Family and #Oakpointporch Project

Good Morning!

It is official, I am turning into my Mom. It gets more apparent everyday. Not that I’m complaining, my Mom is a pretty amazing person,  it’s just that it is happening quicker than I anticipated.

How does this relate to the #oakpointporch project?  (you can see the before pictures here and the initial scheme here)   Well, I happen to working on the project with my mom, as this is the porch in our family cottage .  To demonstrate the Lindsey turning into Carolyn phenomenon, I will use one of our recent exchanges related to said project. I sent her a bunch of fabric swatches in the colour scheme we had discussed, which was light/pastel blues, greens, with maybe some greys and yellows for good measure.  Only one really jumped out at her from that bunch of samples I sent her.  No big deal, she said she would go to some fabric stores on her own.  She went but felt overwhelmed by all the choices and gave up.

Hmmm, feeling overwhelmed with too much choice, finds it hard to make a decision:



So then I suggested that she should let me decide so she doesn’t have to, and she could just know that I will make it look nice.  A brief pause, some nervous laughter followed by ….”well, I don’t know about thaaaat…..”

Despite feelings of being overwhelmed, not really willing to relinquish too much control:

Mom ……√ 


This is just ONE conversation, with TWO instances where I realized we have similar reactions.  The good thing is that because I am so much like her, I understand this so I really wasn’t expecting her to just give me free reign, or agree with my choices the first time around.  Ahhhh, family, what would we do without them?

But back to the update on the project… of the biggest jobs for the porch revamp was new floors, which my Dad installed a few weeks ago.  Out with bad carpet and linoleum, in with some laminant flooring.

My focus while I am home will be to paint and reupholster the 2 chairs like this one.

Also, I’ll be doing some painting.  On one wall there is gorgeous cedar, but on the 3 outside walls we have ugly faux wood paneling that you can kinda see below the windows in the picture below.  Long-term we will be replacing the windows and putting up cedar in the rest of the walls, but in the interim I have suggested we paint out the paneling, likely in white or off-white.

My mother and I are going to attempt to get some fabric in Moncton when I fly in on Saturday.  We will be limited in terms of number of fabric stores, but I think with our heads together we can find some fabrics that work well.  I do know that we are on the same page in terms of a general palette that I mentioned above. Light blues, greens with some yellow, and maybe some greys. Here is a little mood board to help demonstrate.

cottage palette copy

Photos from top left:  1 (unknown), 2, 3, 4, 5,

It’s a pretty palette to be sure, and these are some of my mother’s favorite colours.  Light and airy.  Sort of how I feel everytime I step inside my cottage. Wish us luck on our fabric journey on Saturday!


Signature- new


Pretty Upholstery Trims

Good Morning!

When people hear upholstery trim, they typically think about the standard fabric covered piping.  However, the world of upholstery trim is broad and there are a lot of lovely varieties out there, from very intricate to very simple. I’ve been coming across some really interesting trims recently so in today’s post I’m highlighting a few pretty ones and pairing them with some fabrics that I think they would look great with.  Sure, normally it’s the other way around, you pick fabric first and then your trim, but since these trims are so fun I’m making them the main event today.

I love this flat embroidered trim.  It’s very vintage looking but would add a punch to the simple linen fabric I’ve paired it with below on, say, a set of dining chairs.

Here is another pretty flat floral trim below would work well for a chair in a little girls room paired with the pale purple geometric fabric below.

I love this mustard yellow wide woven trim, and I think it would look great paired with this fabulous yellow and grey ikat fabric.

This pink and white cording just screams pretty, but would be given a modern edge with the tie-dyed style pink fabric below.

I love the intricate detail of this french style green and pink gimp trim and it would be even better paired with a soft green animal print fabric.

And finally another french style gimp trim in this gorgeous indigo colour.  And paired with this lovely indigo fabric I think it will be a head turner.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10, 11,12

Just a note, I’m going to be removing my custom fonts today or tomorrow and they may be down for a few days, so don’t be alarmed by the change, they will be back!


Before and After: Green Sofa

Good afternoon, and Happy Saturday!

Today I’m featuring Recreated’s most recently completed upholstery project for Re:style Studio. This was a really great project! Based on the needs of the client, the piece had to be re-designed and parts built from scratch, but the challenge just made it more fun.

