New Obsession – Curved Sofas

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As an upholsterer, I always have my eye out for a piece of furniture with a great shape. Lately, I’m more than a little obsessed with curved sofas. There is something about a curve in a sofa that gives the whole room a softer edge. Not to mention that there are so many beautiful ones out there! And you know how circular dining tables are often more conducive to good conversation? I’m going to bet it’s the same thing for sitting on a curved sofa.  For all you traditionalists out there, I know that immediately you are thinking that curved sofas are mostly mid-century modern and retro in their design. And yes, vintage stores are packed with those beauties. However, many contemporary furniture manufacturers like West Elm and Crate & Barrel are now carrying curved sofas, so I am starting to see them pop up more often in traditionally designed spaces. Here are some examples of curvy goodness for your Friday viewing pleasure.

 1/New England Home magazine, photo via John Bessler 2/The Fig House Designed by Emily Henderson (photo from website)3/Designed by Parisien designer Pierre Yovanovitch (photo from website) 4/Photo via Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Home 5/Designed by Amy Lau, photo via Home Adore 6/Photo via Domaine Home by Angus Fergosson

Sadly I don’t have space for one of these beauties but if you do, maybe you should get one so I can live vicariously through you.  Have a lovely weekend!


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Masters of Furniture: Charlotte Perriand

Good Morning!

I’m a bit groggy this morning after the Interior Design Show opening party last night but after seeing only a few booths at the party, I’m excited to go back on the weekend to really explore.  And on the topic of design today I have the second installment of the Masters of Furniture series featuring French furniture designer Charlotte Perriand, a pioneer in machine age furniture.

Image by Knowtex via Flickr CC

Born in 1903, Perriand divided her childhood between Paris, where her father worked as a tailor and her mother as an haute couture seamstress, and her grandparents’ home in the mountainous rural region of Savoie. She studied furniture design at l’Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs from 1920 to 1925. Frustrated by the craft-based approach and Beaux-Arts style championed by the school, Perriand searched for inspiration in the machine aesthetic of the motor cars and bicycles she saw on the Paris streets.

She started her career at Le Corbusier‘s studio in 1927, but almost wasn’t hired after being initially (and now famously) rejected by him with the reply of “We don’t embroider cushions here”.  However, she eventually convinced him to hire her after his partner, Pierre Jeanneret made him go see her exhibit at the Salon d’Automne.

Bar sure la Toit “Bar sous le toit”,

In 1928 she designed three chairs with Corbusier.  One chair was made for conversation (the B301 sling back chair) another for relaxation (the LC2 Grand Comfort chair), and the last for sleeping (the B306 chaise longue).

Photo via Artnet

Photo via Foundation Le Corbusier c/o Cassina

Photo via Complex Mag

In 1937 Charlotte left Le Corbusier’s studio to collaborate with the artist Fernand Leger on a pavilion for the Paris Exhibition and to work on a ski resort in Savoie.  Then after the war she returned to Paris to design prefabricated buildings with Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret.  Over the years she continued designing buildings and interiors working on League of Nations building for the United Nations in Geneva, the design of the French Tourist Office on London’s Piccadilly (in collaboration with Erno Goldfinger) and worked with Le Corbursier and achtiect Lucio Costa on the interior of their Maison du Brésil at Cité Universitaire in Paris.  However, throughout her career she continued to design great pieces of furniture.

 Photo via Gallerie Patrick Seguin

 Photo via Treadway Gallery

Photo via 1st Dibs

Photo via Cassina USA

And that my friends, is Charlotte Perriand. Such a long and amazing career. And considering she started in the 1920’s, which was not exactly an era where woman were pushing boundaries, speaks even more to her talent and ambition.  You can still buy her furniture at Cassina.  I am having a great time learning the stories behind these masters of furniture.  If you missed my first  post in the series on Milo Baughman, you should check it out!


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Furniture Photo Art

Good Friday Morning! Today’s post I’m featuring some some photographs I’m considering framing and using to accessorize my bedroom.  I wanted photos to reflect my passion which is furniture and upholstering, and as you will see, the ones I’ve chosen show upholstered furniture in various forms and photographed in various locations. Some pieces are completely deconstructed while others are constructed. Some are in rooms while others in unusual places. But all are beautiful in a simple and minimalist way.

Jessica Turnbow & Holly Ouellette (Chez Jolly) via Etsy

Sarah Ann Loreth via Esty

Blandy Snorhal via Etsy

Alejandra Laviada via

Pamela Klaffke via Etsy

Alyssa Moore via Etsy

Lisa Civitiello via Etsy

Jennifer Glass, Bespoke Modern Photography via Etsy

rebecca catherine via Flickr

Jay of Polalove via Etsy

Have a lovely Friday! XOXO

Inspired by Colour – Forest Green

Good morning lovelies! Perhaps it’s because there is so much less green outside this time of year with the leaves changing, or maybe I’m already thinking about Christmas trees, but I have been craving some deep dark forest green in my life… hence today’s post.  Loving the warmth and coziness of this colour for fall.  Oh, did I mention green is my fave colour?  Oddly, I have very little green in my home decor….maybe that is also what prompted this post. Regardless, here are some shots that show that it is, in fact, easy being green….

