Amaze-“Balls” DIY Holiday Wreath!

Good Morning love muffins!

Happy Wednesday! Remember last week when I posted the Amaze-balls Holiday Wreath Ideas?  Well, it inspired a little holiday DIY project.  Check out below for my fun little how-to….

Pretty decent for a first try, huh?  It was relatively easy and only took about an hour.  And the best thing?  I got all the supplies at the dollar store and the whole thing cost under $10 (including the glue gun which I also got at the dollar store a long time ago).  The only hiccup I encountered was that at the end, I was short a few balls! Which, if you follow me on twitter, you already know from my online dating tweets…. bahahaha…sorry, couldn’t help it. I meant Christmas balls, obviously.  My advice, always have more balls than you think you need (wink, wink). Seriously, it’s like I’m a thirteen year old boy.

Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out totally pretty in the end, so you should try it out! And it gives you a good excuse to make balls jokes….which is clearly why I did it.

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Christmas Decor – Chapter One

Good morning lovelies. I started my Christmas decorating this weekend! YEA! I didn’t get as far as the tree but did get my outdoor lights up….buuut, I can’t turn them on due to being short one extension cord.  BOOOOOO. I also managed to put together an outdoor arrangement for my porch…and this is how I did it:

I started with these Christmas-y scented boughs….

Then I took some branches that had fallen from my trees, painted them with glue and dusted them with gold sparkles. It wasn’t a neat and tidy type of project, sparkles spread quickly and easily. Consequently, there are going to be sparkles all through my apartment until Easter.

I had some dried hydrangeas that I had cut from the bush in my backyard earlier this fall….

I bought a bag of sparkly pine cones from the dollar store and glued some sticks to the bottom so I could use them in the arrangement….and can I just say that a glue gun is a damn handy tool to have.

Put it all together with a bow, and TA-DA!

I also created a simple table arrangement for inside using similar materials, only adding some mini Christmas balls….

Simple but festive!

Hope you all have a lovely day!