Baby Shower

Good Monday Afternoon!

Being Monday, I should be doing my last week’s loves, but since I spent much of my weekend putting together and hosting a baby shower for my friend Amber, I thought I would share some highlights with you instead!  It was a fun afternoon with some of my favourite ladies.

 For the decor, I made a the little bunting banner with Amber’s name on it, and added some paper pom-poms (which Martha taught me how to do here) to make it feel a little more festive.

Some of the snacks and flowers for the party…I actually made enough small arrangements like the one below for everyone to take one home with them as a little gift. However, I failed to take pictures of any of them except this one!

Ummm….cake.  The was my first foray into fondant icing.  I made it from scratch and it was shockingly simple……except for the rolling of the fondant, my weak ass arms got a workout.

And on the topic of cakes, my friend Jenn made this amazing diaper cake, complete with a little Sofie and some other fun surprises inside. Total cuteness.

My friends and I aren’t really into baby shower games, so for an activity we created a ABC book for the baby.  I bought some card stock, printed out some clip art, bought some letter stickers/stencils and kids colouring books and between the bunch of us we made pages for all the letters!  We are going to get all the pages made into a book for the little one to learn his/her ABCs! I love this idea but I totally stole it from another baby shower I’d been to….no credit for me on this one.

We had a great time coming up with words for each letter, some more creative than others (Kel, I’m talking to you – U is for bunny UNDER a (palm?) tree). Here are some of the finished pages.

All in all a great afternoon with great company.  Here’s wishing Amber all the best for the remainder of her pregnancy, and I can’t wait to meet her new little one soon!

I’ll be back with last week’s loves tomorrow!