Floral Dresses

Good Morning!

The weather here in Toronto this week has felt more like early March than the end of April. However, today the temps are going back up and I’m in spring mode again.  The flowers are popping up in my garden and will be blooming in no time. It’s also time to starting thinking about spring wardrobe, and what better way to pay tribute to the season than floral dresses.  I’ve selected a few that I think are lovely.  Granted most of these are well out of my price range, but they do provide great inspiration.


These dresses prove that floral are not just cutesy.  They can be bold, fun, and sophisticated. I have very few florals in my closet but I think that is going to change this spring/summer.
Have a lovely weekend!

Summer Jumpsuit Round-Up

 Good Morning!

So, let’s talk jumpsuits.  Or rompers, onesies,  playsuits (which I personally think sounds creepy), whatever you want to call them.  My first experience with a jumpsuit was 4 years ago. I bought a black one from H&M.  It was ok, but the cut was strange.  The crotch hung too low.  Now, this was around the time when the “harem” pant or more commonly known as the “MC Hammer” pant, made a brief (thank goodness) comeback, so maybe that is why these hung too low.  But regardless,  it wasn’t quite right.

My other, slightly more personal and neurotic issue with the jumpsuit is having to pee topless. Yes, I’m behind closed doors when I’m doing my biz, but it still feels odd to be topless while doing it. However, recently I’ve been noticing some great jumpsuits on the market.  Ones that are have a slimmer leg, with crotch lengths that are reasonable, and that definitely are not too billow-y.  Here are a few good ones I found that just might just get me over my fear of being topless in a bathroom stall…..maybe.


Jumpsuits copy


 Clockwise from top left: ASOS Jumpsuit with Cami Straps, Rory Beca Ludo Jumpsuit, Rebecca Minkoff Suarez Jumpsuit,

AQUA Jumpsuit , ASOS Plunge Neck Jumpsuit, ASOS Jumpsuit in Check

 I love the patterned plunge neck line one, which sadly I could NEVER wear without looking indecent. Also, that bright blue one is great. The ruched bit on the cropped pant is a lovely detail.

How do you feel about the jumpsuit?


Signature- new


Inspired by some chicks…

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am looking forward to a relaxing long Easter weekend. I am heading home to New Brunswick tomorrow morning to spend the holiday with my family and I’m very excited about it.  And speaking of Easter, today’s post is inspired some chicks…literally….


These adorable little Easter chicks, with their fluffy yellow feathers and orange-y legs and beak, represent the bright and fresh feel of spring.

Photo sources, Clockwise from top left, 1 (via), 2, 3, 4, 5 (Orig. source unknown), 6, 7 (via), 8 (via), 9, 10,11

Perhaps a bright and fresh outfit also inspired by the little chickies is in order?  How about a fun bright yellow dress with amazing orange accessories?

yellow & orange

Outfit sources found here on my Polyvore.

Have a great day!


Trend Tuesdays: Neon on your Neck

Good Morning Lovelies…

When it comes to fashion trends, I’m usually a late adopter.  It took me a while to embrace the skinny jeans when they first came back (what? you want me to wear tapered jeans??), and even longer on the pleated pants (I still don’t embrace them on me, they look awful – but I’m loving them on other people).  But, when neon started making a comeback, I said, NO way, this is where it ends. This is a trend that this girl is not supporting!  Insert a warming up period…. and voila, here I am today featuring fun neon necklaces.  Although they are all cute and super fun, some of these I probably wouldn’t wear.  But, the point is, some of them I totally would.  So yes, I’m starting to embrace neon.  And I guess I should stop being all Judgey McJudgerson when trends first come out – because apparently I’ll be on the bandwagon in no time. Enjoy!

Neon Pink Stone necklace from Tigerlily Dream Accessories on Etsy

Neon Pink Geometric Necklace with Gold Rings from Restate on Etsy

Neon Statement Necklace from Doloris Petunia by Courtney Prince on Etsy

Triple braid necklace from Birdienumnum on Etsy

Vintage Neon necklace from LEIF (product not available anymore :()

Multi-Strand Neon Bead & Crystal Necklace from Aida Kibur via Shopbop

Neon Kumihimo Necklace by Yuen London via Boticca

Painted rhinestone necklace by Colorblock Shop on Etsy

Totally fun, no? Great pop of colour for an outfit. I particularly like 1, 5, 6, and 7.

How do you feel about neon?

Have a great day!