Here is what I had to start…..

The piece was found by the client but it didn’t have a cushion.  Also, the client didn’t want a tufted back, so I had some shape re-design to do, but first the gorgeous antique frame was refinished in a pale gold.

As you can see, the fabric the client chose was a rich jewel-toned green velvet. I built up the back and sides with smooth curved lines, so that it retained the original antique look (i.e. not too bulky), but was still comfortable to sit on.

Once the fabric was on, matching twisted cord was used for piping around the edges.

Then we had to build a cushion from scratch, which was very fun.  We decided to make one large french-style settee cushion.  Andrea of Re:style sourced a 10 pound bag of down feathers and I sewed up a form. Getting the feathers in the cushion was definitely a two-person job! But even with both Andrea and I on the job, by the time we were finished we were literally eating feathers.  I think it was at least a few days before the feathers were totally gone from the studio.  Here is an uber-unflattering photo of us after the cushion filling….but I wanted you to see the feather chaos.

hmm, now that I look at it, this photo is also a little phallic…..and given that fact, I may be hugging the cushion a little too lovingly, but I digress.  Once the cushion was made, I sewed up the fabric cover, and it was done!

And here is a picture of the finished product, shot in the client’s home!

Another challenging and rewarding project with Re:style Studio.

  If you are interested in getting quote for one of your projects contact me at

Have a great day!

To Re-Upholster or Not?

Good morning!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether they should reupholster a piece of furniture or buy new, so I thought I would give you some food for thought on the topic. There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding whether to reupholster a piece of furniture…

1) Do you love the piece of furniture?

Vitra Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton via

If you are going to invest in re-upholstering a piece it has to be because you really want to keep that piece.  Whatever reason that is; it’s comfy, it was given to you by a close relative or friend, you love the shape, or it just speaks to you in some way. Or maybe you have an amazing vision of what you want it to become. Regardless, you gotta love it.

2) Does the quality of the piece warrant re-upholstering?

via Blondie from Spaghetti Western Style

Let me start by saying, I love IKEA.  I have bought many things from there in my day and will likely continue to do so.  However, spending the money to re-upholster one of their chairs or sofas (or any other low-cost, lower quality piece of furniture ) may not be your best choice. To start, if you are happy with something that is uber affordable but perhaps not a long-term investment, for the price of re-upholstery, you likely could buy a brand new sofa. The frame quality would not be as high as it would be with older, better built furniture, so investing in a piece of lesser quality would not be the best value.  Unless you answered yes to the question above and you love the piece far too much to get rid of it, I would opt to have lesser quality pieces slip-covered instead.  On the flip side, because it is getting harder and harder to find long-lasting, well made furniture, if you already have a piece with a high quality frame (perhaps an antique) then it makes perfect sense to invest in re-upholstering it.

3) Do you want something truly custom?

photo via Karen from Sew Many Ways

Re-upholstery gives you the rare opportunity to create something unique and specific to you or to your space.  You can choose fabrics, wood finishes, paint colours, trims and even how soft or hard you want it to be when you park your tush on it.  It’s the ultimate in custom furniture.  Also, if you have an interesting piece of furniture that you would have a hard time finding retail in stores, re-upholstery makes it possible to reinvent that piece to suit you.

Photo via

4) Do you like the idea of recycling and reusing?

Making old new again, its my favorite part of upholstery. (Wrapping my head around the same concept with my own aging face is more of  challenge, but I digress.) I truly love the idea that furniture can breathe new life with the right effort and care. And reusing/recycling furniture can help keep pieces from ending up in the landfill. However, don’t go calling David Suzuki yet, re-upholstering existing pieces doesn’t necessarily mean you are being “eco-friendly” or “green”.  Depending on the stuffing, fabric, or finishing being used you may not be totally green. It’s a complicated topic but if you want a little more information, I wrote a post last spring about eco upholstery fabrics (which you can find here). And also check out this piece written by Jo Alcorn of Whitewash and Co on Verdigris Vie.

5) Are you prepared to spend potentially as much you would to buy new?

