.  I am thrilled at her ideas so far and am excited to share when it’s done. Stay tuned!




Good Friday at the Brickworks

  Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! I was enjoying some family time with my parents who were here from New Brunswick.  We went to the One of a Kind Show and to the Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge. But I think my favourite day trip of the weekend was to the Brickworks.  The former Toronto Brickworks industrial buildings and quarry, now transformed into an urban environmental center, is such a great example of urban sustainability.  I had been there in the past but just to the garden center once and one other time for a one of the TUM events, neither of which really didn’t allow me to experience it completely.

Brickworks skyline


As you know, I love making old new again, and it’s fun to learn the history of a place…

history copy It has a great outdoor space with a trail system running through the former quarry.  Once the spring flowers/bushes start to come in, it will only get more lovely. trails

Trails 2

They make the outdoor spaces fun for kids with big flowers hanging out of windows and a chalkboard wall.


chalk wall I love the graffiti art throughout the inside and outside of the buildings.

graffiti copy I really thought when I took my parents there that it was a nice way to kill an hour or so, but we ended up staying for well over two hours and we didn’t and we only did a short walk through the trails. And they have a great gift shop with innovative local and environmentally friendly gifts.  An excellent way to spend an afternoon, highly recommended!



Inspired by Effie Trinket

Good Morning!

 Are there any fans of the Hunger Games out there? If so, have you caught a peek at the “Capitol Portraits” that were released last week for Catching Fire?  Well, if not, you should.  And as always, my favourite of the Capitol crazies, Effie Trinket (played by Elizabeth Banks), looks amazingly wild but quite lovely, especially in this deep pink ruffled Alexander McQueen dress. Perfect for her. How can you not love pink ruffles?

via Capitol Couture

I liken Effie to (a more polished) Helena Bonham-Carter at any awards show. Always eccentric, over-the-top, and rarely wearing anything you would touch with a ten foot pole.  But you still would be highly disappointed if she wore something more traditional. The difference is that Helena Bonham-Carter looks disheveled so often, while Effie has everything just so. Anyhow, I just love her panache! So much so that I put together a little mood board of some Effie-Inspired home decor items….

Effie Trinket Home decor

  1. Baroque Mirror from Instyle-Decor
  2. Furbish Studio Pink and Gold Lacquer Bowl (no longer available)
  3. Bonnie and Neil Table Runner Watercolor Pink
  4. Pink Croc Table Lamp from Pure Home
  5. William Yeoward Avington Tableware
  6. NSW Leather Co. Pink Hide Rug
  7. Land of Nod Ruffled Pillow

I adore that table runner and that dishware. Beautiful.

Happy Thursday!