F/W 2014 Shopping Challenge – Day (gasp!) 43

Good Morning!

Alright,  it’s fess up time.  I’m 2 days away from target date of 45 days to complete my shopping challenge and I’m not finished. I’ve only purchased 2 measly item since my last update – and it’s unlikely that I’ll get everything in the next 2 days. In fairness, when I set the 45 days I forgot about my parents coming to town for a week during the challenge. And although my mom and I did a little shopping while they were here, I had little luck with my last 8 items.  Not that it’s an excuse. Not at all.  I failed.  However, from failure comes resilience…as is outlined perfectly in this excerpt from one of my favorite movies of all time, Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown.

So, I shall set a new goal of 55 days and make it count!  I mean it’s my own challenge so I can do whatever I want, but I like to stay accountable, you know?  But on the topic of doing what I want…I am going to make some revisions.  Firstly, I’ve changed pencil skirt to pencil skirt or dress (x2).  I haven’t found many pencil skirts that I like but I’ve found MANY dresses I like.  And I’m a dress person.  Why buy a skirt I “kind of” like, when I could buy a dress I love? I’ve also changed t-shirt to t-shirt or sweater (x2).  I realized I need some new sweaters too and since I’ve already got one t-shirt why not add sweater? (Also, I already bought a sweater instead).  Here is my progress:

THE LIST - Update 3 - Day 43 copy

I added this sweater from the Banana Republic Factory store.  You can’t tell from the picture but there is a tiny pattern in the wool which I like a lot.


And this green blazer from Le Chateau.  Fun colour, good cut and ON SALE. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And that is it.  Budget update?  At least I’m doing well in that respect:

These 2 items:  $134.31

Previous total:  $642.83

Remaining:  $722.58


As you can see I’m struggling with the shoes. It’s hard to find comfort, quality and style.  But I’ll keep trying!  Until the next update…..

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F/W 2013 Shopping Challenge Update – Day 29

Good Morning!

I’ve got a little update on my shopping challenge today.  Actually, since my last post on my progress I’ve made a little change to my list.  I originally said I wanted new flat black boots.  And lord knows the ones I have are more than a little worn out.  But then I started thinking about why they are so worn out and it is because I wear them all the time in ALL types of weather.  I did protect them really well with leather protector, it can only do so much against the  elements.  Winter is rapid approaching and so I’m going to be wearing boots alot and given that the ones I have are still so comfortable not quite TOO embarrassingly worn out to be wearing still, I’m going to keep them for the time being. I will admit that this decision is also based on the fact that I am  finding it impossible to find a black leather boot that I like for under $550.  And if I’m going to pay that much for boots (which wasn’t really on the table), I’d basically only wear them in perfect conditions which is totally unrealistic. So, I decided to replace the black flat boot with a short black heeled bootie.   This is a shoe that I don’t currently have in my closet but that is a versatile option that I can wear with a dress, skirt or pants.  How very practical of so unlike me, right? I thought so.

Now, back to the update.  I’ve definitely made some progress , but I have to admit I thought I would be pretty much done by now.  I originally was going to make this a 30-day challenge.  Good thing I didn’t!  Anyhoo, here is my progress since my last update:

THE LIST - Update 2

1. Navy Blue Pants – H&M.   Good cut, great price.  Win-win for a basic piece.

2. Short Black Heeled Bootie – Parita by Enzo Angeolini from Nine West –  I find that sometime booties can make my leg look choppy when they are straight across at the top.  Which is why I loved this one with the lovely slope down the front.  Very flattering.  And I can wear them with almost anything.


3. Turtleneck from H &M – Lightweight and fitted, exactly what I needed.


4.  Joe Fresh B&W Sweater Dress

sweater dress

And how am I doing on my budget? Well, luckily I’ve been able to save on some things so I’m not doing too badly:

These 4 items:  $303.95

Previous total:  $338.88

Remaining: $857.17

I am still doing ok but ideally I would like to come in under budget as much as possible and I still have 8 items remaining. I’m going to have to be strategic in what I spend on which items.  The blazers are going to be tough I think.  I haven’t found many I like so far that aren’t expensive.  But all part of the challenge right?

Have a great Friday!


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