People tend to assume that having an existing piece and re-upholstering will be cheaper than buying new.  Sometimes this is true, for things like dining chairs or small chairs with very little fabric to be replaced.  However, in many cases you will spend as much as if you were buying new, and maybe even more.  Some factors that will affect the price of your re-upholstery project are:

  • Fabric choice: upholstery weight fabrics can be anywhere from $15 to $250 per yard. Your choice will significantly affect the cost.
  • The size: if you have a large piece that needs a lot of fabric you are going to spend more on both fabric and labour. You can find information on shopping for upholstery fabric from a previous post here.
  • The condition: if the stuffing, springs, and cushions all need to be replaced, new materials will have to included in the cost to be replaced.  Also if parts need to be refinished or painted that will increase costs as well.
  • The details: if there is a lot of detailed work on the piece that you want maintained such as tufting, buttons or complicated piping that will affect the labour cost.

I hope this information helps people with the decision making process.  These are just guidelines, but ultimately, you have to weigh what is important to you. I will say that you should get quotes from various upholsterers before making the decision.  If you have any other questions about re-upholstery or would like a quote on a piece you are considering taking that route, don’t hesitate to email me (

Have a great day!

The Tale of the Tufted Loveseat

Hi everyone!  Today I’m excited to share a before and after of a tufted loveseat that I recently reupholstered for a client.  Yep, I said it, a client! After years of re-upholstering “freebie” pieces for friends while I learned the trade, I completed my first paid piece!  Andrea Ford (who I have been working with at Re:Style Studio) contracted me to complete some pieces for one of her clients who is completing a massive home renovation project. This client had some beautiful antique furniture that she has chosen to have reupholstered for the new space! After many evenings and weekends at the studio, this piece came together –  but the tale began with this….

….followed by probably the most difficult stripping job I’ve ever had to do….the music was all wrong…. and I forgot my “routine”…. and my Lucite heels were too tight…oh, sorry, wrong type of stripping*.

Then a little was applied on the frame.

Next up, building up the up the seat before the fabric is put on….wait till you see this fabric.  Definitely not my taste, but certainly a bold choice.

This is about the point in the process that I was informed that this loveseat was being reupholstered for the client’s dog.  The piece had been the dog’s seat/bed and was being reupholstered as part of the renovation. I have to say while working at the studio well into the wee hours of the morning and fussing about getting the tufts just right, I was feeling a bit jealous of the lavish life this dog must lead. Yes, I said it……I’m jealous of a dog….but I digress.

On to some tufting for the seat back….

And here is the fabric – black and yellowy-orange velvet damask…like I said, if nothing else, it’s a bold statement.  Here is the tufted seat back starting to take shape…

There was lots of piping detail on this one, some single piping and some double.

AAAAnd, drum roll please….

The finished product, back at the client’s house!

The problem with this fabric is that because of the pattern and color, you don’t even see the tufting unless you are up very close, but I can assure those tufts are there.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the finished product… and so is the client…and the dog 🙂

I’m just finishing up a second piece for the same client which I will share with you soon! Have a great weekend!


*CLARIFICATION: I am NOT, never have been, and never will be an exotic dancer.

Decade of my Decor Style

Good morning!

Ok, so this past weekend I attended my 10 year university reunion at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. Not going to lie, I was dreading it just a little…awkward small talk, asking people about what they are doing with their lives (even though we already know because of Facebook), watching 20 yr old “kids” drink with reckless abandon, knowing they will wake up tomorrow feeling great while I won’t get over my hangover for 5 days…barf………on the other side, there were a lot of people going and with careers and kids, how often do you get a whole bunch of friends together for the SOLE purpose of partying like it’s 2001?  Hmmm….almost never.   So, off we went, equipped with a 1997-2001 playlist on my IPOD for the drive (think, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child and Third Eye Blind).  And as it turned out, awkward encounters were pretty infrequent and the partying was redonculous…picture ten early thirties alumni dancing on a speaker screaming WOOHOO at the tops of their lungs….RE-DON-CU-LOUS.

Sooo, in honour of for today’s post, I thought would take a look at my decor style from 10+ years ago.  Before you judge, keep in mind that at that time these guys were my idols in terms of fashion…..


and I was in love Rachael and Monica’s shabby chic apartment…..


With that in my mind, here is a little snapshot at my decade old decor style which included…..

Fabric like this…..via

Paint colors like these…via and via

Wood Furniture like this….via

and lighting like this…via

Not terrible but definitely was more “shabby chic” than my current home decor style would be….and pretty boring overall – where now I lean more towards….