Fashion Friday: TO Fashion Week Decor Inspiration

Happy Friday Lovelies!  I hope all is well with all of you.  For Fashion Friday, I’m taking some great looks from the runways of last week’s World Mastercard Toronto Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week and using them for some design inspiration. With the great weather we are having these days, I’ve been fixated on Spring fashion, so it was a little hard to get excited about heavy materials and darker colours, but as usual Canadian fashion designers managed to peak my interest with their gorgeous designs.

via here and here

One of the most talked about lines from the week seemed to be Joe Fresh, the company who’s ideology of incredibly stylish fashion at budget-friendly prices flies in the face of typical “high fashion” mentality.  If you live in Canada, you definitely own some Joe items, and if you don’t, your kids do.  I love these bold hounds-tooth print skinny pants. And who doesn’t love a good hounds-tooth print in their home decor? I love it with the pink and grey palate here.

via here and here

The Ruffian fall line was described to have Downton Abbey feel to it.  So, naturally I couldn’t help but love it. Loved the well-cut coats and muted colours, in particular this great plaid cropped peacoat.  The living room I choose for the corresponding decor shot also shares those muted colours but with a pop of purple which is still is warm but adds a little something (much like the coat).

via here and here

Another great Joe Fresh look from the runway was this flowing mustard yellow and green dress with a simple modern geometric. For the interior I chose this modern style room which also has great geometric patterns, but adds a curved coffee table which I think softens the look.

via here and here

David Dixon always designs lovely dresses which are beautifully cut, and this year is no exception.  I loved this dark jewel toned green dress with pops of gold and teal in the detailed print.  The amazing wallpaper in the corresponding decor photo also has an amazing detailed print, paired with the large gold

There was amazing Canadian talent featured in Toronto’s fall/winter 2012 fashion week, so I urge to check out the Toronto Fashion Week site and check it out.  Also, Toronto Life’s Fashion Week coverage section has galleries from all the shows as well.

Have a great Friday!


Inspired by Fashion: Minty Spring

Happy Long Weekend Sunday!

With the warmer than average winter we are having here in Toronto, I’m getting spring fever a little early.  I’ve got pastels on the brain and since my favourite colour is green, a pretty minty green is the colour that inspired this early spring outfit….


A light cashmere sweater, white jeans and cute flats is my idea of a great casual spring look!

And here are some great mint green shots inspired by this look….

via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

So springy! I love it.

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Alt Summit Recap – Round 1

So finally, today, a week after the end of Alt Summit and a few days after I returned from my post-Alt mini vacation in Utah, I’m happy to report that my blogger’s block seems to be gone and I’m ready to write again.  I don’t think I can possibly put all of my takeaways from the summit in one post so today I’m just focusing on the overall experience.

I cannot stress enough what a great experience Alt Summit was for me.  I learned so much, met truly lovely and insanely talented people, and had such a amazing time.  So, in other words,

(images via 1,2,3)

I had a kick-ass roomie, Miss Jennifer from Rambling Renovators, and whether it was mingling at the parties or having deep discussions about blogging, we had a total blast. The added benefit of having Jenn around was that she knows everything. I’m not kidding…she knew who people were, what blogs they were from, which people were on which panels, where we were to eat breakfast…everything.  This fuzzy photobooth picture depicts the essence of Jenn and I at ALT….Jenn doing it right while I have no idea what is going on.

(via photo booth sponsored by Epiphanie Camera Bags)

I attended many sessions sessions including the business of blogging, how to grow a readership, building a personal brand and a roundtable discussion on how to quit your day job.  Some of the best design bloggers out there were sitting on the panels, and let me tell you, these men and women truly know what they are doing.  There were some amazing keynote speakers including Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest and Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project. And to top it all of there were crafty courses on the Saturday – everything from calligraphy to photography.

Clockwise from top right: Jenn and I just before we met Ben from Pinterest (via Jenn’s camera), swag from the party (via me), Ben Silbermann doing his keynote (via b.a.d. photography), Alt shoes (via Justin Hackworth), Panelists Jordan (Oh Happy Day), Kelly (Design Crush), Nicole (Making it Lovely) and Maggie (Mighty Girl) (via me), helpful graphs (via me), Gretchen Rubin closing keynote (via b.a.d. photography), my textile design course (via b.a.d. photography), the crowd during a session (apparently I thought something was hilarious here) (via Justin Hackworth), the lovely Miss Emily Henderson of Secrets of a Stylist speaking during a session (via me).

After the first day I had an overall feeling of, holy sh*t, I am doing everything wrong! And I heard similar sentiments from many other bloggers.  But I came away with so many tools to improve my blog that it was hard to feel anything but inspired the whole time I was there.

