My Itsy Bitsy Bathroom Reveal

Good Morning!

I’m excited to be coming to you from Vancouver, BC this morning.  I’m here for the always exciting and inspiring Blogpodium. I’ve been to every one so far, and despite it being a bit of a trek this year, I couldn’t pass up coming to this great event. I’m just as excited to be finally sharing my bathroom update with my new Delta faucet that I won in the earlybird draw for Blogpodium!  It turned out pretty close to what I was aiming for though (as usual) it took me much longer than I expected.

I recently posted before shots of my itsy-bitsy bathroom.  Here is  a little recap:

borken mirror

old faucet

yucky walls 2

It looks so much better now.  And it all anchors on my Dryden™ Two Handle Centerset Faucet in chrome with and matching towel ring and tissue holder. I love the modern lines of the Dryden products.  It looks so great. Oh, and I installed it myself.  Don’t act like you aren’t impressed.

delta copy

Can we discuss how much I love the lift up feature on the tp holder??? No more ridiculous spring-operated tubey things for this girl. Changing my tp roll just got super convenient.

And my new vanity (from Home Depot) makes me pretty happy too.  Adore the oval shape, so glad I went with it. And it has so much more storage than my previous one.


New Cabinet copy

Now for the biggie, and the reason this update took me so long.  Remember how I wanted to wallpaper?  Well, it turns out all the options I loved were really expensive, and considering I only needed it for one tiny wall it didn’t seem cost effective  So, I decided to DIY it.  Turns out that CB2 has blank self-adhesive white rolls especially for DIYing so I got some and painted it up! I will share the how-to in a separate post, but I think it turned out pretty well in the end.

wall paper 2


I also changed up my shower curtain to a plain white waffle one but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.  But it definitely makes the space feel a bit bigger and brighter. All said I’m very happy with my update!  I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks again to Delta for my new faucet!


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Convert It: A Waffle Factory Turned Family Home

Good Morning!

Today’s Convert It post features a former waffle factory in Lille, Norway which has been converted into a light and airy home for a young family.  Often times factory conversions can have a cold and industrial feel that is less than inviting, but this couldn’t be further from the case in this space.  With the help of Lille-based architects from Bo Architectures, they have created a beautiful cozy home full of flea market treasures and fun accessories, while taking still preserving/restoring many unique elements of the original factory. The floors, stove and the wood paneling are all original, and the windows, although new, were replicated to match the originals.

Via Rum Hemma. Design by Fanny and Pascal Francois and Bo Architecture, Photography by Pascal François

This couple truly saw potential in the whole factory property not just the building, as evidenced by the beautiful terrace and garden.  And that big picture vision is what I think really sets this conversion apart.  To see more lovely photos of this space go to Rum Hemma.


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My Itsy Bitsy Bathroom Update: Before & Inspiration

Good Morning!

As some of you know, I won the Blogpodium early-bird draw for a Delta faucet. Woo hoo!  I was very excited about a new kitchen faucet. However, I live in a rental which means I have to work with what I’ve got and unfortunately none of the kitchen faucets I liked would fit in the space and location of my current faucet. Boo. But luckily they have great bathroom faucets too!  In the end, a bathroom one was best anyway.  You see, my itsy bitsy bathroom needs some love at the moment and so a new faucet worked as the perfect catalyst to plan a bathroom update!. Today I’m going to share my before pictures and then my plans and inspiration the changes.

So, how itsy bitsy is this bathroom?  Perhaps this picture will help you get some perspective…..

Entrance to bathroom

I am taking this photo from OUTSIDE my bathroom.  My bathroom is 5.25′ x 6′.  That is just enough space for a toilet, tub, and small vanity.  With about 2′ x 3′ of floor space.  It’s SMALL.  You will see from the picture quality and angles that it is quite difficult to shoot this small space. But hey, as one person I don’t really need that much space. Aren’t 90% of NYC apartment bathrooms smaller than this? And bonus, I also have less to clean. It just means there isn’t much to work with.