Photos via 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10, 11,12,13,14,15

What did I say? easy right?  LOVE that lace dress and that living room with the bright gold chair against the dark wall….amazeballs.

Have a great day!


Decade of my Decor Style

Good morning!

Ok, so this past weekend I attended my 10 year university reunion at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. Not going to lie, I was dreading it just a little…awkward small talk, asking people about what they are doing with their lives (even though we already know because of Facebook), watching 20 yr old “kids” drink with reckless abandon, knowing they will wake up tomorrow feeling great while I won’t get over my hangover for 5 days…barf………on the other side, there were a lot of people going and with careers and kids, how often do you get a whole bunch of friends together for the SOLE purpose of partying like it’s 2001?  Hmmm….almost never.   So, off we went, equipped with a 1997-2001 playlist on my IPOD for the drive (think, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child and Third Eye Blind).  And as it turned out, awkward encounters were pretty infrequent and the partying was redonculous…picture ten early thirties alumni dancing on a speaker screaming WOOHOO at the tops of their lungs….RE-DON-CU-LOUS.

Sooo, in honour of for today’s post, I thought would take a look at my decor style from 10+ years ago.  Before you judge, keep in mind that at that time these guys were my idols in terms of fashion…..


and I was in love Rachael and Monica’s shabby chic apartment…..


With that in my mind, here is a little snapshot at my decade old decor style which included…..

Fabric like this…..via

Paint colors like these…via and via

Wood Furniture like this….via

and lighting like this…via

Not terrible but definitely was more “shabby chic” than my current home decor style would be….and pretty boring overall – where now I lean more towards….

Fabrics like this….via and via

Paint colours like this….via

furniture like this…via

and lighting like this….via

It’s clear my decor style has changed over the past 10 years, partly based on budget and partly just a maturing of my decor “eye”. And my style will certainly change significantly again in the next 10 years, but that is the great thing about decor style – it’s ever evolving, which makes it much more fun!

Have a great day!

Antique-y Saturday

I have found that now that friends know I am an upholsterer and that I love bringing new life to old furniture, they are always on the lookout for new potential projects for me.  I regularly have friends send me photos of furniture they see in antique stores, flea markets, or just on the side of the road (my friends also know I’m huge garbage picker…..).  My parents have recently started keeping their eyes peeled for projects for me too! On a recent visit to an antique store in my hometown in NB, they found me something really great…but before I show you, one of the best small town stories ever came out of my Mom’s visit to this store….you see, my mom arrived at the door to the store (which is in a house) and it was locked, but there was a sign on the door and it said, “Gone to the hairdresser, be back in an hour. There are items in the shed you can take a look at, it’s unlocked.  Please don’t steal anything.”  This is why I love small towns. Amazing, no?  Anyhoo, here is the piece my parents got and are bringing to me when they come to visit in November….

I KNOW, RIGHT?  Amazing. And she is asking only $100…’s got to be from the late 1800’s…such a steal! I am picturing it in an amazing fabric…totally prettied up. And the upholstery will be a great challenging project for me! Excited. They also sent me a link for a auction being held on Monday in Saint John, by Tim Isaac a local auctioneer who also has a retail antique store and gallery in the City.  He is one of the most well known antique dealers and auctioneers in the Maritimes and his dedicated to preserving Maritime Heritage is widely known.  Here are just a few of the 400+ items up for auction on Monday that I would like to have….

Gorgeous coverlet circa 1830’s

Look at the detail of the that woodwork.


love the shape of the back of these dining chairs

Pink, gotta love pink…..

not sure where I would put this but I kinda love it’s dual-purpose-ness….

beautiful and colourful

Again, love the shape….

simple & elegant

I have never seen anything like this… unique.

love the yellow and gold

front all bench idea (with new fabric)…

more pink…love old china.

cute chair for an empty corner

oil lamps are so pretty

another great shape!

Love these but I might try to find bulbs that didn’t stick out of the top…

I’m a sucker for shape apparently

The artist wasn’t given but I love these colors.

And there are TONS of other items on the list, you can check it out here. So, since I am trying to curb my spending, a least a little bit, I’m likely not going to get any of these things….sad. PLUS, I don’t think my parents were exactly offering to go on my behalf by sending this to me, they just knew I would love looking through it. BUT, I will say that going to an auction is on my to-do list for this year, for sure.

Have a lovely Saturday!


