Fashion Friday: High-Low Draped Fall Coat

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It’s a beautiful fall day in Toronto, and we’re on the verge of the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend and there is lots to be thankful for.  For today’s Fashion Friday I’m looking at draped fall coats.  I need a fall coat and, for a long time I was set on investing in a trench coat. But I have changed my mind for 2 reasons: my boobs.  It seems that no matter what brand I try on, the trenches are too tight across my chest, but if I go up a size the rest of the coat is swimming on me.  I have decided it’s just not the best coat for me and I’m moving on….to, you guessed it, draped front coats.  I’ve sharing some very expensive (and super gorgeous) versions as well as some excellent affordable (under $250) options for you today.


Investment: Draped Fall Coat



Affordable Draped Fall Coat


In the high category, I’m in love with the burgundy Burberry blanket coat in the bottom left.  But I have to say there are some fab options in the low category.  My personal faves are the grey-blue ombre one from BB Dakota and the mauve-pink one from ASOS.  Click on the photos above to see the details and prices for all of these coats from my Polyvore sets.
Have a great weekend!

Fall Outfits in Aubergine & Cream

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The temperatures here in Toronto are dropping and it’s really beginning to feel like fall.  And I’m actually OK with it. Sure, I miss the hazy days of summer, but I enjoy being outside with a couple of extra layers and a nip in the air. I’m just hoping this doesn’t mean an early winter. Today I’ve put together fall outfits in aubergine and cream.  I’m definitely not 100% ready for the deep and dark palettes of winter, but I love all the deep purples and reds that come out in the fall.  So, to keep it fresh and light I paired the aubergine with cream.  And I’ve put together both a casual and dressy look in this lovely colour palette.

Untitled #45


 Of course, my favourite item is the Burberry cape. My mother has always said I have a knack for picking the most expensive thing in a store.  Sadly, this one is not in my budget.  But perhaps someday! You can find info on all the items and where to buy them here.
Do you have some favourite fall outfits or colour combinations?

Fashion Friday: Fall-Winter 2014 Trends I Can Pull Off


For the last week its felt A LOT like fall here in Toronto.  I’m not happy or ready for it to be fall but since it feels like fall, why not plan for fall?  And today I’m talking fall fashion.  I’m not particularly fashion forward and I don’t buy into every trend that comes around but there are a few every season that fit with my style and I feel like I can get on side with.  Over the last few months the fall fashion trends have been circulating and I’ve discovered a few fall/winter trends that I’m liking and that I could pull off.  Despite not feeling ready to wear them quite yet…..



Shoe trends are the most common for me to latch onto because they are an accessory. Easy way to add a little sumpin’ sumpin’  to any outfit without worrying about whether it suits my body type.  Plus my shoes size doesn’t change and my body size often does.  And I love a little extra interest on a shoe, like the ankle strapped ones that are trending for fall.


Strap Happy Shoes


This trend can be a tricky one.  This isn’t a dress length you can pull off with short legs. Even if you are above average in height like me (5’8′ ish) you still need to rock heels with this kind of dress to not have it make you look shorter.  But with the right cut it is a very chic way to pull of a sexy yet conservative look.


Midi, Vidi, Vici


OK fine, this may be pushing it for early fall but in late November this is one trend I’m liking.  Warm, cozy and cute.  Am I ready to wear it now?  Hells no. But when the time comes, it’s hard to go wrong with this trend.


Sweet Shearling
I’m sure a few more trends will come around that I might want to try out as well get closer to fall….but this is a good start.  You can see some of my other outfit ideas on my Polyvore.

F/W 2013 Shopping Challenge Update – Day 29

Good Morning!

