Good Morning!

Today I’m going to share with you some scenes from a super fun cooking event/competition that my friends and I have every year. I wanted to post yesterday but there were so many photos I couldn’t get it out in time!

The event is lovingly known as “Tacular”.  It started 2 summers ago with Porktacular, followed by last year’s Beeftacular, and this year we moved on to chicken.  There is cooking, eating, voting, and always a healthy amount of trash-talking. Here is the official poster of this year’s event…..

This is a well run event, especially with my friends Sam and Pete hosting and doing the organizing (the organizing part being all Sam). Check out all the amazing details that went into this event…from the golden chicken egg trophies to the “chick” magnet, she thought of everything.

Ok, here’s how it works… can enter in one or both of the appetizer/entree categories. They have to be a chicken based dish.  Everyone tries some of each dish, and then votes. Simple as that.  It started with the appetizer category….

There were 4 entries this year.  All were delicious.  My entry was the buttermilk coconut chicken nuggets on the bottom right.

Then we started prepping our entree entries…

There was chicken pizza, curry chicken, spicy chicken skewers, and chicken skewer wraps with homemade peanut sauce. I made spicy maple chicken drumsticks. But by far the most innovative entree of the event were the “Churtles”….

These bad boys were made of all chicken products….chicken bacon weaved around a cheese and ground chicken center, and chicken hot dogs for the legs and head.  Definitely the most creative entree at Chicktacular….congrats to the Wickens for this amazing display of chicken-y goodness.

There were some other non-meat dishes for the vegetarians in the crowd and to help fend off the meat sweats for us carnivores.

Also significantly high on the creativity list were the desserts….how amazing are these chick/chicken inspired cupcakes?

The ever talented Monique, a Tacular veteran and owner of The Chocolate Pizza Shoppe, prepared these awesome cupcakes.

Then there was the eating (my favorite part) and mingling with old and new friends….

And then what you’ve all been waiting for….the white paper with the results….


I WON!  Both categories! Woohoo!

Here were the prizes….

Everyone got one of the golden eggs, each with a appropriately themed gift inside…a chicken bouillon square!

The recipe for the buttermilk and coconut chicken fingers I made can be found here, and the recipe for the spicy maple chicken can be found in this book.

Such great event! Many thanks to Pete and Sam for organizing and hosting again this year!  Can’t wait till the next ‘Tacular!