Last Week’s Loves: August 12th to 18th, 2013

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  I spent some time working on my Fall Home Show Upcycle Challenge project. It’s still in early stages but I’m having fun with it.  I made Peach Jam. Yum. And I also hit up the Leslieville Flea Market yesterday.  There was some great stuff, but I only came home with a few goodies.  I’ll share more on that in another post.  Today I’m back with some of my loves from last week’s blog-readin’.

1. The ever-witty Uncle Beefy participated in Wit and Vinegar’s Popsicle Week and he provided this recipe for buttermilk blackberry crumble pops.  I love blackberries and this looks delicious!

2. This Philidelphia loft apartment, featured on Design Sponge, has a unique mix of styles happening but it works exceedingly well!  I really like their kitchen pendants. You can see more pics of this eclectic space here.

My dad’s old camera had this really cool vinatge-y looking leather case. This DIY camera strap made from a vintage belt that I found on Poppytalk reminded me of that.  Hey Dad, do you have any old leather belts?  This could be your first foray into the world of DIY crafts!

Ever wonder how to make a balsamic glaze?  You know, that delicious stuff that restaurants use to zhoosh up a plate? Well, it can be used for lots of other things and last week over at Camille Styles, she provided great step-by-step instruction on how to reduce balsamic into a glaze.

Listen, I know that all scheduling is done electronically these days but I do long for the time of daily planners. I’m a list girl, and a daytimer is much more akin to a list than using my phone or iPad.  Just to make my conversion to the electronic world a bit more difficult, the Simplified Bee featured 7 Stylish Daytimers for 2014 this week. I particularly enjoyed the one below but all of them were pretty lovely.

Also did you see the awesome projects completed by Life Begins at 30, Right?, Jen of Rambling Renovators, Brittany of My Daily Randomness and Shannon of AKA Design for the Home Depot DIY Challenge? I’m pretty impressed with their power tool skilllzzz.

 Have a great day!



Technologically Dependent

Good Morning!

Aaaaand is it ever a good morning.  As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting this week.  That is because, after dropping my phone in water last week (and having since determining it is totally pooched), on Monday night I came home and my computer had crapped out. Clearly the technology gods are not on my side recently. And, of course, I hadn’t backed up my files in a dog’s age so I was pretty terrified I wouldn’t get all my files back.  But (thank effin’ goodness) they were able to fix it with no loss of data!  Ab-so-lutely freakin’ amazing. So I’m giddy today with that good news.


What I found amazing is how disconnected I felt, both without the contacts in my phone and then without the ability to blog. And the even scarier part?  I was still partially connected in that I have an iPad mini and a work cell phone to use, but still felt strange without the technology I am used to having.


This experience has reconfirmed for me why it is good to take a step back sometimes; take a day or two where you limit the use of your devices. We forget sometimes that technology is not 100% dependable.  And unplugging willingly from time to time might help lessen the blow when disconnecting is forced upon you.

Oh ya, and it also taught me to back up your stuff.  If you are reading this, go back up every device own….right now.

I’ve got lots of content for next week, but until then, have a great long weekend!



Last Week’s Loves: First Summer Edition 2013

Good Morning all,

This past weekend my mom and niece arrived from New Brunswick, for my niece’s first trip to Toronto ever.  We spent the day at the Science Center on Saturday and a hot and sweaty day at the zoo yesterday.  I have to say, it’s pretty fun to be a tourist in your own city every once in a while.  And along with the first weekend of summer, the summer heat has also officially hit Toronto. But I guess I can’t complain considering how long summer took to arrive. And speaking of summer, today I’ve got the first summer edition of my last week’s loves…Enjoy!

1. I love lemonade.  It screams summer to me….although I love it so much I make it year round.  I also enjoying hearing about new ways to make it.  This week over at Oh Happy Day, they shared 3 awesome lemonade recipes, ginger, watermelon-mint, and blueberry-lavender. Yum.

2. Summertime always brings about nautical decor musing for me….maybe it’s me yearning for my cottage on the ocean, or just a love of the classic vibe that nautical decor brings with it but I must say, I do enjoy.  This past week Lonny did a little round of Sailor Made items, including this fabulous bulkhead lamp from Design Within Reach.

3. I love discovering summer weekend getaways locations, and so I LOVED reading this post from Jenny from Little Green Notebook about her girls weekend in Colonial Williamsburg.  Being from Toronto, I hadn’t really heard much about his little gem of a place….but it sure looks fabulous.  A smidge far for me to go for a weekend, but the colonial decor and antique furniture might be enough to get me there despite the distance. I highly recommend you check out this post….visual loveliness all around.