I’ve got a little update on my shopping challenge today.  Actually, since my last post on my progress I’ve made a little change to my list.  I originally said I wanted new flat black boots.  And lord knows the ones I have are more than a little worn out.  But then I started thinking about why they are so worn out and it is because I wear them all the time in ALL types of weather.  I did protect them really well with leather protector, it can only do so much against the  elements.  Winter is rapid approaching and so I’m going to be wearing boots alot and given that the ones I have are still so comfortable not quite TOO embarrassingly worn out to be wearing still, I’m going to keep them for the time being. I will admit that this decision is also based on the fact that I am  finding it impossible to find a black leather boot that I like for under $550.  And if I’m going to pay that much for boots (which wasn’t really on the table), I’d basically only wear them in perfect conditions which is totally unrealistic. So, I decided to replace the black flat boot with a short black heeled bootie.   This is a shoe that I don’t currently have in my closet but that is a versatile option that I can wear with a dress, skirt or pants.  How very practical of so unlike me, right? I thought so.

Now, back to the update.  I’ve definitely made some progress , but I have to admit I thought I would be pretty much done by now.  I originally was going to make this a 30-day challenge.  Good thing I didn’t!  Anyhoo, here is my progress since my last update:

THE LIST - Update 2

1. Navy Blue Pants – H&M.   Good cut, great price.  Win-win for a basic piece.

2. Short Black Heeled Bootie – Parita by Enzo Angeolini from Nine West –  I find that sometime booties can make my leg look choppy when they are straight across at the top.  Which is why I loved this one with the lovely slope down the front.  Very flattering.  And I can wear them with almost anything.


3. Turtleneck from H &M – Lightweight and fitted, exactly what I needed.


4.  Joe Fresh B&W Sweater Dress

sweater dress

And how am I doing on my budget? Well, luckily I’ve been able to save on some things so I’m not doing too badly:

These 4 items:  $303.95

Previous total:  $338.88

Remaining: $857.17

I am still doing ok but ideally I would like to come in under budget as much as possible and I still have 8 items remaining. I’m going to have to be strategic in what I spend on which items.  The blazers are going to be tough I think.  I haven’t found many I like so far that aren’t expensive.  But all part of the challenge right?

Have a great Friday!


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F/W 2014 Shopping Challenge – Day 14

 Good Morning!

First of all, a giant Happy Birthday shout out to my big brother Blake!  I hope you are having a great day.  Today I have an update on my F/W 2014 Shopping Challenge.  I’m now on day 14 and I’ve made a little bit of progress on my list…3 items down.  I’m definitely finding that having this list is helping me focus my shopping.  That being said, I still have a lot of items to go!  Anyhoo, here is the update.

THE LIST - Update 1 copy


As you can see so far I’ve gotten the wedges, plaid blazer and 1 t-shirt (hence the small check mark).  Here are my first 3 items….



Nine West cougar print pony-hair booties….with a wedge (a small one but it counts!).  I love these.


Embellished T-shirt from fcUK.  Love the little owl on the front.

And this lovely cranberry and navy plaid blazer from Zara.  It’ has a great cut and I’m loving the colour!

And where am I on the budget???   Well, the booties weren’t cheap (but you did see how cute they were, right??) but luckily the other two items were pretty great deals  for combined total spend of $338.88. Which means at day 14, I have $1161.12 left.  Not too bad, but I’m going to have to be careful as I still have a lot of items left to get.   Anyone up for a road trip to the outlets in Buffalo?


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Fashion Friday: Plaid Tidings

Good Morning!

Before I get into today’s post I want to share some exciting news. My blog re-design is just about complete (with the design expertise of Brittany from Gallery No. 8) and will be live in the next few days! I’m pretty pumped about how it turned out and I am excited to start posting under the new layout. Stay tuned!

Have you guys been noticing the plaid trend emerging in fall fashion?

Celine RTW Fall 2013- Photo by Giovanni Giannoni via Women’s Wear Daily

Moschino RTW Fall 2013 – photo by Piero Cristaldi via Women’s Wear Daily

Victoria Beckham RTW Fall 2013 – Photo by Giovanni Giannoni via Women’s Wear Daily

I was initially not 100% down with plaid’s re-emergence.  However, as I have been perusing the web, I have been slowing getting on board and finding some pieces that I am really liking.

plaid copy From top left: Smythe Hunting Jacket, Vivienne Westwood bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Dries Van Noten shoe, Moda Operandi pencil skirt

Now, most of these items I can’t afford but a girl can dream, right?

How are you feeling about the plaid trend?