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While I was in Victoria last month, I was strolling down the street and came across a big beautiful old building that appeared to have been restored.  Of course, this is a common occurrence in Victoria as they have done a great job preserving their historic structures.  But I was particularly curious about this one so I immediately looked it up.  It turns out it was the former Hudson’s Bay Company building which has recently been converted into a residential building.

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This Georgian Revival style building was designed by Toronto architects Burke, Horwood and White and built in 1915.  As described in the “Canada’s Historic Places” website:

The palatial design and grand elevations of this four-storey Georgian Revival Style building was chosen to establish architectural permanence and portray the luxury, grandeur, and modernity of Canada’s most successful and oldest company.” 

This is picture of the building from the 1930’s.

The building was designated under British Columbia’s Community Heritage register in 1995. In 2002, the Bay department store relocated and Townline Developers bought the property in 2006.  Townline and Merrick Architects has since revitalized the building by converting it into a 152 unit condo building called The Hudson.  Retaining the original facade and some of interior elements, the store was converted in to a unique residential space.

In addition to it’s lovely exterior the building also has great out door spaces.

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The building’s interior designer was by Evoke International  Design who were able to retain some of the historic interior elements of the store while making it more modern.


Photos via buzz buzz home

This two-bedroom condo model from the building, which was beautifully furnished and styled by The Cross Design of Vancouver, shows you just how awesome these units are.

Photos via buzz buzz home

And as you can see from my photos below the Victoria Public Market has  made it’s home on the main floor of the Hudson.  Which would be pretty amazing if you lived in the building.


THe Hudson 1

THe Hudson 2

What a fabulous conversion.  If I lived in Victoria I’d totally consider living here.  So much beauty and history in one space.  My only criticism is that that the big original HBC sign from the roof  isn’t incorporated somewhere.  That would make it just about perfect.

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