And speaking of getaways…have you been following Jaclyn from Lark and Linen’s photos from her recent trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy?  I traveled in this area of Italy about 11 years ago (really, it’s been that long??) and it appears to be just as beautiful now as it wast then. And, as usual, her pictures are gorgeous.

Ah summer.  We better enjoy it, who knows how long it will last.



Pillbox Seed Storage DIY

Good Morning!

If you recall a few weeks ago I posted about my seed storage issue. Remember this mess?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I also shared some creative ideas I found for storing seeds. I finally decided on a solution for my seeds and today I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY.


  • a 2 week pill organizing container (or whatever size you need)
  • scissors
  • small blank white label stickers
  • markers



First I cut the label stickers into squares just large enough to cover the days of the week. (I had to use two squares one on top of the other so the dark letters wouldn’t show through.) Then I labelled the stickers with the seed names and a little picture.  I did this part freehand, but you could design and print the labels if you wanted to. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then I filled the containers with the seeds… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA …and PRESTO! I had a secure, dry, and well-organized home for my seeds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Easy-peasy. It makes me excited to start sowing these little guys again next year!

Have a lovely day!



Kitchen Table Options – Duncan Phyfe Style Pedestal

Good Morning!

This past weekend I tackled a big job, I cleaned out and re-organized my long, narrow, under the stairs closet. I will post about that later this week but the clean out was spurred on by the fact that my friend and I have bought a table at a community yard sale next weekend and I’m hoping to get rid of as much stuff as possible. If you recall I had a yard sale last year and it was a bust, and all the stuff I didn’t sell ended up back in my place and was stored in the above-noted closet or under my crappy kitchen table (not-so-stealthily hidden by a table cloth).  Where I am going with this you ask?  Well, I need to get the stuff out from under my table so I can buy a new table.  As I mentioned before in this post my two front runners for tables are gate leg table or a Duncan Phyfe style pedestal table.  I already talked about the gate leg table, so today I’m focusing on the Duncan Phyfe style pedestal table.

You can pick out a Duncan Phyfe style table from the legs as they frequently have graceful pedestals supporting them, often vase shaped with three or four feet spreading out from each pedestal. They also often have finely carved or metal feet on tables, using dog’s feet and lion’s feet frequently.  You can read more on how to identify Duncan Phyfe furniture here on eHow.

As I said previously, I would prefer a round table, but many of these tables tend to be square or rectangular. However, I did find a few roundies in my search…

But if I go with the a square or rectangular I would prefer it to be a drop leaf like these…

via 1,2,3,4,5,6

 I just love the sleek statement-making legs on these tables.They are really quite beautiful in their simplicity. Ahh, decisions, decisions.

What do you think of this style?



Kitchen Table Options: Gate Leg Table

Good Morning!

Next on my long list of things I would like to buy for my place is a proper table for my eat-in kitchen.  The table will go in a corner that is roughly 3′  x 5′.  I would prefer a round table, but would also consider a square or oval.  And a drop leaf would be great to gain space if I need it.  I think I’ve settled on either an antique gate leg table or a Duncan Phyfe style table pedestal base table.  But the focus of today’s post is the gate leg table.

Gate Leg Table copy

I found a basic definition and brief history on the gate leg table from Antiques

“A gate leg table is a type of drop-leaf table, whose sides are attached to legs that are hinged beneath the tabletop; the legs swing out, gate-like, allowing the leaves to be raised; the tabletop itself is usually round or oval, and plain, while the legs are often elaborately turned or spiral and connected by stretchers. A single drawer is common.

Dating from the late 16th century, this Baroque piece of portable furniture flourished throughout the 17th century and is highly characteristic of Jacobean and William and Mary furniture, representing the less formal, more intimate dining customs of the period. It continued throughout the 1700s, gradually waning in favor of more graceful portable designs, such as the Pembroke table. The later 18th-century versions usually have thinner, simpler legs and rectangular tabletops.”  

I like the fact that I could use this table as my kitchen/dining table but when I have a proper dining room I can still use it for other things.  Maybe a console table with the leaves dropped, or a desk with one leaf down? So many options.

1,2,3 (unknown),4,5

It’s definitely a strong candidate but I’m still pondering. Next week I’ll profile the other option I’m considering.



West Elm Summer Preview

Good Morning!

Last night I attended West Elm’s preview of their summer collection. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been in the Liberty store, and it’s looks great.  Bright and cheery for summer.  Here are some of the highlights.

