Ah the weekend…after a busy week

Good Morning!

This week has been very busy with my day job and with upholstery projects, and I was definitely burning the candle at both ends….but this morning I’m heading up to Someday Farm (once of my fave places on earth) to relax for a couple of days with my girlfriends.  It’s too bad that the weather isn’t better but I’m still looking forward to it.

Oh and in case you missed it yesterday, I was over here…..

doing a little guest spot for Heather, showing some flooring to fashion inspirations.  You should check it out!  Thanks for having me, H!

Now I’m off to do a little of this…

source unknown

despite this….


Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday and a Guest Post

Good Morning!

It’s going to be a lovely sunny Friday here in Toronto and I’m excited to get the weekend started. This morning I’m beyond thrilled to be taking part in Hodge Podge Blog’s “So Canadian, eh” series. I absolutely love this idea of featuring Canadian bloggers, artists and designers and I’m humbled to be included in this list of amazing people.  Oh and did I mention that heavyweight Canadian design personalities Samantha Pynn and Brian Gluckstein have participated in this series?  Yea, I know…amazeballs.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Barbara in person at the recent Blogpodium event in Toronto, and she is even more lovely in person than she is on her blog…..if that is even possible. And did I mention she’s really fun, too? Go visit her blog often, you won’t regret it.  And a big thank-you to Barbara for having me, it was a lot of fun participating.

This weekend will be busy with a lot of this…


I’ll be eating some awesome food while attending this on Saturday night….


which is (as quoted from their website):

“The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a social food market for the community to sample the food of Toronto home cooks. It is a venue for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products. These vendors are not necessarily chefs, although some will be. This is a new kind of community market; not a farmer’s market, or a food festival, but something completely unique and new to Toronto.”

I went to the last event with Heather and it was awesome.

And if there is time I’ll do a little of this….


What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever you are doing I hope you have a great one!


Yesterday’s Guest Post and a New Project

Good Morning!

Before I share with you my new project, I wanted to let you know that yesterday I was over at First Time Fancy doing a guest post.  If you didn’t know, Kerry and her family are moving to beautiful BC next week so she is crazy busy packing up her lovely home.  She was looking for some help with posting during this crazy time so, to help out I put together a little post all about florals.  If you didn’t see it yesterday, you should check it out.

Now, moving on to the newest upholstery project that I’m working on over at Re:style Studio.  It’s going to be a big transformation – but here a little sneak peek.

I’m taking this condo-sized sofa belonging to my friend Amber….

and transforming it into a sofa that is a cross between this….


and this…


It’s going to be fabulous when it is all done, and I cannot wait to show you the final product!

Have a fabulous day!


Last Weeks Loves – April 2 to April 8

Good Morning!

I’m baaaaack.  So sorry for my lack of posts this weekend. I planned on using the few days off in my sleepy (but relaxing) hometown to write a whole bunch of blog posts. But as it turns out I needed more rest than I thought, and I barely opened my computer. I did visit with my family, finish the Hunger Games, almost finish Domino: the book on decorating, visited a very interesting local business near my hometown (more on that in a later post), and ate….a lot.  I also started The Paris Wife as part of the Blogger Book Club.

So, I’m posting my Last Weeks Loves series a day late this week, and since my weekend was so “unplugged”, this might be a shorter list than normal!  But, size doesn’t matter, right?

1. Blair from Delight by Design posted about conservatories, and I realized that a conservatory is on my dream “must-have” list for a home. And the one she featured was so pretty.

2.  These scarves by ILANA KOHN were featured on Design for Mankind last week and they are seriously gorgeous.

3. Tim from Design Maze did a fantastic feature on Lia, the brains behind Mod Pieces, a fabulous one-of-a-kind lamp design shop!  Lia uses vintage lamps and designs custom shades to renew these amazing pieces. Check out her Site if you haven’t already!

4. Susan over at Saf Affect did a feature on the lovely wooden churches of Slovakia.  They are beautifully designed structures and so unique.

Have a lovely (short) week!



Good Morning!

I attended Blogpodium on Friday as part of the Interior Design Show. There were close to 100 design bloggers in attendance to start a series of conversations on blogging.  This series is the brain-child of the amazing Jennifer Flores (and my roomie from Alt) and Lindsay Stephenson.  They saw a lack of organized conversation and learning for bloggers in Canada and decided to do something about it.  We are such a supportive community, always willing to help each other and prop each other up, but other than social media we have very few opportunities to learn.  I think this is an amazing initiative and they really pulled out all the stops for thier first event, Blogs and Media.

