Fall Home Show 2014 – Tickets Giveaway!

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In case you didn’t catch it, yesterday on the blog I revealed my Fall Home Show Upcycle Challenge project (Vote for me here!).  But today, I wanted to give you the low-down on some of the other great things in store at this year’s Toronto Fall Home Show which runs September 17th to the 21st, 2014 at the Better Living Center.

First up, if you follow design shows, you will know one of the show’s headliner’s VERY well.  It’s TOMMY! Yes, I’m talking about HGTV star, Sarah Richardson’s right hand man, designer extraordinaire and the most insane #hashtager ever (follow him on instagram and you’ll see), Mr. Tommy Smythe!  He will be presenting on the main stage on Saturday, September 19th.

And as a blogger, I certainly know the name Marion Parsons as I have read her DIY/Decor blog Miss Mustard Seed a lot over the years.  Along with her blog, Marion has created her own brand of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint which has been very successful.  She is also a freelance writer, stylist and photographer, an antiques dealer, and the author of the book Inspired You.  She is going to be appearing daily on the main stage talking about the Flipping Furniture!

There are many other presentations from design celebrities like Emmanuel Belliveau and Leigh-Anne Allaire-Perrault, not to mention cheesy goodness presentations from Keven Durkee from Cheesewerks! (you can see the full stage schedule here).  And these presentations are over and above the more than 100 exhibitor booths you can peruse for all your home reno and decor needs.

Also be sure to visit the Habitat for Humanity Restore booth and bid to take home one of the fabulous Upcycle Challenge pieces, with all proceeds going to Habitat!  (And while you are clicked over on that page if you could throw a vote my way for the competition I would be most appreciative!).

And the BEST news is I have 8 pairs of tickets to give away for the Fall Home Show!!!  (1 pair per winner)


1. Leave a comment below telling me how much you would like to attend the show!

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Please provide a separate comment for each entry.  Contest ends Sunday, September 14th, 2104 at 11:59 pm. Winners will be selected randomly using Random.org and will be announced on Monday, September 15th, 2014.   Good Luck!


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My 2014 Upcycle Challenge Project: I LOVE LAMP

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It’s a beautiful day around here at Recreated because it’s finally the day I get to reveal by 2014 Upcycle Challenge: Stylize project!  WOOHOO!  The Upcycle Challenge is a charity competition put on by the Fall Home Show benefiting Habitat for Humanity.  Each contestant wad given $100 to spend at the Habitat for Humanity Restore to find something to upcycle, and with the help of Rustoleum products (the contest sponsor) were tasked with creating something new and better.  Participants chose from a the following style categories for their project:  Modern, Country Rustic, Industrial , Vintage Glam, and Eco Chic. The voting takes place between now and September 20th, 2014. Then all the items will be displayed at the Fall home Show for public Auction.  All proceeds of the auctioning of the products goes to the Habitat for Humanity GTA for their great work building affordable housing in our area!

This year I went out of my comfort zone and instead of going with an upholstery project, I decided to tackle something new….lighting.  Why lighting?  I still have not figured out the answer to that question myself so I’ll have to get back to you.  But the style I chose was industrial.  Having made these decisions, I went to the Restore and picked out this ugly 1980’s chandelier….


…and then walked it the 4 kms back to my house with the chandelier thrown over my shoulder like a continental soldier.  There are times I miss my car.  This was one of them.

I then decided to take it apart and figure out what I would use need to make this super fugly chandy into an awesome industrial floor lamp.  (Consequently, the theme I choose was industrial….)

  Taking apart 2

The part that was once the top (on the left) would now act as the base of the lamp.  And I needed to keep all the lights, so the bottom of the chandelier would now become the top of the lamp, but flipped over and added on to.

tools 1

I then went to Home Depot to get some extra materials.  The guys working the plumbing aisle were quite intrigued/alarmed as I lay out dozens of copper fittings on the ground.

HD guy –  “You aren’t trying to use those for actual plumbing, are you?”

Me –  “No”

HD guy – “Good”.

After my many trips back to that part of the store I become known as the women doing something “artsy” with plumbing parts, and they became curious about what exactly I was doing.  Despite my explanations they just didn’t see my vision.   Ahhhh, the plight of an artist.  Never fully understood.

Next up was the tough part, the electrical.  I read a lot about before I tackled it and looked carefully about how it was originally wired.  For the most part I did pretty well…..except when I was testing out the plug that I added for the lamp.  I plugged it in followed by…..mild shock….followed by all the lights going out in my apartment…..and then I quickly pulled out the plug and the lights went back on.  Phew.

electrical -  what not to do copy

I managed to sort out my error.  Each larger wire had 2 smaller wires inside, meaning that I put 4 wires together.  What I needed was 1 marette for each set of wires for a total of 2.   Once I got that figured out, I got all the lights working!  Booya. And in doing the electrical I got to use new tools like this one….

second best new tool

…..a wire stripper!  So fun to use. And when I have a fancy dancy tools like this, how can I not be an electrical genius??  I also got another new kick-ass tool as part of this challenge…..a metal pipe cutter (the blue BrassCraft tool in the picture below). I love this thing, and it came in very handy when cutting all the copper piping for this project. You just slide the pipe inside, tighten it and circle it around and around, tightening it every so often and in a few short minutes, a perfect cut!

best tool ever

Given my unreasonable excitement over new tools, it won’t will surprise you that I’m the granddaughter of a hardware store owner.  Despite having not spent much time in his store, the love of tools certainly runs in my family. My father is similarly afflicted.  But I digress….