Fabrics like this….via and via

Paint colours like this….via

furniture like this…via

and lighting like this….via

It’s clear my decor style has changed over the past 10 years, partly based on budget and partly just a maturing of my decor “eye”. And my style will certainly change significantly again in the next 10 years, but that is the great thing about decor style – it’s ever evolving, which makes it much more fun!

Have a great day!

Think Pink

Happy Hump Day!  I thought since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I would do a little think pink post today as a little shout out to all the great work that will be done this month, but also throughout the whole year to help in the fight against breast cancer.  The jumping off point for this pink post is my most recent fun purchase….

I have been coveting the Michael Kors watches for a year and I finally broke down and bought this beauty… pretty….I’m in love….(via)

But on to more pink.














Have a lovely day!


Guest Post by Interior Groupie!

This morning’s post comes from the lovely Heather from Interior Groupie! Drop by her blog to see some pretty design musings and great home decor projects she has been doing around her house!  She has put together a stellar post for Recreated today showing some amazing options to revive, renew, and reinvent pieces of furniture.  A subject close to my heart as you might guess.  Love it!


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be “guesting” here at Recreated…I thought I would do a post that is focused on re-upholstery, since that is Lindsey’s passion. I am taking pieces from craigslist and matching them with fabrics that I think would add a lot of punch (that is, if I had Lindsey’s skills in re-upholstery). Enjoy!


(Chair via Craigslist; fabric via Tonic Living – Mini Chevron in Fresh )

This chair’s shape is really cute, and the chair is stackable. I would love to see it with a bright graphic to punch things up! I think it would be perfect for an office, a vanity, or as an “occasional chair”.

+     + 

(chairs via Craigslist, fabric via Tonic Living – Vintage Blossom Citrine, and Bella Porte, Brindle for a pillow)

I actually want these chairs for my living room…they are perfect scale and a nice shape…hmm – Lindsey do you want a project!?!


(Ottoman via Craigslist, Fabric via Tonic Living – Emilio in sand)

Not a huge change for this guy, just something to punch it up a bit.


(Loveseat via Craigslist, Fabric via Tonic Living – Bodega in Navy)

This would be a bold change…although in navy and white, so if most other pieces in the room are white this would be quite do-able.


(Chair via Craigslist, Fabric via Texas Suzannie’s)

This chair was posted for $30. Seriously? As long as it’s not infested with bedbugs who cares how much you spend on fabric!??! What a deal! I’m picturing really wide stripes on this one…at least 8” wide.

Well, I feel like I could go on and on…I may have to do another post like this, it was so much fun. I’m so happy I could stop by Recreated and share some of my ideas with you!


What did I tell you?  Great ideas! Thanks again to Heather for stopping by for a visit, come back any time!

Tale of Two Roundback Chairs – Part 2

So I spent most of the weekend trying to finish up these lovely round back chairs I am re-upholstering for friends of mine.  I’m on a deadline because I’m going on vacation next weekend for a week AND my friends are expecting a new baby any day now, and I would really like to get at least one, if not both, back to them before the little he or she arrives!  Here are some pics of what they are looking like now, compared to the photo from Part I of this series.  I think there may only be 3 parts to this series as I getting close to the final before and after post!  The shape of this chair proved to be a challenge but the result will be sooo worth it.

Arm roll

tipped on it’s side for easy access

Oh the layers of fabric…fun to see the history of the chair….and speaking of history….

I also found these in the chair when I took them apart….obviously the card is the upholsterer who worked on this chair at some point.  But the lady is a mystery.  But it’s not a mystery she was not happy about getting her picture taken…

isn’t the contrasting piping so pretty?

Have a great Monday!

XO, Linds

The delectable Missoni Home

Good morning all! Let me tell you, I’m loving the surge of fashion designers who have been putting out home collections in recent years. I mean, what is better than having the creative geniuses behind gorgeous clothing lines designing for the home?  Not much. Today I’m a featuring a great example of that with Missoni Home.  I have always loved the gorgeous fabrics used in the Missoni fashion collections, so it only stands to reason that I would love their home collections too!  Thier products provide interest and whimsy into your home with their beautiful use of color and pattern.  Enjoy!

Photos via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9, 10

Have a great day!