Lighting Search

OK, I didn’t think that choosing a hanging light fixture for my bedroom redo would be so difficult but finding one that I like has been tough!  OK, that’s not entirely true, I have found TONs of fixtures I like, but I have some constraints on my purchase, namely budget. I’m just doing a little refresh of my room, and so and I’m trying hard to do it on a reasonable budget. So, I REALLY don’t want to spend more than $250 on a new light fixture for this room.  I’m looking for a chandelier style light, that is gold in finish and that is interesting. My new fabulous headboard (which I’ll share with you soon) is very bright and a focal point in the room so I’m looking for a fixture that is interesting enough to balance the headboard.

So, when the lovely Christine at Bijou and Boheme came up with a design concept for my bedroom redo as part a of a guest post, she choose this amazing Jonathan Adler Meurice chandy…which I LOVE….but I don’t love the price tag….

I also love this one by Quiozel…., but again, a price tag issue

And this one from Zgallerie is fab, but maybe a bit much for my bedroom….

adore these pretty rose balls from Arteriors, but I’m not sure I want my room to have a pink hue all the time….there is already a fair bit of pink…

This Lindsey Adelman piece is beautiful but crazy $$$ is required….

Then I thought maybe something simple, like this one from home depot (with the bulbs replaced with round ones)……..but it seemed a bit boring…..

I’ve visited various thrift and antique shops but didn’t find much that that I like in terms of shape. I did find this adorable and super pretty chandy at an antique store (sorry for terrible phone pic)….

….but it needed to be totally rewired and for the price I didn’t want to have to have it do that, plus I wasn’t sure it was big enough.

Then, while discussing my search with my Mom, she mentioned that the antique shop in my hometown in New Brunswick has lots of antique overhead lighting and that they would go take some photos and get pricing for me.  And what did they find? This amazing art deco chandelier…

How crazy, amazing, and interesting is this piece? And it had been marked it down to 1/5 of the original price! In one of the hip mid-centrury modern furniture stores in Toronto, this would cost a fortune, and I’m getting it for…..wait for it…..$100!  This isn’t a joke. And conveniently my parents are coming to visit me this week, and they are driving so they can bring it with them!  A. MA. ZING. So, the search is over, and I’m pretty happy with the find.  I can’t wait to show you how it looks once it’s installed.

Enjoy your Sunday!