Fall Decor: DIY Fabric Wreath

Good Morning!

It’s going to be 25 degrees here in Toronto today, which is certainly above seasonal for this time of year.  But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t decorate a little for fall.  I had wanted something fall-ish to hang on my door that was simple and a little rustic. While perusing Pinterest I found this post for a linen wreath on A Beautiful Nest which was pretty close to what I was looking for.  For my wreath I didn’t use linen, instead opting for burlap and muslin, but I kept to the same general idea.  Today I’m sharing how I did it.

IMG_0783 copy

First, cut the top of the hanger off with the wire cutters (unless you want a longer wire) and bend it into the shape you want.  Then cut your fabric in long strips in the width that you want your wreath to be.

IMG_0784 copy

(I know what you are thinking….that rancid dirty stained carpet must just be some scrap of carpet that she uses to do crafts on….ahem, ya…let’s just stick with that thought.)

Next, start stringing the fabric on the wire, folding the fabric like an accordion as you go. In my case the burlap already has small holes in it and the muslin is very thin so I was able to just poke it through.  However, if you are using a thicker fabric you may have to pre-cut small holes to string it on.

IMG_0789 copy

Fill up the entire wire with the fabric. Then hook or wind the ends of the wire together and add a ribbon for hanging.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I purposely didn’t add a bow to mine, as I wanted to keep it simple.  However, this could easily be used again for other seasons/holidays by simply adding different bows or changing out the colour of the ribbon.


And that’s it!  Pretty simple and straight-forward to do but the result is a piece of decor you can use anytime.