The other interesting (weird) thing is that 3 of the 4 walls are floor to ceiling white acrylic tub material. At some point they had one of those Bath Fitter-type companies come in and do the tub and surround but then just covered everything.  You can sort of see it from this picture.


Which means I’m left with one wall to work with in terms of updating……but that one wall is preeeeeetttty bad.  If I had to guess I would say that it is untaped drywall or paneling, with wallpaper on top, which has been (poorly) painted over in white.  There are holes and marks and temporary fixes all over it, and the door frame is also badly chipped.

yucky walls 2

door trim

To manage my storage issues, last year I purchased a basic over the toilet cabinet which has been great, but not the prettiest.

over the toilet

And I have a towel ring and tissue roll holder both of which have seen better days….


gross towel ring

And now for the part of this space that needs the most help….my mirror/medicine cabinet.

borken mirror

No, it wasn’t always like this. And it is my fault that it is like this. No, I didn’t punch it.  Here is the story.  You see, there is a magnet that keeps the door closed which became faulty. So, often while I was washing my face it would come loose and open and I would lift my head and catch the sharp corner on my head.  Then one night after a concert in which I had consume a few glasses of wine, I caught my head on it again, and so I SLAMMED it shut.  *SMASH*  I’m embarrassed to say that this was almost a year ago and I still haven’t replaced it.  Now is the time!

Strangely before I installed my new faucet, I failed to photograph the old one in place!  But here it is after I removed it.

old faucet

So the general plan/inspiration for the room update looks a little something like this…

bathroom inspiriation copy For my faucet, the centrepiece for the whole room, I choose the Delta Dryden™ Two Handle Centerset Faucet in chrome. And I also got the matching towel ring and tissue holder! Thank you Delta for your generous prize! The medicine cabinet, I decided that would like to soften the lines an go with a oval shape like the one above. I have pondered what to do with the one wall and have decided on wallpaper. I’m not sure paint would really hide the mess underneath. Plus, there are some really great options out there! I really like the ones shown above; Petal Pusher from Oh Joy! for Hygge and West (which comes in a peel and stick option, great for a renter like me) or Watercolor Peony Wallpaper by Over & Over from Anthropologie. I can’t do much to the storage unit, so I’m just going to replace the knobs with the pretty ones shown from Anthropologie. I don’t dislike my current shower curtain, but I think it makes the room look a bit smaller so I think a white one would be best to lighten the space. Something like the one shown here from West Elm.  And I need some new hand towels and there is a great selection of beautiful ones at Anthropologie right now.

And that is the plan.  Stayed tuned for some after pictures soon!


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DIY Lampshades

Good Morning!

I just got back last week from vacation….sigh. Per my normal summer routine, I spent my time off at my family’s cottage in Oak Point, NB (aka my favourite place on the planet). As usual it was awesome.  Lovely weather, hot with cool breezes, and I came back relaxed and calm.  We don’t have a TV there so there is a lot of reading, card games and napping on the itinerary. But as anyone who has a cottage knows, cottages also mean perpetual “projects”.  My parents have had projects on the go at the cottage since, well, as far back as I can remember.  Last summer I helped out with a bigger project, which I called #oakpointporch where I reupholstered two chairs and sewed a bunch of pillow covers for the porch. You can see the results here.  This year my task was to make some new lampshades.  The first lampshade I needed was for the top of this antique side table-lamp combo piece.

Before 1

before 2

Sure, the lampshade is okay, but we weren’t in love with the pleated /rouched look and it was cracked on the inside and stained a bit on the outside. It was time to go.  So, you many ask why I decided to make one when there are so many shades out there to buy.  This is why…..the hardware.

the problem

We looked high and low for a shade with this same kind of attachment hardware and nothing. Having seen many antique lamps, I know now that this hardware was pretty common, but not so much any more.  So, I decided I would make a new one using the existing hardware. And while I was at it I did shades for two small wooden lamps that needed refreshing.

