Floral Dresses

Good Morning!

The weather here in Toronto this week has felt more like early March than the end of April. However, today the temps are going back up and I’m in spring mode again.  The flowers are popping up in my garden and will be blooming in no time. It’s also time to starting thinking about spring wardrobe, and what better way to pay tribute to the season than floral dresses.  I’ve selected a few that I think are lovely.  Granted most of these are well out of my price range, but they do provide great inspiration.


These dresses prove that floral are not just cutesy.  They can be bold, fun, and sophisticated. I have very few florals in my closet but I think that is going to change this spring/summer.
Have a lovely weekend!

The delectable Missoni Home

Good morning all! Let me tell you, I’m loving the surge of fashion designers who have been putting out home collections in recent years. I mean, what is better than having the creative geniuses behind gorgeous clothing lines designing for the home?  Not much. Today I’m a featuring a great example of that with Missoni Home.  I have always loved the gorgeous fabrics used in the Missoni fashion collections, so it only stands to reason that I would love their home collections too!  Thier products provide interest and whimsy into your home with their beautiful use of color and pattern.  Enjoy!

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Have a great day!


Floral Fabric Friday

 A beautiful start to the Victoria Day Long weekend.  I hope the weather holds out!  As many of your will be out this weekend doing some gardening, I thought I would start the weekend with floral fabrics!  Using floral upholstery fabric on your furnture is a great way to bring the beauty and serenity of your garden inside your home.  Particularly useful on dreary rainy days.  Here are few bright and fresh floral fabrics for this Friday morning.