Colour! Loved the bright display of colourful paper flowers as you walk in the store.


Speaking of bright, how great are these fun pillows?  They would add a bit of happy to any room for summer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Being the east coast and spending my summers by the ocean, the beautiful calming sea glass-inspired table top and oceany ombre wall reminded me of home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If you haven’t checked out the West Elm Market yet, you are in for a real treat.  They have a ton of very cool and extremely useful items in there.  Personal care items, hardware and tools, camping supplies, food stuffs….you name it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But my favourite part of the tour was the outdoor and garden section.  So many things I wanted.  They have succulent plants from the Niagara region and if you like, staff will help you build a gorgeous terrarium with the plants. They have beautiful outdoor furniture, gardening tools, planters, and lots of great pieces for outdoor entertaining.


I personally couldn’t leave without getting a few of the those funky melamine plates (4 for $18!!). I also got the plant mister on the bottom right. I have always wanted a plant mister!

If you are looking to add some love to your home or outdoor space for summer, you should definitely head to West Elm and check it out.


signature3 * this was not a sponsored post.


Vacation from my Vacation

Good Morning,

After a whirlwind trip to Vegas, I am back in Toronto.  Mentally I’m still dreaming of the 40 degree heat of the desert, especially since I have arrived back to arctic temperatures in Toronto.  Most yesterday was spent in airports where I was feeling like this…

As many of you said, after a trip to Vegas, you need a vacation from your vacation. I’ll post photos this week but, for now, I am still recovering.



Perfectly Pretty Pins

Mornin’ Lovers,

I don’t spend as much time on Pinterest as I would like but when I do get a chance to peruse for a moment, I find lots of inspiration. This morning I’m sharing a bunch of pretty pins that have recently given me reason to pause…which I subsequently repinned onto my boards with no pause at all.

This photo demonstrates how I feel this time of year, when I finally start to see the flowers blooming after a long winter. Giddy, like I’m walking in a giant flower garden all the time.

Repinned from Erin Lochener – Photographer: Joong Seok Oh

I just love this room.  I want to park my a$$ in that soft leather Eames-style chair and put my feet up.

Repinned from Heather Childress/originally from stylist Marie Olsson Nylander of Harvest Agency/

I don’t usually wear big chandelier earrings, but if I do, these are a beauties I want hanging from my earlobes.

Repinned from Hansol Kim // from Emma Stine Jewelry

This is such a beautiful photo.

Repinned from Cassandra Lavalle from

This black and while striped Oscar de la Renta gown is STUNNING.

Repinned from Signy Klein via OscarPR Girl

A light air bedroom with open doors to a patio.  Makes me exhale.

Pinned fom Globalist Mix – Photos by Sean Fennessy / styling by Lucy Feagins via .

Marilyn Munroe. Kelly Green. 1946.  Vintage photo goodness.

Pinned from Victoria Fiske – photographer unknown.

This is so true.  How boring would our lives be without at least a little struggle?

Repinned from Erin Lochener – via Whintney English blog

Did I mention I’m off to Vegas tomorrow! I’m excited.



Last Week’s Loves – April 21st to 28th, 2013

Good Morning!

Looks like spring has finally hit the Toronto area, and it is about time! The weather was great this weekend and I loved it! As for today, since it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve featured my week’s loves, I’m back at it today. There were some great posts around the blog world this past week and here are a few of my faves….

1. I thought this Corrine coral sea fan sculpture featured by Designwali last week is so cool. Part organic, part modern, and totally great. (available at Horchow).


2. Design*Sponge featured the Vancouver based company JustPotters, which is part of the JustWork Economic Initiative that employes locals with physical or mental disabilities, those dealing with homeless or addictions and refugees as well as low-income single parents. Their work is awesome and supporting them supports such a great cause!  So happy to learn of such a great Canadian company.


3. French Connection has a home decor line?  Um, ya they do!  So happy that Decor8 alerted me of this fact this week. Of course it’s not in Canada yet (shocker), but you can peruse the lovely merchandise here.


4. With spring finally here, I’m very excited for a wider selection of fresh flowers.  And what better way to use fresh flowers that this fun flower garland I found on Oh Happy Day this week?


 5. When Coco & Kelley featured the wallpaper of Wall & Deco this week I was blown away.  It is some kind of awesome, let me tell you.  How awesome you ask? Well, what you see below is NOT lovely aged tile, it’s wallpaper! How crazy is that?


Have a great Monday!