Think Pink

Happy Hump Day!  I thought since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I would do a little think pink post today as a little shout out to all the great work that will be done this month, but also throughout the whole year to help in the fight against breast cancer.  The jumping off point for this pink post is my most recent fun purchase….

I have been coveting the Michael Kors watches for a year and I finally broke down and bought this beauty… pretty….I’m in love….(via)

But on to more pink.














Have a lovely day!


Black Yellow and White Inspiration

Hello all! This post is inspired by a couple of things….firstly, a few weeks back Christine from Bijou and Boheme guested on Recreated and she created a fabulous a bedroom design using this gorgeous Rubie Greet Marilyn fabric for the drapery….


Then while perusing through the NYFW images (which people have been pinning like crazy), this amazing dress caught my eye….


Ah…if only I had somewhere to wear this dress….or the money to pay for it….but I digress.  The fabric and dress both inspired me to investigate further into this bold colour combo and, not surprisingly, I found lots of visual treats to share. Enjoy!













Have a great Sunday!


Inspired by Seaweed – Maroon, Sand and Grey

Hi all, back from vacation and though it was lovely, it has been a challenge getting back into the working groove.  I’ve haven’t had much time to read up and comment on all your lovely blogs but promise to get back to it soon. I started this post while away and only finally got back to it now! WIFI was less than stellar in the area of New Brunswick that I was staying.  However, now I’m back on track! This post is inspired by the photo below, which I took on a serious beach-combing mission with my niece.  I love the color combination of the vibrant purple seaweed giving a pop to the more muted sand, and grey rock….pretty, pretty….enjoy!

Photo 1 via me – Photos via 2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,10

Have a great day!!


Getting to know Re:Style Studio

Good Morning!  Today I’m very excited to be featuring Re:style Studio, a workshop and event space offering upholstery classes, decor seminars and DIY parties in the west end of Toronto at the Branding Factory.

The studio was founded by the lovely Andrea Ford, a stylist and market editor with a love of re-upholstering and re-styling furniture.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, when I first started to learn how to upholster, finding classes/courses in the Toronto area wasn’t easy, and there weren’t any that were approaching upholstery in a fresh and modern way. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Re:style Studio! Andrea launched the studio in December 2010, and VOILA, she has filled a huge void by offering modern upholstery and restyling classes, plus she now has a great space to do her own re-upholstery projects in! Needless to say this studio is right up my alley, and so when I contacted Andrea to find out more about how Re:style came to be, I was thrilled to hear she was looking for someone to help teach some of the upholstery classes and workshops.  We are still sorting out details such as which courses I will be helping with, but I will definitely be spending more time over at Re:style in the coming month and I am pretty excited about that! Stay tuned!

As part of today’s post I asked Andrea to participate in a mini Q and A to get a little more insight into Re:style, and she kindly obliged….

Q: What do you like the best about upholstery?

A: It feels like forensic design. I love that I can strip a piece down and learn something new about construction with every layer. I also find stripping very cathartic and therapeutic. Rebuilding a piece gives me a chance to give it new life and restructure it. Transforming is my favourite part.

Q: What do you like the best about teaching upholstery?

A: The thing I love about teaching upholstery is how satisfied people are at the end of the courses to have either created a headboard or ottoman from scratch that looks like they bought it at a boutique, or totally transformed a piece of furniture by refinishing and reupholstering it.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece you have completed? And why is your fave?

A: The black and white settee is my favourite and has become a bit of a signature. I have a design degree in fashion so that settee is a perfect example of how I take my garment skills such as draping and apply it to the curves of the couch. I knew the stripes would be a challenge but also pay off on the look of the final product.

Now, I was lucky enough to visit the studio a few weeks ago, and let me tell you it is gorgeous.  A sleek, modern, black and white space, perfect for both a crafty workshop or a cocktail party! Did I mention that the space can be rented for events?  Trust me, this space is totally event worthy – here are some pics to give you an idea….

What did I tell you?  Great space.  Now a little on the classes! Upholstery classes offered include the Head of the Bed DIY Headboard class, Put up you Feet DIY Ottoman class, the weekend BYOP Re-Upholstery Workshop (Bring your own Piece) and well as the Learn to Restyle class. Class sizes are small enough so that you can get the one-on-one help you need and you get to complete your projects in a great atmosphere. More detailed descriptions of these classes, as well as other offerings, can be found here and the fall schedule is up on the Re:style Studio website! Here are some pics showing finished projects and before and afters from the classes…..

All Photos via Andrea Ford and Re:style Studio

There are still spaces left for the BYOP Re-upholstery workshop this Saturday and Sunday (Sept 10 and 11), so if you have a piece that you want to transform into something fabulous in just 2 short days contact Re:style right away to get booked in! I will be at the studio this weekend during the BYOP workshop working on a new project, so I hope to see you there or in future classes!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s feature and many thanks to Andrea for taking the time to give us a little insight into Re:Style Studio!  Have a great day!