Discovery: Stan Olthuis via The Rooster Coffee House

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One of the many things I love about my local coffee shop, the Rooster Coffee House on Broadview Avenue, is that they also serve as a bit of an art gallery.  They support artists by featuring their work on the walls (with prices in case any of their customers are so inclined), and rotate artists regularly. Not only does having their ever-changing wallscape make for great decor, but I get to be exposed to new artists just by getting a coffee. Although I usually only get to the Rooster about once a week (sadly it’s not on my way to work), I get pretty excited when I see that the art has been changed up again.  The artist I’m going to share with you today I discovered on my most recent visit to the Rooster: Canadian artist Stan Olthuis.   After my discovery, I checked out his website.  Truly lovely works.  But I’m most drawn to his “Gowns” collection, some of which are on display at the Rooster.  Here are a few of my favourites:

IMG_3475 IMG_5453 IMG_3303_crop IMG_3189_crop IMG_3875 2013-01-23 12.45.22

Pretty great, right?  The concept is simple but the pieces are anything but that.  I love all the layers, and the shapes the dresses take in these.  I’m officially a fan.  You can see more from the collection and other on his website.  Now I just need to save my pennies so I can own one of his pieces someday.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this discovery as much as I have!


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Summer Jumpsuit Round-Up

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So, let’s talk jumpsuits.  Or rompers, onesies,  playsuits (which I personally think sounds creepy), whatever you want to call them.  My first experience with a jumpsuit was 4 years ago. I bought a black one from H&M.  It was ok, but the cut was strange.  The crotch hung too low.  Now, this was around the time when the “harem” pant or more commonly known as the “MC Hammer” pant, made a brief (thank goodness) comeback, so maybe that is why these hung too low.  But regardless,  it wasn’t quite right.

My other, slightly more personal and neurotic issue with the jumpsuit is having to pee topless. Yes, I’m behind closed doors when I’m doing my biz, but it still feels odd to be topless while doing it. However, recently I’ve been noticing some great jumpsuits on the market.  Ones that are have a slimmer leg, with crotch lengths that are reasonable, and that definitely are not too billow-y.  Here are a few good ones I found that just might just get me over my fear of being topless in a bathroom stall…..maybe.


Jumpsuits copy


 Clockwise from top left: ASOS Jumpsuit with Cami Straps, Rory Beca Ludo Jumpsuit, Rebecca Minkoff Suarez Jumpsuit,

AQUA Jumpsuit , ASOS Plunge Neck Jumpsuit, ASOS Jumpsuit in Check

 I love the patterned plunge neck line one, which sadly I could NEVER wear without looking indecent. Also, that bright blue one is great. The ruched bit on the cropped pant is a lovely detail.

How do you feel about the jumpsuit?


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Convert It: Sonoma Power House

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Today I’m sharing lovely conversion project in Sonoma, California.  Owner and designer Todd R. Cole purchased and redesigned this former PG&E power plant 17 years ago to make it his own.  It was originally converted to a home 50 years ago, by Arthur W. Foster III, who named it “the Power House”.  Cole, an avid flea market shopper, has added many eclectic details to the space while keeping many of the original elements.  For me, this  seems like the perfect space to curl up and read a book or take a nap.

Photo credit:  John Merkl   Designed by: Todd R. Cole  Via California Home Design

Lovely spot and great conversion.  You can see more pictures and learn more history of this space over at California Home Design.

Have a great day!


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Backyard: To Paint or Not to Paint

Good Morning!

The weather has been beautiful in Toronto the past few days so the past weekend I was working on getting my back deck in order.  As you may know, this spring my landlord removed the second floor deck that used to partially cover my deck, so I now get a lot more light.  With the additional light I’ve become more aware of the fact that my door is in need of new coat of paint.


Since I took the pictures I have done a solid cleaning of the doors which helps but they still seem ruddy and worn.  Also, did you notice the sweet art deco inspired glass in the door on the right?  Just in case you need a second look at this beauty…

artdeco door

Oh yaaa.  In fairness, it actually might look good on a modern home but is totally random here given the style of the house.  But I digress – back to the painting.  My first thought was I would just repaint the doors white.  White goes with everything, is clean and classic.  Then I got to thinking, if I’m painting anyway, why not add some colour?  Any colour I use would need to be dark or bright to contrast the muted beige of the siding.  So, I rounded up three colour options from Para Paints and did a little (rough) photoshopping to see how they look on the door.