Next I took my time figuring out the piping for my lighting arms, gluing all the fittings together and inserting the existing light sockets/wiring into them.  I did have to extend the wiring to make it long enough to reach with the new extended arm lengths.  This was done using….I can’t even say it……a butt splice.  Perhaps this shows my immaturity, but could they NOT have come up with a better term for that?  Really?

light pieces copy

Once it was all glued together, I put it upright.   What I hadn’t taken into account was the added weight of the metal on the top which made the base wobbly resulting in what I called “The Leaning Tower of Lamp”.  #FAIL.   I had to come up with a solution. So I went back to my fave Restore and got a large solid floor tile and brought it home.  I decided I would drill a hole in the tile, glue the base to that and then attach the lamp post to it.  Have any of you ever tried to drill a hole in tile?  IT IS PAINFUL.  I did everything I was supposed to.  Got the proper drill bit, used water to temper the dust and tape to keep from getting fractures and cracks.  But it still took FOREVER.  Eventually I drilled through, and it totally worked to keep the lamp upright. #NAILEDIT

Next up was painting, which, despite lots of protective cover, wreaked havoc on my newly painted exterior doors.  Note to self for next time: spray paint migrates VERY far from the actual spray area.  I used Rustoleum Universal Paint in Gloss Canary Yellow, and it worked really well.  A big shout-out to Kamila at Rustoleum for being so helpful!


And all of this work was worth it for the final product!  A new super-fun, totally unique industrial style lamp!

after photo - 2

And it totally functions, which was my main concern at the beginning.  Sure, I can come up with an idea, do some gluing and painting but I’m so happy that I was able to figure out the electrical and make a functioning light out of it!   So just as a recap here is the before and after shot.

before AND AFTER copy

In the simple words of Brick Tamland from Anchorman…..



And I hope you do too!  The next part,  I need your help for is VOTES!!  Starting now, please CLICK HERE to vote for my upcycle challenge piece! (you have to have a Facebook account to vote).  You can vote once per day so vote often.  Share with your family, friends and co-workers on social media!  I would be most appreciative.  


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Guess What?

Morning all!

In case you didn’t see on Twitter or Facebook yet…..guess what?

My movie chairs won the Upcycle Challenge! Thanks so much to everyone who voted, everyone who made lovely comments about the chairs, Tina and all the peeps at the Fall Home Show for inviting me to participate and helping to choose my chairs in the end, and to all the other fab participants who put together some really amazing pieces.   There is still a little time left to bid on these lovely items, auctions end at 9 am! There are still some great deals and it’s all to support Habitat for Humanity (a great cause)!  Click here to bid.

Have a great day!


Autumn Weekend Musings + Giveaway!

 Good Morning!

So it’s almost officially Autumn…how the heck did that happen. I’m not complaining really, I kinda love the fall.  The temperature is comfortable, I don’t sweat profusely and everything is just a little bit cozier. It’s good. I might even venture to say the fall is my favorite season….





via (Chloe Fall ’09 Fashion Campaign)


AHH, Fall…

And what better way to start of your fall than with a visit to the Toronto Fall Home Show!


I don’t know if you have seen the lineup of talent who will be presenting at this show, but it’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

 Colin & Justin

Who doesn’t love this crazy fun pair. Um, nobody.  They will be on the main stage on both Friday and Saturday talking about how to shop smart at discount stores. It’s bound to be informative and definitely amusing.

The Property Brothers

Ladies, I know you all love them.  And they will be on the main stage on Saturday and Sunday talking about Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget.  But let’s be honest, some of you ladies would come to watch them talk about algebra.

Also taking to the stage will be Frankie Flowers, Lisa Canning, Dee Brun (Cocktail Deeva), Sarah Gunn, Glen Peloso, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and more! You can see the entire schedule here.  And don’t forget all the exhibitors which you can find here. The Fall Home Show is September 20th to the 23rd at the Better Living Center in Toronto.

Also, while you are there you can see, in person, the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge pieces! They will be on display at the Habitat for Humanity booth! There is still lots of time to vote!  Even if you have already voted, you can vote once a day until the contest closes on September 23rd. Do it here.  And more importantly, if you loved one of the items and wish you could take it home, you can!  There is an online auction and all the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.  Click here!


1. Leave a comment below telling me your favourite thing about Fall.

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Please provide a separate comment for each entry.  Contest ends Monday, September 17th at midnight. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 18th.   Good Luck!


The Story of Seats 2 & 3 – The Ultimate Upcycle Challenge

Good Morning!

