SMACK: The Ultimate Christmas Candy Recipe

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Today is a big day at Recreated.  I’m sharing what might be the BEST recipe for any person to have in their holiday cooking repertoire.  And I don’t say BEST in a flippant way.  I actually mean it.  This is a recipe my mother has been making forever. She has always called it Christmas candy but when she started sending it to me in university and my friends tried it, we started calling it SMACK.  Because it is addictive. Addictive like a drug. Smack is so delicious, it is almost impossible to just have one piece.  It tastes a bit like a homemade Skor bar, but is way better than a Skor bar.  Today I’m sharing this killer recipe.


WARNING:  The ingredients are not healthy.  They are perhaps the very definition of unhealthy…..but together they make magic…


1 Pound (2 cups) of butter

2 cups of white sugar

1/4 cup of water

2 tbsp of corn syrup

1 1/2 cups of chopped blanched almond

6-8 squares of semi-sweet chocolate

1/2 cup of ground almond


Candy thermometer (IMPORTANT!)

Large heavy saucepan

2 large cookie sheets (preferably rimless)

Double boiler (of some kind)

wooden spoon

soft brush (bbq brush or similar)

Step 1: Toast your almond pieces until just starting to brown. This time I used the almond slivers because I couldn’t find any blanched whole almonds, but I definitely prefer the roughly chopped whole almonds for this recipe.


Step 2:  Melt butter in the large saucepan under medium to high heat.


Step 3:  Incorporate sugar then water and then corn syrup.  Put in your candy thermometer. Make sure that the end of the thermometer isn’t sitting on the bottom of the pan as it will spike the temperature on the thermometer and give you a false reading.

Step 4: Let it cook to a temperature of 290 degrees or “Hard Crack”.  It is very important that you take it off exactly at Hard Crack, no earlier and no later.  If you take it of too soon, it will be like toffee and will get stuck in everyone’s teeth.  If you leave it on too long it will get really sugary and crumbly.


Do not stir vigorously, just slowly pull the wooden spoon along the bottom of the pan, more frequently as the liquid heats up. While it’s cooking you will see the liquid change colour and consistency.  It starts off yellow and thin and by the end will be be brown(er) and thick.


You will find that it will take time to get from 200 to 250 but after that it tends to shoot up to 290 really quickly so have your almonds and pans ready.

Step 5: When it hits 290, remove from heat, pour in your almonds, do a quick stir and then immediately pour onto the 2 baking sheets.  Smooth out as quickly as you can until it looks sort of like this.


Step 6:  Put the baking sheets either outside (if it’s cold) or in the freezer for about 10 – 20 minutes.  In the meantime, chop up your chocolate squares and melt it in your double boiler.


Step 6:  Bring in your baking sheets and brush a layer of chocolate over top of the candy and sprinkle with the ground almond.


Step 7: Put it back outside for a few minutes until the chocolate dries. Then bring it back in and flip it over.  If you are lucky it will flip over in 1 or 2 big pieces (but it often it breaks into many).  Repeat step 6 (chocolate and almond) on the other side.  Put back outside.

Step 8:  Break it up into small pieces and ENJOY!



It is the perfect thing to bring to a party as a hostess gift.  Everyone loves it.  And it’s also great for a holiday cookie exchange because one batch makes so much.  Overall, it is just awesome.  Crazy awesome. And then some.  You are welcome.

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Enjoy your SMACK.  (I’m sorry in advance for enabling your addictions.)


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