All doors copy

Option 1 is called Bluenose (P2116-03) from the heritage collection and is currently in the lead for me at the moment.  Option 2 is Nitelife (P5074-85). I choose this colour because it is similar to the colour that the landlord recently painted the front door.  I like this one, but it’s not my favourite of the three. However, it may end up being my only option for colour as I will have to get the landlord’s buy in before painting.  I also really like the Option 3 red colour, which is called Gingham (P5083-73).

This is where I need your help.  Which do you like best?  If the only colour option was #2 would you still paint it  or leave it white?  I welcome some help with this decision!  Let me know what you think!


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Last Week’s Loves – May 19th to 25th

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and to my American friends and family I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.  As is customary here at Recreated, Last Week’s Loves is on the agenda today.  Hope you enjoy some of my fave links.

Loved these punny thank you gift labels found over at Brooklyn Limestone this week.  And you can get free printables of all of them by clicking over to the post here!  Check it out!

Now that the weather is finally feeling like summer is coming, my mind can finally move toward summer foods.  Is there a better summer staple  than a popcicle?   And why not add some caffeine to your cool treat with these awesome milky Vietnamese coffee popsicles .  Yum.

Looking for some cool DIY outdoor lighting?  Look no further than this post by Alex over at North Story.  A great new use for pickle jars!  Click here to see how to do it yourself!

And last but certainly not least, check out the Fig House lounge before and after from the ever amazing Emily Henderson posted on her blog this week.  What a transformation! I love this room.  Pretty sure it has a lot to do with the curved sofa. To. Die. For.


Have a great day everyone!


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Fashion Friday: Cat-eye Sunnies

Good Morning!

I need a new pair of sunglasses this year and I’m really liking the cat-eye shape.  Not the over-the-top 1960′s cat-eye, but the more subtle versions that I’ve been seeing around.  Sunglasses (and regular glasses for that matter) are always a challenge for me because I have a really narrow face so 90% of sunglasses look ginormous on me.  And not in the cool over-sized shades way….more like the “my glasses are eating my head” way. That being said, I’d like to find a smallish version of the cat-eye for this summer.  So, today I’ve put together a little save and splurge round-up of some cat-eyes sunglasses.

Cateye Sunglasses copy

From Top to Bottom: Minkpink Candy Land Cat-Eye Sunglasses,Vince Camuto Cat-eye Sunglasses, Armani Exchange Cat-eye Sunglasses,  Valentino Rockstud-Temple Cat-Eye Sunglasses,  Marc Jacobs Glitter Stripe Sunglasses, Stella McCartney Cat-eye Sunglasses

I typically don’t spend much money on sunglasses. I tend to find the nicest pair under $30 and treat them badly until either they get so scratched it’s embarrassing to wear them, or I leave them somewhere.  However, I do think perhaps my lack of care of them is because they are so cheap.  I haven’t invested any money in them so why would worry about their condition?  I’m thinking about potentially investing in a nice pair this year, on the assumption that if I pay more I’ll take better care of them!

Do you splurge or save on sunglasses?


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Convert it: The Hudson

 Good Morning!

While I was in Victoria last month, I was strolling down the street and came across a big beautiful old building that appeared to have been restored.  Of course, this is a common occurrence in Victoria as they have done a great job preserving their historic structures.  But I was particularly curious about this one so I immediately looked it up.  It turns out it was the former Hudson’s Bay Company building which has recently been converted into a residential building.

Photos via buzz buzz home

This Georgian Revival style building was designed by Toronto architects Burke, Horwood and White and built in 1915.  As described in the “Canada’s Historic Places” website:

The palatial design and grand elevations of this four-storey Georgian Revival Style building was chosen to establish architectural permanence and portray the luxury, grandeur, and modernity of Canada’s most successful and oldest company.” 

This is picture of the building from the 1930′s.