The founders!  Photo by Jason Hudson

The panel of experts consisted of Kimberley Seldon, design editor for Chatelaine and Editor-in-Chief of Dabble Magazine, Kate Moore, Producer at Cityline, Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor at House & Home magazine, and Jenn herself (a superstar blogger in her own right). The panel was moderated by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Colour and Design Specialist at Benjamin Moore and regular guest expert on Cityline.

Photo by Jason Hudson

  There have already been many recaps about this amazing event (you can read some of them here) so I’m not going to go into to much detail on all the fabulous information that was shared, but I’d like to touch on a few pieces of advice that struck a cord with me.


I have just returned from Alt Summit and this exact thing came up over and over again. If you want to get your blog noticed (by both readers and media) you need to write in a way that is unique to you, in a way that people will connect to who you are.  Find exactly what your voice is and always provide your perspective. Just saying “I love this picture, it’s so cute”, isn’t enough.  It takes time to write a good post that is really “you”, but it is essential to success.

photo by Jason Hudson


A well edited blog is important if you want to be noticed by media.  These are EDITORS looking at your blogs….they want to know that you are taking time to write properly and present your ideas in an organized way.


Every time you do guest post for another blog and every time you reach out to a new blogger there is a possibility for new oppourtunities.  In particular, aligning yourself with and collaborating with large well-respected blogs can really open up doors.  You never know who is reading your blog or where the next big thing will come from.

This event was such a crazy success and I’m so looking forward to attending in the future.  I dare say this is the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Thanks to Jenn, Lindsay and all the experts and sponsors.



Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Guest Post by Bijou and Boheme

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to have the amazing stylista Christine from Bijou and Boheme visiting Recreated today while I’m on vacation. If you haven’t been following her beautiful blog, you darn well should be! Everyday her posts send me over the moon with their original style, humour and gorgeousness (that maybe isn’t a word, but you get my drift). She is also one of my fave Tweeps on Twitter. I can’t wait for you to see what she has done for today’s post, nothing short of brilliance….so without further ado I give you…..

Hello Recreators…it’s Christine here from Bijou and Boheme and I’m so excited to be here today guesting for one of my favourite Twitter BFF’s Lindsey…she’s been on my A-list ever since she coined the brilliant #boozynostainpkgtour when talking about plans for my little kitchen party…anyone who can come up with a hashtag like that is a friend of mine.
I digress. Anyhoo…I’m pleased as punch to be here and very excited to share a little bedroom make-over a la maison Lindsey….yes, this post is based around Lindsey’s own room…turns out she’s looking for a little change and was hoping I could come up with something…fingers crossed.

To start with, Lindsey sent me photos of room elements that she wants to keep in the space…

but she did say I could change or leave some out if they didn’t work with my plan.
I’ll tell you right off that bat that I kept everything, with the exception of the mirror…the colours just didn’t work with the scheme I had in mind…more on that later.

To start with, I immediately found what I believe to be the perfect yellow accent fabric…otherwise known as Rubie Green Marilyn and went from there…I built on the yellow and grey by adding in a shot of  pale blue and a hit of warm magenta because I thought, why the heck not…EVERY space deserves a little hit of pink.

And after a little maneuvering/shopping/searching/planning, this is what I put together…

So here’s how it works…

RG Marilyn for the curtain panels and Tillinghast for the bedding, a custom headboard upholstered in charcoal grey (and I’m thinking piped in white,) Lindsey’s existing dresser painted out in that gorgeous magenta, a zebra rug because everyone needs at least one, a gorgeous vintage pale blue bench at the foot of the bed to pick up the blue in that chair fabric she already has, mirrored bedside tables to up the glam factor, black and gold lamps…again for girly glamour, a gold modern chandelier from Jonathan Adler to balance out the flirty feminine Anthrophologie mirror over the dresser, a gorge photograph from Elle Moss (I’ve been wanting that beauty for a looooong time) and finally some great patterned accent pillows from Aphro Chic…oh and some fur ones too…they’re always necessary.

I’m SO hoping Lindsey likes it and thank her tons and tons for having me…I had a ball putting this together!



Needless to say I adore the ideas she has come up with, I have been eyeing that chandelier for awhile and love the yellow and pink – I am just pleased as punch!  Thanks so much Christine, come back anytime!  XOXO