Backyard Changes


There are some big things happening in my backyard this spring.  First and most notably, I’m gaining some sunshine.  A portion of my deck used to be covered by a second floor deck .  However, this past weekend the owner ripped down the upper deck (long story), which means I’ll be getting ALOT more sun on the deck.  Woohoo.  Here is a little before and after…

deck Still lots to fix up where the deck used to be but a big improvement. Also, I had a wooden shelving unit which was left from the last person who rented this place which I decided to keep for deck storage.  Four years ago it looked like the picture below, but it has deteriorated significantly since and so I had it removed with the other deck materials.  (Also, this was taken EARLY in my blogging days and wow, my photography and photo-editing skills were weeeeeak).

(you can see more of my 2010 backyard reveal, here)

However, now that I’m rid of it, I’ll need to get something store the things that were in it. Enter mi familia.  My parents are coming to visit this week for Easter and they always like to have a project when they come.  They also like to give me practical gifts. So, for my belated birthday present they have decided to get me new storage unit of some kind .  Now, I’m pretty sure they are thinking that it should be for ON my deck but I may not want a big storage unit on my deck.  Firstly, my deck is pretty small so now that I’m rid of the wooden monstrosity I might want to use that extra space for seating or planters. Secondly, most big storage units are pretty unattractive, particularly ones that can survive the winter elements.  So, I’m going to propose a little combo of sorts.

First, I need something to store my cushions in.  I like this one from Ikea because it has wheels on it.

While this one (Keter from Home Depot) looks a bit more durable for winter and could fit all my cushions. However, it  might be harder to move around if I wanted change things up.,

I also want something to store my small gardening tools and supplies. A small practical potter’s bench of sorts that will withstand the winter.  Perhaps something similar to this Rubbermaid storage cabinet which has shelves and a standing height usable surface.

I know what you are thinking.  What about rakes and shovels and all that tall stuff?  Well, there is a tall storage unit at the back of my garden.  It doesn’t work fabulously, and lacks shelving, but it works ok just for the tall stuff.

Would it be nice to have a large storage unit that would store everything in one place?  Sure.  But not at the expense of a huge chunk of my deck space. Maybe if I found a gorgeous one that could also withstand our brutal winters I’d consider it. But I don’t suspect that is something I can find within a reasonable budget. But I’m ears if you have any suggestions!

What do you use for deck storage?


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