Booze ‘n Bake 2013

Good Morning!

I’m finally starting to feel the Christmas rush.  Lots of events, lots of stuff to get done, but always lots of fun.  Today I’m sharing one of my fave holiday events – the annual Booze & Bake.  The event started 5 years ago with just 3 people but has grown into something much larger.  And I’m pretty sure my waistline will prove it.  Basically you come with a cookie/treat recipe and a drink and you leave with a large variety of baked goods (and generally a little tipsy). There is a lot of baking chaos with so many people but the results are always delicious. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the drinks this year…too focused on the baking….but I can assure they were yummy as well.

Now it’s not all sweets.  The lovely host Janice does provide some token healthy food to try to balance the sugar….but really, let’s be honest, this stuff rarely gets eaten up, especially once the cookies start baking.


So we got to work….


With scrumptious results….

yummy copy

We had 2 kinds of biscotti, chocolate snaps, lots of gingerbread, peanut butter and M&M, shortbread thumbprints with salted chocolate, cinnamon swirls,  banana chocolate chip, and my contributions….SMACK (a yearly fave and a recipe I will be sharing with you on the blog soon), and chocolate cookie sandwiches with vanilla cranberry filling which I got from the most recent Canadian Living magazine.  This picture represents about half of what we had by the end.

the Haul

I took a LARGE tin home, and as do every year I took it to work the next day….you know, trying to avoid eating it all myself.  Usually it lasts a couple of days.  This year it was all gone before 1 pm! My waistline is thankful.


Signature- new

Booze and Bake 2011

Good Morning Lovelies! This past Saturday I took part in an annual event that my friends and I affectionately call “Booze and Bake”.  The name pretty much gives it away but this is a brief outline of how it works.

You bring:

  • A recipe (or more) and ingredients for Christmas baked goods
  • A signature holiday drink
  • A love of Christmas movies (specific ones…see below)

You get:

  • A tin of Christmas baked goods (the equivalent to you baking for 2 days)
  • A little tipsy
  • A day of fun with your friends

It’s such a great time…here’s little summary of this year’s event.

We started with this….

Added a little this…

And probably the most important part of the day are holiday flicks that we watch while we bake.  Every year we screen the Holiday, which is pretty much my fave Christmas movie of all time.  I’m only a little bit obsessed.  Also, Love Actually.  Amazing movie.

Despite the drinking, the baking part went pretty well….with 2 minor exceptions:

1) an entire egg (complete with shell) going into the mixer

2) accidentally quadrupling the recipe resulting in an overflowing mixer…..

a flour explosion….

And a massive amount of dough (there were at least 2 more logs this big…)

But regardless, the results were amazing….

Another successful event! I’m already planning my gym trips to compensate for my indulgences.

Have a great day!