Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Good Morning!

December is the time of year when I appreciate snow the most. Unfortunately, the weather here in Toronto is unseasonably warm and all we are getting is rain.  So today’s post is inspired by the fact that I’m dreaming of more of the white stuff for the holiday season.  There is something romantic of freshly fallen snow, prompting people to bundle up and get cozy. I challenge you to look at these photos and not want a little more snowy winter white in your life.

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Love snow.

But ask me again in February…my tune will certainly have changed.

Have a lovely day!


Christmasy Weekend….

Good Monday morning everyone!  This weekend I was busy with some holiday get-togethers.  The first one I attended was a lovely drop in party at Heather’s (author of the blog Interior Groupie) house.  I met some great people, had some yummy apps (and wine), but best of all, I got to see the home projects that she features on her blog in real life! Yes, I know my digital friends, it’s hard to believe that the things that are posted on blogs are for realsies, but it turns out that they are!.  Can you believe I didn’t even bring my camera?  Ah, well.  Thanks to Heather and her hubs for being such great hosts!

Yesterday, I went to a Christmas lunch with my friends and their kids.  It was a great time, with delicious food (brisket and lasagna….nom, nom) and an appearance by Santa himself.  The house looked amazing, which is not surprising as my friends Margot and Geoff have an amazing sense of style.  The Christmas decor was simple and elegant as you will see in the photos. All in all a great afternoon…here are some snippets of the day….

pretty arrangement on the credenza


delicious appetizers

bring on the brisket

Christmas photoshoot…

pretty tree decoration

Christmas crackers

getting the pressies out of the crackers…

Another adorable Christmas decoration….

Tatum’s party shoes!

elegant & festive flowers

Little fashionista, Ella, about to meet Santa!  How cute are those polka-dot Christmas shorts?  This was taken just prior to her asking Santa if he wanted to do a fist bump (pump??) in lieu of a hug.

….and she also knows how to accessorize with this amazing headband.

Just call me the baby whisperer…

The Wicken’s cookies, complete with disclaimer!

Now, these my friends are called chocolate pizza’s made by my friend Monique who runs The Chocolate Pizza Shoppe.  Let me tell you, these things are delicious, and can be made to order with your favorite candy/treats! YUM.

Pretty mantel decor, and guess what?  We each got to take one of the little mini trees (shown in the middle) home with us when we left!  What a great idea!

I told Santa I’d been a good girl this year….he responded with, “That’s debatable…..”

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my “dream” Christmas wish list for home decor items, as well as an update on my Christmas decor.  Have a great day!


Photo Credits: Last photo taken by Geoff Darling, the rest are my own.

Space Saving Christmas Trees

Good Morning all! This past weekend I was with my friend discussing holiday decorating and Christmas trees. She and her hubs live in an apartment and have a new baby so although she would like to add a little festive to their place for the holidays, she is looking for things that a) don’t take up too much space and 2) that don’t require to much upkeep (tree watering, needle sweeping).  I would expect that others are looking for similar things, especially those living in smaller condos and apartments.  Today I have put together some ideas for space saving Christmas trees…enjoy!

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I hope these ideas help my friend and others with their holiday decorating!