As you may recall, I am participating in the Fall Home Show’s Ultimate Upcycle Challenge to support Habitat for Humanity. I’m so humbled to be included in this fabulous group. Today I’ll share with you my project. I call it

“The Story of Seats 2 & 3”

Be warned, this is a tale of tears, some frustration, and in the end, something beautiful.  But here is where I started…sort of.

Chapter 1 –  The piece

I was asked to do this challenge while I was away on vacation, and I immediately said YES!  I was so excited.  When I got back (on a Monday night) I got an email that said I had to buy my piece at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (with the $100 we had to spend) and send a before picture….by Friday.

And I work until 5 or 6 pm and they close at 7 pm….



So…I checked out some pieces on the Restore’s online store and  I saw this great pair of old theater seats at the Etobicoke location. The were still attached but looking a little sad and bruised. Oh, but I was sure these were for me.

But the were listed online at $120…I only had $100. I was still sure I could work something out so I left work early, battled traffic, and arrive at 6:55 pm…found them….but in the store they were listed at $160!!!!! So….I haggled. 

Who the f&%k haggles at a store where the proceeds go to CHARITY, you ask?  Apparently, this girl. I explained the situation, and guaranteed they would make back the $160 and more once I was finished. After a call to their manager, they were mine for $100. Phew.

Chapter 2 – The Tears

After I got them home I slowly started to take them apart on my desk outside.  And left some of the pieces out there because I have a tiny apartment. I left the pieces under a covered portion.  Some of you may remember the night we had the TORRENTIAL downpour in the downtown core. So, it didn’t matter that they were under the covered part of my deck, the seats got drenched.  I got home, brought them inside. Picture this…10 pm, I’m drenched, they are drenched, I’m sitting on my kitchen floor in a pool of water trying to get them apart so the insides don’t get completely ruined….and I can’t……



Luckily, I eventually did get them apart.  I replaced what I needed to be replaced and back at it again…

Chapter 3 – The Transformation

So, first I stripped them down and I repainted all the metal bits in a glossy black….

Covered over the ugly wooden arms…

Reupholstered the back and the seats.

Sewed and added some piping

And painted some 2 x 4’s and assembled a base….since they no longer would be screwed into a movie theater floor…

Chapter 4:  The Conclusion

And here they are….

This would make great entryway seating or even could be used for a bench on the long side of a table!


And now it’s time to vote!  Click HERE to be transferred to the voting page and to see all of the other entries. Obviously, I would really appreciate your votes but the important thing is to vote for someone! There are some phenomenal pieces there. And be sure to use the share button to send to all your Facebook/Twitter friends too! The pieces will also be up for auction with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity, so if you like something a lot you should bid.  I’ll have more details on how to bid soon!

Have a great day!



Last Week’s Loves – August 27th to September 2nd

Good morning love muffins!

 Happy belated Labour Day to my Canadian and US readers! OMG it’s September! Where did the summer go? Don’t get me wrong, I had a great summer, but it went by so fast!  Now I’m winding up the last long weekend, so sad. And I wish I could say that I spent it enjoying the lovely weather. But alas, I spent 90% of it working on a client project and on my Fall Home Show Ultimate Upcycle Challenge project.  (Yes, I know the Fall Home Show is 3 weeks away, but tomorrow is the deadline to get our “after” pictures in!  EEEK!)  I’m REALLY excited for this project, and so honoured to be included with all the amazingly talented participants such as Lisa Canning, Carson Arthur, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, and fellow bloggers, Sarah Gunn and Christine Dovey, just to name a few.  Plus the proceeds go to support Habitat for Humanity, a wonderful organization.  I’ll have more details this week on how you can vote and get involved!

However, I didn’t expect it to take so much time this weekend!  But it will be so worth it, I’m excited to see it finished.  (On a side note,  I really have to figure out a way to balance a 40+ hour a week day job, my evening/weekends upholstery business, blogging, and some semblance of a social life – but that discourse is for a much longer post.)

But now back to today, and my Last Week’s Loves…it’s a little short but I’ll make up for with an extra long one next week 🙂

1. Anna at In Honor of Design did a really informative post on blog sponsorship.  She was honest about how she handles sponsorship and explained with in great detail the important things to consider and do if you are considering sponsorship on your blog. As someone who is considering sponsorship in the future, I personally found it very helpful.  Thanks Anna!

2. Emily Henderson did a great post this week called Design Compromise for Couples.  Anyone who has ever decided to live with a significant other, knows that your ideas of how your space should look don’t always mesh. I know this from experience.  Looking back now, I really didn’t like my space at that time, and I think I probably made too much compromise.  I wish I had had these tips back then!

3.  How cute is this Robot themed party that Rosa from Flutter Flutter put together for her son’s birthday?  Some really great ideas so go check it out!

4.  Sheralee over at Escapade featured images from the The Ballerina Project by photographer Dane Shitagi. They are gorgeous photos of ballerina’s shot all over various cities.  And there are a few in Toronto.  Go here to learn more at Escapade.

Have a great short week!