I used this tutorial on Design Sponge on how to make a drum-style lamp. It was very straight forward and I would highly recommend it.  The only thing I did differently was I didn’t buy the “proper” inside material which is high pressure sensitive styrene with self adhesive on the back, I used poster board. I also used the inside of a an embroidery ring for bottom instead of another wire ring.


You may note from the picture below that my bottom ring seems larger than my top.  And yes, you are correct I had to “adjust” it with a cutter and some crazy-glue so it matched the top. I won’t go through all the instructions here because they do such a good job in the tutorial but here a couple of photos.

Process 1


Process 3
Now when I got to the small lampshades which were not drums and therefore not the same size on top as they were on the bottom….that is when sh*t got real.  Of course you can’t cut it straight to get a truncated cone says I, the girl with the engineering degree who tried to do that (twice) before realizing I couldn’t “force” it in place.  So, I took to the internet.  I found lots of formulas and tried to follow them.  I went out and bought a protractor,  I created a large compass using a nail string and a pencil and fiddled away but nothing worked quite right. And then I found…..wait for it……a truncated cone calculator.  People, if you are ever making a lampshade or need any kind of truncated cone for a craft…..USE THIS.  It is so much easier than doing the calcs yourself.  You still need the protractor and the compass but you can be sure that what you are measuring will work.  And then you will get the proper curved piece (like the one below) which will wrap around your two sizes of rings perfectly.

Process 2

A couple more progress shots….

Process 5

process 4

I used grosgrain ribbon and upholstery trim on the inside of my lamps to cover the glued edges but you can also use paper tape as shown in the tutorial.  And here is how they turned out….

after 4

After 1

after 2

after 3

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  A couple more tips for you. You can use poster-board as a base like I did, but not if it’s a lamp you need a lot of light from.  Because it isn’t transparent it produces a glowy light rather than a bright one. If you need it brighter, get the styrene.  As I mentioned, I used and embroidery ring for the base, which worked great for the drum lamp but was a bit more awkward for the other two so I would say to invest in the proper ring for a non-drum shade.  However, despite the whole math, geometry, angles shenanigans, it wasn’t too difficult and turned out pretty well.  So if you can’t find the proper shade for your antique lamp or just want something fun and custom,  you can make your own!  Have a great day!


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Light Bright: Glass Walls As Room Dividers

I’m a believer that being outside soaking up Vitamin D is a great cure for the everyday blues. And even when I’m not outside, waking up with the sun streaming in the windows of my place makes me a very happy girl.  I love a home with lots of natural light. And what better way to take advantage of light coming in all rooms than to have glass walls as room dividers instead of heavy solid walls. I’ve been seeing these pop up a lot on Pinterest lately and I am falling hard for these see-through beauties. They work so well in smaller places to open up the floor plan while still having some separation of space.  I personally really like the black framed ones, but the frame options are endless in different metals and woods. Here are some fabulous examples that I have been coveting.

Design by Dom & Wnetrze, via Domaine Home

Design by Camilla Tange – via Apartment Therapy

Designed by FJ Interiors, via Mechant Studio

Designed by La Maison d’Anna G via Apartment Therapy

Designed by Trendland via Apartment Therapy

via Marie Claire Maison

Architect: Egue y Seta via Houzz

 So are you with me? I knew you would be. Glass walls = Awesomesauce, for sure.  And that last one with the little greenhouse built-in?  Genius. If and when I ever buy a house, knocking down a wall and replacing it with one of these is going to be on the top of my list.  (P.S. this list is getting very LONG…).  Have a great day!


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Last Week’s Loves – July 20th to 26th

Good Morning!

In my quest to stop being a craptastic blogger, I decided that this week I should get back to my Last Week’s Loves Monday posts where I always find great inspiration from the talented people I follow.  I found a few gems in my blog travels this week, and I hope you will enjoy these posts as much as I did!

