BBQ Love: Char Sui Ribs

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It’s finally barbecue season again, so this morning I’m sharing a great BBQ recipe from the cover of the June Canadian Living magazine. Very few things scream BBQ like great ribs, am I right?  And these tangy Char Sui ribs are a great twist on your traditional ribs.  I tried out this recipe last weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  I started with some pork ribs, slathered it in the marinade and left them to absorb the deliciousness in the fridge overnight.

char sui ribs 5


After cooking in them in the oven, I put them on the BBQ to finish them off.

char sui ribs 4

I left them on until there was JUST enough charring on the surface that they were crispy, but didn’t taste burnt.

char sui ribs 7

You can see the red tone from the sauce which is due to the grenadine in the marinade.  Yes, I’m talking the stuff that goes in a shirley temple!  I have never used that ingredient in anything other than drinks, but it worked great in this.

char sui ribs 3

char sui ribs 1


char sui ribs 6

I served them with brown rice (made properly for the first time EVER, I might add) and steamed veggies.

char sui ribs 8


The flavour of these ribs is awesome.  A little bit honey sweet with spiced undertones. Such a nice contrast to more traditional rib sauces.  I halved the recipe (and even then I was eating ribs for days! #singlegirlproblem) and it worked great.  The only thing I would do differently next time is I would choose a different cut of  rib than I did.  Confession, I have no idea what rib cut I bought.  I got it at my local asian market and the signs aren’t in English.  They just looked good (insert embarrassed face here).  But the bottom line is they had too much meat on them.  They were perfectly moist but the meat didn’t come off the bone as easily as I would have liked. I think smaller ribs might work better.  But the taste was awesome and I would recommend this recipe for sure.  You can find the whole recipe here on the Canadian Living website!

Do you have a favourite BBQ recipe?


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