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Happy boxing day! I hope everyone had a lovely day with their loved ones yesterday! I sort of can’t believe it’s over.  It always seems to sneak up on me.

Today I have a two more contributions for the series…

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The fantastic Barbara from Hodge Podge and our fave @Glamamama Christine from Decor by Christine are sharing some of their holiday traditions!


When my husband and I started a family we knew we wanted to continue some family traditions on Christmas.  Two that I have kept from my childhood is 1) we always eat seafood on Christmas Eve and 2) my 2 daughters are allowed to open one gift after dinner on Christmas eve – it helps calm some of the excitement before the big day.  A new tradition we began with the girls is watching a Christmas movie or show each night starting December 1st all the way to the 25th.  Our favourites are the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen and of course, How the Grinch stole Christmas with Jim Carrey and the original animated version.  As soon as Dec 1st hits, the girls excitedly get out all our Christmas DVDs to begin our holiday viewing extravaganza!!



At our home we mix several holiday traditions together, combining my husband’s and mine’s. When I decorate though, I love to incorporate my Czech heritage into the mix. It was such a vital part of my life growing up, making Christmas feel so magical and important.

A tradition that I love is taking out my Czech Christmas nativity and creating a scene on a bookshelf. My parent’s had the exact one and picked one up on a visit to Prague for me and my sister. It brings back memories of creating stories in my head about each character!
I am a huge fan of holiday movies so I may have to invite myself over to Christine’s next year for the movie watching extravaganza!  And isn’t Barbara’s nativity beautiful?  Thank you both for taking part in my blogger holiday traditions series!  If you want to read more from the series you can check here and here!
Try not to get trampled shopping today!

Blogger Holiday Traditions – O Tannenbaum Edition

Good Morning guys!
Today I have another installment of….
Today i have two lovely bloggers, Vanessa from Decor Happy and Rosa from Flutter, Flutter sharing their Christmas traditions relating to the Christmas Tree!




When I was young, we always had an artificial Christmas tree.  Now that I have a family of my own, we take great joy in either going to our local tree farm or nursery and choosing a real tree.  We usually put it up the first week of December so we have many weeks of enjoyment from it.  Playing classic Christmas songs by Nat King Cole or Elvis  and drinking candy cane hot chocolate while decorating the tree is one of our favourite holiday activities.
My favourite Christmas tradition is the first one of the season… setting up the Christmas tree! It is quite the event at our house. Christmas music is playing, hot chocolate is poured, and then I set up the tree so that the boys and I can all share in the decorating. The boys get ridiculously excited because it’s a bit of a race to get it all done by the time daddy gets home so that he is surprised! And it’s also an early gift for daddy, since the last thing daddy wants to do is decorate! 😉
Putting up the Christmas Tree is also one of my favourite parts of Christmas! Thanks ladies for sharing yours! I’ll be sharing a few more tomorrow and some after Christmas too!