Natural Christmas Decor

Good Morning!

I don’t know about you but I love the color, glitter and shine that comes with holiday decor. It’s fun, whimsical and makes me feel like a kid.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t also love the natural aspects of holiday decor. I’m a big proponent of the real Christmas tree and using cedar boughs as often as you can. And although it would be hard to eliminate all the glitz in my holiday decor, I do occasionally have the urge to go au natural.  Today I’m sharing some natural holiday decor ideas that I think are pretty lovely.

You gotta love this pretty magnolia leaf garland.

Cedar boughs and a simple candle in a outdoor setting.  Kinda perfect

What is more natural than dried fruit? And this mini tree decorated with dried lemon is great.

Pretty trees in simple water jugs.

Real mistletoe….pretty and could get you a smooch.  Good combo.

Simple garland, wood accents, and some animal love to boot.

You know I love antlers in decor, so I obviously quite enjoy the use of these to display these gorgeous natural garlands.


How lovely.

As we are now in our last week before Christmas, and in the spirit of the holiday, tomorrow I will starting a little series called…

Holiday Traditons copy …where some of my blogger friends will be sharing their favorite holiday traditions with all of you!

Have a great day!



Finally! My fave time of year….and some boots.

Good Morning!

 OK,  it’s officially my time of year…when Halloween is officially over and I can start focusing on this….


BOOYA – my fave time of year.

Get ready because there will be a plethora of holiday goodness posts going on over here at Recreated.  But today….my focus is somewhere else.


I would like some new casual boots for fall/winter.  I’m still somewhat undecided as to exactly what I want but I’ll show you the inspiration…when I was in California my friend and I stumbled upon these boots by J.Shoes…..


We both decided that they were the perfect casual boot.  The colour, the style, and my god if you could have felt the quality of the leather! We were both terrified to turn it over to see the price, assuming they must be $500 or more.  But they were only $298! Sure, a crap-load of money but for a good quality pair of boots, not so bad. (P.S. the picture of the boots on their own on the J Shoes website don’t do the boots justice, which is why I used the picture with the models above). Anyhow, neither of us wanted to try them on for fear we would buy them on the spot, so we carried on.

But it helped me figure out the style I want.  Riding boot style or “motor-riding” boot style (I just made that word up meaning part motorcycle boot-part riding boot…I think this could catch on).  But I’ve also started to kinda crave the tall lace up boots. So, granny motor-riding boots? Anyhoo, here are some I’ve found so far that I’m loving:


And I’m sure there will be many more that I sift to before I decide – but I’m enjoying the research!

On a more serious note, I’m heartbroken hearing the stories this week out of east coast of the US and the Caribbean after Sandy.  But with any disaster comes an outpouring of help and hope that we rarely see which provides some comfort in a terrible situation.  My thoughts are with them.

Have a good Friday!


Dream Christmas Wish List: Fashion Edition

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good girl this year, so if you could please consider bringing me the following lovely pieces, I would be ever so grateful.  They are so pretty and luxurious, but definitely out of my budget.  My list consists of…..

This sparkly green dress

This cabled coat…

These fab boots

This gorgeous ring

These cashmere sweatpants

This blazer

This lace dress

This bag

This peek-a-boo dress

This skirt

This coat



Christmasy Weekend….

Good Monday morning everyone!  This weekend I was busy with some holiday get-togethers.  The first one I attended was a lovely drop in party at Heather’s (author of the blog Interior Groupie) house.  I met some great people, had some yummy apps (and wine), but best of all, I got to see the home projects that she features on her blog in real life! Yes, I know my digital friends, it’s hard to believe that the things that are posted on blogs are for realsies, but it turns out that they are!.  Can you believe I didn’t even bring my camera?  Ah, well.  Thanks to Heather and her hubs for being such great hosts!

Yesterday, I went to a Christmas lunch with my friends and their kids.  It was a great time, with delicious food (brisket and lasagna….nom, nom) and an appearance by Santa himself.  The house looked amazing, which is not surprising as my friends Margot and Geoff have an amazing sense of style.  The Christmas decor was simple and elegant as you will see in the photos. All in all a great afternoon…here are some snippets of the day….

pretty arrangement on the credenza


delicious appetizers

bring on the brisket

Christmas photoshoot…

pretty tree decoration

Christmas crackers

getting the pressies out of the crackers…

Another adorable Christmas decoration….

Tatum’s party shoes!

elegant & festive flowers

Little fashionista, Ella, about to meet Santa!  How cute are those polka-dot Christmas shorts?  This was taken just prior to her asking Santa if he wanted to do a fist bump (pump??) in lieu of a hug.

….and she also knows how to accessorize with this amazing headband.

Just call me the baby whisperer…

The Wicken’s cookies, complete with disclaimer!

Now, these my friends are called chocolate pizza’s made by my friend Monique who runs The Chocolate Pizza Shoppe.  Let me tell you, these things are delicious, and can be made to order with your favorite candy/treats! YUM.

Pretty mantel decor, and guess what?  We each got to take one of the little mini trees (shown in the middle) home with us when we left!  What a great idea!

I told Santa I’d been a good girl this year….he responded with, “That’s debatable…..”

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my “dream” Christmas wish list for home decor items, as well as an update on my Christmas decor.  Have a great day!


Photo Credits: Last photo taken by Geoff Darling, the rest are my own.

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle

Good Morning!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my followers/visitors in the US! With the holiday season fast approaching (uh…oh wait, it’s here…), it’s time to address my obsession with all things sparkly.  I have this obsession year round, but the holidays seem to make it conveniently appropriate to (over)use sparkles with abandon. Bottom line is that….


First, lets focus on fashion. I covet all these lovely sparkly pieces….

Sequins too bad I have so few places to don these beauts…find the deets on my polyvore.

And now for decor…holiday or otherwise


oh and did I mention I got a pedicure on the weekend?

yep, sparkles…

As you move through today….remember this:

Have a good day!