1. Gorgeous post from This is Glamorous featuring the Bar Palladio in Jaipur, India.  An explosion of colour and decadence combining Indian and Italian design.  You can see and read more about it here.

2.  Love the pretty ceramics by Robert Gordon featured on Decor 8.  See more of his work here.

3. Looking at this picture you might think this is an ordinary 50’s motel (which I have an affinity for as you an see in this post). But if you check out this post from Poppytalk, you will see that Masion Jolon, a  Scandinavian-style B&B near Aix-en-Provence, Maison Jalon is anything but ordinary.  You will want to stay here.

4. It’s that time of year where the heat and humidity have kicked in.  I promised myself during this terrible winter we just had that would not complain about the heat this year.  I’m doing my best to enjoy it. But hydration is key, and luckily Camille Styles did a round-up of great water bottles this week.  You can see them all, here.

5. Camille Styles also posted ‘What your pinterest board says about you”.  I fit into many of these categories, which I suppose makes me multifaceted….or insane.  Not sure which.

Have a great week!


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Magnificent Mules

Good Morning,

It’s summer, and if I could run around barefoot or in flip-flops all the time I would.  But I have an office job and those footwear options don’t tend to go over well.  I have some basic flats and heeled sandals that work but I would like a summer heel that leans toward comfort but isn’t a flat.  Enter the magnificent mule. I’ve always shied away from mules. Maybe it’s the name. I grew up in farming community and so I first associate a “mule” with something completely different. And also, I just assume that since they are backless that I would be “clomping around” in them trying to keep them on.  But I have (at least temporarily) gotten past these roadblocks, mostly because I’ve been seeing so many lovely ones out there. I’m sharing a few of my faves today!

Magnificent Mules


Now I know what you fashion-aware readers are thinking. Aren’t mules closed-toe? Correct, the traditional mule has a closed toe but these days if you search “mules” on fashion sites you get both open and closed-toe options. And, being summer, an open-toe only makes sense! Don’t these beauties make you want to go buy some? Icing on the cake? With only one exception, they are all $125 or less! Totally reasonable. The exception: that GORGEOUS multicolored one on the bottom left (very expensive) but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it out. I really don’t think I’d feel I was clomping around in any of these. Have a lovely Friday!


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Convert It: Villa Augustus

Good Morning!

Hey, remember when I used to write for my blog?  No?  It’s ok, I had sort of forgotten too.  It’s been awhile, but I have a some posts lined up for the next few days so hopefully this is the beginning of more consistency over here. No promises but I’m feeling good about it 🙂  Today, a new installment in my Convert It series and I’m sharing Villa Augustus, a water tower turned hotel, garden and market in Dordrecth, Netherlands.

The water tower and associated high-pressure water main system for Dordrecht was designed in 1881 by the director of the Public Works J.A. van der Kloes and consulting engineer A.G. de Geus.  It was constructed in 1881 and 1882 and consisted of four octagonal towers surrounding a large, round water basin and stands 33 m at its tallest. Beneath the tower were the clean-water basements. One tower contained the chimney for the steam from the engines, two towers had the  a spiral staircase which once connected the 5 staff apartments to the reservoir, and the last tower was used as an outlet should the pressure inside the reservoir get too high. The small towers were removed in 1938, and  new pump building was built next to it in 1942.

An aerial photograph of the water tower from the 1930’s, which was shown at a town hall meeting attended by various entrepreneurs inspired the idea to convert the building into a hotel, garden and market.

The hotel has 37 rooms, 20 of which are in the garden tower, and 17 in the garden. The coolest room in the hotel must be the top floor which boasts the rooftop glassed sitting room.  And in the garden you have a room in an area called the secret garden.  Who wouldn’t want to say they they stayed in a secret garden?