Oh, and have I mentioned the amazing parties ….namely the “dinner en blanc” on Friday and the mini parties on the Saturday. Super fun and beautifully decorated…..

Clockwise from top right: Jenn and I in the Method “Smilebooth” with props, Dinner en Blanc (via Justin Hackworth), Jenn and I and some new/old friends Kathleen, Jason, and Cole (via Jenn’s camera), Chinese New Year mini party decor (via b.a.d. photography), the Girls with Glasses Parisian mini-party decor (via moss and issac), Jenn and I at the dinner en blanc (via Jenn’s camera), decor at the Wilson Art mini party (via me).

I was one of about 400 to 500 women (and 10 to 15 men) at the summit so one can imagine that it could get competitive or catty, but it was so welcoming and supportive.  The ideas of collaboration and community came up in one form or another in all the sessions I attended. I have always been amazed about the community and support given by the smaller group of Canadian design bloggers but I’m happy to say it is present even in the broader blogger community.  I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

In subsequent posts I’ll talk about some of the specific things that i took away from the Summit, but for now, I have to go figure out what to wear to the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-up tonight at Brassai.  Can’t wait to see some of you there!


Alt Summit Fashion Panic

Good Morning!

So, I leave for Alt Summit tomorrow (eeeek!) and I really have to get my packing in order.  I am usually not a stress-case about fashion or packing but I’ve also never gone anywhere in which I had so many differing types of events/activities to attend within the same trip. AND, if you see the list of fabulous speakers at Alt, you know this a group of highly creative and also VERY fashionable people.  There has also been a lot of talk on twitter and blogs around Alt fashion.  There was even a online class held on what to wear to Alt (hosted by the ever stylish Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind)! Basically the word is, if you have something fun or crazy that you never have the opportunity to wear, bring it to Alt.  Hence, the panic around my fashion.

  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, though the conference ends on Saturday, I’m planning to stay a couple of days after to ski and check out the Sundance Film Fest. What if I run into Clive Owen or Bradley Cooper (both of whom have movies premiering at SFF) as I am wandering the streets of Park City??? I’ve gotta look good! Despite all this I’ve managed to come up with some outfits/outfits ideas to correspond to the events of my week of fun.  The outfits below are obviously not my clothes or what I’ve packed but you get the gist.

1. Opening Night Dinner.  When we arrive on Wednesday evening , there are a series of dinners being hosted at restaurants all over Salt Lake City.  There is talk of dancing after.  So, I’m thinking something like this….

Wed night welcome dinners 2.  For the daytime sessions I’m thinking fun casual attire  – something like this…

sessions 3. Thursday night we have the White Party.  This is the one event that seems to be causing attendees the most stress.  After a couple of rounds of shopping, my actual outfit for this event is pretty close to this…..

white party 4.  Friday night we have mini-parties which are taking place in various suites in the hotel, and for this event the direction was SEQUINS. The outfit below is, again, very close to the outfit I’ve packed for what is sure to be a night of fun!

Friday Night Parties
5. Sunday and Monday are going to be for skiing and star-gazing in Park City….these last 2 outfits I think would fit the bill for both.  Although there is the possibility of celebrity sightings, they also tend to dress quite casually for this film fest. However, if I’m going to convince Clive Owen to have my children, I’m going to have to look both CUTE and casual.
sundance 1

sundance 2

Now I just have to remember my PJs and my toothbrush.

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!


All photo found in my collection on Polyvore.

Inspired by Downton Abbey

Good Morning lovelies!  I have finally discovered what everyone has been talking about and it’s official, I’m now a Downton junkie.  And I have only watched 3 episodes.  Last night I was feeling completely unmotivated.  I was planning on getting some posts written but couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about. I tried to start planning my packing for Alt Summit (which, by the way, is only 6 days away….woohoo) and couldn’t. I even was having a hard time surfing Pinterest….ya, it was that bad, I can ALWAYS pass time on Pinterest.  Then I realized that Season 1 of Downton Abbey had finished downloading on my computer so I thought I would curl up and watch.  SOOOO freakin’ good! Funny, dramatic, generally fabulous. And then suddenly, I was motivated to write a post. Here are some lovely Downton fashion and related interiors for this Thursday morning….enjoy.


Have a lovely day!

Cream and Black

Good Morning!

Don’t you just love the combination of Cream and Black? It is so versatile!  This colour combo can make a space feel stark and cozy or bold and soft, depending on how you design it. In fashion, this combo both classic and contrasting.  Whatever feel cream and black exudes for you, what I know is that I adore it in just about any form.  This morning I invite you to enjoy  the dichotomy that is cream and black….

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16

Have a great day!