The building was designated under British Columbia’s Community Heritage register in 1995. In 2002, the Bay department store relocated and Townline Developers bought the property in 2006.  Townline and Merrick Architects has since revitalized the building by converting it into a 152 unit condo building called The Hudson.  Retaining the original facade and some of interior elements, the store was converted in to a unique residential space.

In addition to it’s lovely exterior the building also has great out door spaces.

Photos via buzz buzz home

The building’s interior designer was by Evoke International  Design who were able to retain some of the historic interior elements of the store while making it more modern.


Photos via buzz buzz home

This two-bedroom condo model from the building, which was beautifully furnished and styled by The Cross Design of Vancouver, shows you just how awesome these units are.

Photos via buzz buzz home

And as you can see from my photos below the Victoria Public Market has  made it’s home on the main floor of the Hudson.  Which would be pretty amazing if you lived in the building.


THe Hudson 1

THe Hudson 2

What a fabulous conversion.  If I lived in Victoria I’d totally consider living here.  So much beauty and history in one space.  My only criticism is that that the big original HBC sign from the roof  isn’t incorporated somewhere.  That would make it just about perfect.

Have a great day!


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Updates All Around

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a really great long weekend.  As you may have noticed, I have been pretty spotty with posts these days.  Ever since I got back from my trip to BC, things have been pretty busy.  However, now thing are slowing down a little so I’ve had some time to be inspired and get back to writing.  A little break often helps to get me revved up again and I’m excited to share posts that are have been ruminating and which are long overdue to be shared.  Today I’m sharing just a few little things that have been going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, one of the projects that I have been spending a lot of time on recently is a cushion project for a client (and friend) for her outdoor furniture.  I finally delivered the pieces this weekend and here is how they look…

Cushion Project

I really like the fabric my friend choose which she got from Tonic Living  (back cushions – Fretscene in Canary, seats – Sunnyside in Canvas, and throw pillows – Secret Gate, Pewter) and it came together really well in the end.  The most exciting part of this project (other than the results) was finally getting the 8 large cushions out of my 750 sq ft apartment and actually being able to fully clean up my floors which looked like this for the last couple of months….

floor craziness

I’ve never been so happy to clean my apartment in my life.  Also, I recently scored this awesome piece  for my living room from a little antique store on King Street West  that I was able to put in it’s new spot this weekend, after I delivered the cushions.

new mirror

Please excuse the  picture quality, iPhone shot.  (Did I mention I LOST my camera on my way to BC?? Err).  But I love the mirror even more than I thought I would.  It’s crazy how much bigger it makes the room feel!  I have been looking for a large floor mirror ever since I did this post a few months ago.  And this one was much cheaper than any I’d seen of it’s size.  Total score.

And you may recall my crazy living room rug search?  Well, as you may have seen on the Instagram that I finally found a great,  reasonably priced antique persian rug on eBay that had the perfect colours.  Well, like all things you buy online, you just don’t know until you get it home.  I ordered it based on this photo…

ebay picture2

But when opened it up, this is what I got….

what I gpt It’s in great condition and I like the pattern but, it’s totally the wrong colours.  I was annoyed and originally thought I would just sell it and start the search again.  But then I got an idea. The tones in my bedroom are similar to those in the rug as you can see in this picture from my bedroom post.

And as you can see in the picture I have a large black and white cowhide rug in my bedroom.  Sooo, I’m doing a switcheroo!   It’s not a perfect solution but I think it will work well until I come across a great rug that works for my living room.  Done.

I have a bunch of small projects on the go both inside and outside of my place that will be coming up on the blog soon, so stay tuned!


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BBQ Love: Char Sui Ribs

 Good Morning!

