Finding Method in the Madness: Storage Closet Reveal

Good Morning:

This morning I’m back with my organizing series…

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…to reveal the reorganization of my storage closet! Not to be confused with renovating my storage closet (i.e. making it prettier).  This project was meant to be done without spending a lot of money.  I mean, let’s be honest I can find ALOT of things in my place to spend money on, and a storage closet isn’t first on my list. So, I tried my best to use things I already had first and buy only a few things.

The storage closet is 10′ long and almost 10′ tall at it’s highest point.  However, it’s less than 3′ wide and is under the stairs so the ceiling slopes down to the back.  My biggest complaint is that to get ANYTHING out from the back, I had to take out half of the closet contents to access it. The big goal was to be able to walk into the closet.

The before is a 3-layer picture series. The first picture shows the first layer with the rod of hanging clothing and some other stuff…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This next photo was taken behind the first layer of clothing, only to find another rack of clothing and some random wreaths…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And when you peer past the second rack of clothing (you can no longer walk past this point), you find this…


Seriously, sometimes when I went in there I felt like I was going to come out in Narnia at the other end.

So, first step was to empty the closet. This gives you a sense of the size.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And this is what my kitchen and living room looked like when it was emptied.

Stuff copy Apparently, I have a boatload of stuff. A bit of purge happened before I put it all back, but a lot of it stayed.

And in the end it looks like this….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yes, that is FLOOR you see.  I can walk almost to the very back, AND I only have to move a couple of things to get at the items stored back there!

I added some shelving (the only thing I spent money on).  For the one on the right (below) I only purchased the brackets as I already had the shelf itself. And the narrow ones on the left are perfect for small items that used to be housed on the shelving unit in my living room.

New shelves By putting the wreaths near the back on the wall I avoid being poked in the eye by boughs every time I go in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And I added some shelving at the back so I could stack stuff, but still be able to get the lower items out without moving as much around on top. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But you may be thinking, where did all the clothes go?  Well, some got purged…but the others made their way UP….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I moved the rod lengthwise and put it up over head, so that I’m not obstructed by clothes when I walk into the closet. Most of the items are seasonal and I rarely need to get them down, so having to get a step stool to do it isn’t so bad. Plus, I am now using previously wasted space!

And for things I use for more often, I still have a small hanging rack on the wall, and I also have storage for handbags on the back of the door.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I have to say it was a good feeling to get this space in order and make it more usable. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Have you tackled any re-organizing projects as part of your spring cleaning?



Finding Method in the Madness: Closet Reveal

Good Morning,

Today I’m sharing my closet reveal in the latest edition of…

If you recall from my last post in the series, this was my closet before…

And here it is now….

Ahh better, much better. I removed the shelf that was originally at the top of the closet.  It was too high to be useful. I added a small closet organization unit from Home Depot and some shoe racks, and that was it.  Here are some more pictures…

I know this probably looks like most of your closets on a normal day, so it might not look urber organized to you but it is a vast improvement for me.  Nothing fancy or particularly pretty about what I did here but much tidier and that is a big relief for me!

What did I learn in this exercise?

1) My closet is small.  Most organization units wouldn’t fit in this tiny closet.

2) I have too much stuff. A purge is in order for the new year.

3) I need to see what clothes I have or I don’t wear them.  After organizing the closet, I’m wearing stuff I forgot I had because I’m seeing it when I get dressed in the morning!

I’ll be taking a break on the organizing front until the new year, December is a busy month. But I’ll be trying to find Method in my Madness again after the holidays!