Finding Method in the Madness: Closet Reveal

Good Morning,

Today I’m sharing my closet reveal in the latest edition of…

If you recall from my last post in the series, this was my closet before…

And here it is now….

Ahh better, much better. I removed the shelf that was originally at the top of the closet.  It was too high to be useful. I added a small closet organization unit from Home Depot and some shoe racks, and that was it.  Here are some more pictures…

I know this probably looks like most of your closets on a normal day, so it might not look urber organized to you but it is a vast improvement for me.  Nothing fancy or particularly pretty about what I did here but much tidier and that is a big relief for me!

What did I learn in this exercise?

1) My closet is small.  Most organization units wouldn’t fit in this tiny closet.

2) I have too much stuff. A purge is in order for the new year.

3) I need to see what clothes I have or I don’t wear them.  After organizing the closet, I’m wearing stuff I forgot I had because I’m seeing it when I get dressed in the morning!

I’ll be taking a break on the organizing front until the new year, December is a busy month. But I’ll be trying to find Method in my Madness again after the holidays!