Project #OakPointPorch

Good Evening!

Today I’m sharing some initial progress on my little #oakpointporch project . This porch being the one at my family’s cottage in New Brunswick. The porch is by far the most used space in the cottage, other than the kitchen, and while it’s very cozy, it’s pretty dated. There is A LOT of brown, orange and yellows which is not a colour palette I’m super keen to keep around.  The porch has a living and dining area which currently looks like this:

Living area

Dining area

My initial inspiration board is posted here and uses various blues, greys, pale yellows, greens and white for a fresher take on the space.

 Budget is tight, so I need to re-use, re-fresh, re-purpose before buying new.

What has to stay for furniture?

1) The dining table and chairs shown above. They are relatively new and in good condition.

2) We have two old office chairs (one of which is shown below) that are a good compact size for the space, and with a little makeover (white paint, updated fabric) the pair will be perfect.

chair 1

3) My Dad is a big fan of this wicker rocking chair so it is staying, but I’ll give it updated cushions and pillows.  The side table-lamp combo will also remain as it is a family piece but will get a new shade.

Chair 2

What is going?

1) The pull-out sofa is out, but the new one has to also be a sofa-bed. Having so few beds in the cottage as it is, we can’t afford to lose any!  My parents have already picked out the Manstad sofa-bed from IKEA in the dark blue colour.

2) THE WRETCHED BLINDS…..I have been bugging my mother to get rid of these blinds for years.  You can’t tell from the picture but they are a about 5 times lighter where the sun comes in and are really just awful.  In fairness, window treatments aren’t cheap and we have fourteen windows in the porch….so I can see why she was putting it off….but I’m glad she isn’t pushing to keep them now.


3) The flooring! The bad linoleum and old carpet will be replaced with something better…what exactly that  something is has yet to be determined.

My initial inspiration board is posted here and uses various blues, greys, pale yellows, greens and white for a fresher take on the space.  I have lots of ideas for how to make it pretty, but first I wanted to take a look at the floor plan with the furniture we’re keeping.  I did a quick one last night using Floor planner.  So far, this is what I have. (for some reason 2 of the windows did not show up…hmm).


Hmm, for some reason 2 of the windows did not show up….anyhoo, you get the idea. It’s hard to visualize the pretty stuff (colours, fabrics, accessories) in this program but this step helps me really see how the furniture can be arranged.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.



Family Cottage Porch Design: Inspiration Board

 Good Morning!

Despite looking out the window and seeing rain mixed with hail, I have summer and cottages on the brain.  Specifically my family’s cottage in New Brunswick.  My parents have asked for me to help them refresh the enclosed porch area of the cottage. It is all windows, 15 of them I believe, so it is light and airy.  But the decor and furniture is dated, and it lacks a cottage-y vibe. Alot of browns and beiges and heavy fabrics.  As a starting point they have picked out a sofa bed from IKEA (for extra bed for guests) which will be a dark blue and they have already purchased a nautical inspired pendant fixture. My mom loves soft blues and greens found in sea glass colours, so those will be the main colours along with some grey and yellow.   I’ve put together a board with some fabrics, colours, and inspiration photos to get me started. 

(Disclaimer for Mom: I know everything here doesn’t GO perfectly together (she is drawn towards things that are very matchy-match), but it’s just an idea board, all of it won’t be necessary make it in the final design)  

Cottage Inspriation board_edited-1

I will be starting the actual design soon and will keep you up to date as I progress.  Also, now that I think about it, I haven’t been given a budget on this project yet 🙂