Last Week’s Loves – April 28 to May 4th

 Good Evening!

Better late than never, right?  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I’ve a few posts planned this week – hopefully I’m able to execute them with my lack of resources…did I mention I lost my camera on my trip to Victoria?  That’s also why I didn’t post the pictures yet of my friends lovely wedding yet.  Trying to edit my iPhone photos to be sufficient to post – and there aren’t many.  (insert sad face).  Anyhoo, I’ll have to make due for now.  In the meantime, today I have my usual Monday last week’s loves for you.  Hope you enjoy.

1. Looking at this wild garlic bread found over at Decor 8 last week makes my tummy scream grumbles of joy. Warmed up with a big slab of butter?  Oooh yes.  You can find the whole recipe here.


2.  I love it when I read blog posts where the author is totally honest and true to themselves.  Miss Sara from Saige Wisdom always writes this way but her recent confessions post had me laughing out loud.  You can also see her amazing new t-shirt design in this post too.  I need one.


3.  Was excited to learn about  glassybaby through a post by SF Girl By Bay.  A lovely story of a company being built on charity.  Click here to read more.


4.  While reading Friday’s post from a Diary of Lovely, I discovered Ask Her Friends a new site that helps you buy presents for those difficult people on your list.  You can read about it on a Diary of Lovely (along with her custom curated list of gifts) or on their website.  


5. Loved this feature on the Mercury Inn in Portland, Maine found over at Design Sponge.   What a fun, modern space.  It looks like someone’s home more than a hotel. Click the link for more pictures.


Have a great week!

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