Community Christmas Tree with a Twist

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I came across this image and story from Designboom when I was perusing Apartment Therapy recently and I just had to share.

You all know I love a making old new again story.  Well,  this is the ‘taste tree’.  Created by the design duo Mooz this tree is found in the main square in Hasselt, Belgium. It is a 9 ft Christmas Tree sculpture made out of of 5000 crockery items that have been donated by the local residents.

all photos via Design Boom

Not only is it amazingly cool, and highly creative alternative to the typical holiday decor but the community gets to really feel a part of the result.  You can read more about it here.  It is pretty amazing what can happen when people think outside of the box.  Have a great Friday!


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Space Saving Christmas Trees

Good Morning all! This past weekend I was with my friend discussing holiday decorating and Christmas trees. She and her hubs live in an apartment and have a new baby so although she would like to add a little festive to their place for the holidays, she is looking for things that a) don’t take up too much space and 2) that don’t require to much upkeep (tree watering, needle sweeping).  I would expect that others are looking for similar things, especially those living in smaller condos and apartments.  Today I have put together some ideas for space saving Christmas trees…enjoy!

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I hope these ideas help my friend and others with their holiday decorating!