Fiddlehead Fever

Good Morning!

As I was walking through the grocery store the other day I noticed some of these….


…and was reminded that it’s fiddlehead season! Who’s a big fan of fiddleheads? Um, this girl.  Not only are they totally delish but also, they make me nostalgic for home since I used to eat them a lot as a kid. So, of course I bought a few.  When I got home I gathered up some facts about these little curly-cues to share:

  • The fiddlehead fern is an ostrich fern in a very early stage of growth. The young frond is picked about 2 weeks before it uncurls into a willowy forest plant.
  • The season is quite short, limited to just April and May.
  • Fiddleheads are full of vitamins A and C and can be eaten raw in salads, or blanched and steamed like asparagus.
  • They are native to the eastern half of the United States from Virginia up to Canada (which is why I ate so many growing up in New Brunswick).

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Since this is a design blog thought I would throw in some “inspired by fiddleheads” shots for good measure….

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to try making that fiddlehead gnocchi this weekend….it looks yuuuuumy.

Enjoy your Thursday!