My Mighty Life List


◊make Recreated upholstery business/blog my full time job ◊ design a fabric line ◊ organize my spice cupboard ◊ partner with other bloggers on more projects ◊ get a storage space so I can continue to collect things I love ◊ buy my own place ◊ find someone to share my life and my successes with ◊ rearrange/reorganize my kitchen cabinets ◊ become a parent ◊ start getting sponsors for Recreated the blog ◊ start doing giveaways on the blog ◊ take part in a Habitat for Humanity build outside of North America ◊ reupholster a piece for the Chair affair ◊ go to the Kentucky Derby and attend a party there which involves me in a hat ◊ learn to surf ◊ continue to grow my client base for Recreated ◊ attend more blogger events ◊ have a backlog of 3-5 blogs posts written at any given time ◊ listen to my gut ◊ waste less food ◊ go to a fashion show ◊ spend more time with creative people who inspire me ◊ go to the Oscars ◊ get a financial planner ◊ guest post on other blogs ◊ make best efforts to not put off tasks and to do them as soon as I think of them ◊ be more positive ◊

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