The gardens are exceptional and they are the centerpiece of the Villa.  Not only do they have beautiful flower gardens, they also have an extensive vegetable garden and greenhouses where they grow much of the food served at the restaurant and sold at the market.

The restaurant is in one of the garden buildings, and has a fresh and fun interior design and a beautiful patio nestled within the gardens.

And then there is a market where you can find find fresh garden produce, bread, preserves and home-made pasta to name just a few.

All photos via Villa Augustus

Unfortunately, my research into this beautiful conversion did not produce which companies were involved in the restoration or redesign of the Villa Augustus, which is too bad as they did a wonderful job. I’m not planing any trips to the Netherlands in the near future, but if I find myself there again someday I definitely think it would be worth a visit.


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Discovery: Shed Workspace

Good Morning!

I have recently completed a few more small upholstery projects out of my apartment, and while I love the work, it wreaks havoc on my tiny space. For larger projects I am lucky enough to work in the Re:style Studio space, but I have always daydreamed about my own workspace (I showed some cool ones here). However, since I don’t have a car unless a space is right next door, it’s a pain to travel back and forth. But recently I discovered that it’s possible to have an awesome studio or office right in your own backyard by adding a shed workspace.  The first company I stumbled upon whose products totally caught my eye was StudioShed.  They make very sleek modern prefab do-it-yourself sheds that can be used for various things, like home offices,  arts or craft studios, music rehearsal space, or cabin bunkies.

You can choose from various sizes, layout and features and they come with instructional videos so you can help put them together yourself.  You can have installation included in your price and add things like electrical, fancy flooring and more. The also have a greenhouses and dog house lines. Now, I share this information with few caveats.  Right now they only ship to the US, and therefore installation services are only offered there.  However, with the US shipping address services (like box hop, etc) they still could be an option if you are going for the DIY packages. Also, they are not cheap, even the DIY version. If you want a super sleek workspace in your backyard, you have to spend some money.

But never fear, I did find a somewhat similar company in Ontario called Sheds in a Day that offer more basic rustic wooden sheds, but in similar sizes. You can also pick and choose features and they are significantly cheaper.

I expect there are similar companies in other parts of the country too. I rent my apartment so neither of these are likely an option for me right now, but it’s nice to know that you can create a fabulous, functional workspace right in your own backyard.


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Yard Sale for the Cure Auction Piece

Good Afternoon!

It has been awhile since I’ve been a regular blogger.  I have been busy with many projects, including the one I’m sharing today.  This weekend is the Yard Sale for the Cure to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  People all across the country will be holding yard sales with all the proceeds going toward breast cancer research. 1-800-Got-Junk is a big supporter of this charity and the have asked a bunch of creative people in the Toronto area to choose a piece of their inventory of  salvaged “junk” and recreate/upcycle it into something better. The pieces will be auctioned off tomorrow at the Massive Yard Sale for the Cure taking place in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto!  I was very happy to asked to create a piece for this great cause.

There was a relatively tight schedule to get the piece done, so I knew I had to pick something that I could update in a reasonable amount of time.  The piece I ended up choosing was this small kid-sized vintage desk.

  Yard Sale for the Cure Before Shot

I decided to update it into a bright and fresh kids reading and creating station!

Yard Sale for the Cure After Picture copy Blog

I painted the whole thing white and I upholstered the bench seat in a fun fabric (Willow from Tonic Living) so that there was more comfortable place for reading.  On the desk side I added side pockets for art supplies,  a small chalkboard area on the desk using chalkboard paint and a lamp for both reading or creating!  And in case you need space, the seat folds up!


It was a fun project to do.  If you like it and want to get this piece for your little artist or reader, come on out to the sale and bid on it tomorrow!  Don’t have a little person in your life for this piece?  Well, there will be a whole bunch of other fabulous pieces being auctioned off, not to mention a ginormous yard sale! The Trinity Bellwoods Park sale is from 10 am to 7 pm!  I hope to see you there supporting a great cause!


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