It’s finally barbecue season again, so this morning I’m sharing a great BBQ recipe from the cover of the June Canadian Living magazine. Very few things scream BBQ like great ribs, am I right?  And these tangy Char Sui ribs are a great twist on your traditional ribs.  I tried out this recipe last weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  I started with some pork ribs, slathered it in the marinade and left them to absorb the deliciousness in the fridge overnight.

char sui ribs 5


After cooking in them in the oven, I put them on the BBQ to finish them off.

char sui ribs 4

I left them on until there was JUST enough charring on the surface that they were crispy, but didn’t taste burnt.

char sui ribs 7

You can see the red tone from the sauce which is due to the grenadine in the marinade.  Yes, I’m talking the stuff that goes in a shirley temple!  I have never used that ingredient in anything other than drinks, but it worked great in this.

char sui ribs 3

char sui ribs 1


char sui ribs 6

I served them with brown rice (made properly for the first time EVER, I might add) and steamed veggies.

char sui ribs 8


The flavour of these ribs is awesome.  A little bit honey sweet with spiced undertones. Such a nice contrast to more traditional rib sauces.  I halved the recipe (and even then I was eating ribs for days! #singlegirlproblem) and it worked great.  The only thing I would do differently next time is I would choose a different cut of  rib than I did.  Confession, I have no idea what rib cut I bought.  I got it at my local asian market and the signs aren’t in English.  They just looked good (insert embarrassed face here).  But the bottom line is they had too much meat on them.  They were perfectly moist but the meat didn’t come off the bone as easily as I would have liked. I think smaller ribs might work better.  But the taste was awesome and I would recommend this recipe for sure.  You can find the whole recipe here on the Canadian Living website!

Do you have a favourite BBQ recipe?


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Black Rooster Decor: Bricks and Mortar Baby

Good Morning,

Some of you may already know the amazing online store Black Rooster Decor.  They carry the most amazing collection of furniture and home decor stuff.  If I was going to try to describe the merchandise they carry I would say modern, pretty and eclectic.  Now, often when people use the word eclectic it’s just a nice a way of saying that you have a bunch of random nice stuff that doesn’t go together, but that is 100% NOT how I mean it here.  The items are so unique yet perfectly assembled that you can’t imagine that they don’t all belong in one space.  The woman behind this store is the fabulous Nina Ber-Donkor, and boy does she have a talent for curating beautiful home decor items.  Truly gifted.  Here are just  few things from the online store….


Marble Base Adjustable Desk Lamp

Tasmanian Berber Rug

Tiffany Nesting Trays

High Back Geo Dining Chair

 So, wanna hear some great news??? Black Rooster now has a full-blown bricks and mortar STORE!  Wanna hear the even better news?  IT’S IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!  (1025 Queen Street East (in Toronto) near Pape Avenue).  Ok, so maybe that part is really only great for me, but this is still amazing news. I was lucky enough to attend the grand-opening party last week.  And here is a little taste of the awesomeness you can expect:

Black Rooster copy

I don’t have the details on all the items that are in these pictures (most, if not all, of them can be found in the online store), but there are a few highlights I would like to point out:

1) I NEED one of those Victorian wine stoppers. STAT.

2) All the art you see in these pictures is by my friend, the ever so talented Christine Dovey.  When she is selling like Jackson Pollock, I will be able to say “I knew her”.

3) Wishbone in a bell jar, yes please.

4) Those Moroccan style hanging pendant lights are incredible.

The point is it looks amazing.  And to top it all off the party was a blast.  Great food from County General and lots ‘o bubbly, plus amazing company.  Christine, Hollie (of the Pink Zipper)  and I closed down the place with the lovely Der-Bonker fam (from left, Nina’s lovely hubs Prince, her sweetheart of a son Elijah, Nina, her mom and her brother).


And when I say lots of bubbly, I mean LOTS… the dance party, howl with laughter, create crazy hashtags kind of lots.  Oh did I mention taking ridiculous pictures…..a like picture of me with my new C-Doves painting….

me with art

One of the artist, with the SAME painting….

artist and work

Your truly, Vanna White-ing the crap out of this fab (and really comfortable) leather lounger….

me with lounger

And the amazingly sweet Mr. Bijou and Boheme (aka Christine’s husband/Ian) showing just how comfy the leather lounger is.  Note the pink socks.  Love this guy.

mr bijou and boheme

So I think you get the gist of the kind of night we had.  I am so happy for Nina and family on their new adventure.  Now go VISIT this store definitely will not regret it!  Welcome to the east end Black Rooster!


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