Alt Summit Recap – Round 1

So finally, today, a week after the end of Alt Summit and a few days after I returned from my post-Alt mini vacation in Utah, I’m happy to report that my blogger’s block seems to be gone and I’m ready to write again.  I don’t think I can possibly put all of my takeaways from the summit in one post so today I’m just focusing on the overall experience.

I cannot stress enough what a great experience Alt Summit was for me.  I learned so much, met truly lovely and insanely talented people, and had such a amazing time.  So, in other words,

(images via 1,2,3)

I had a kick-ass roomie, Miss Jennifer from Rambling Renovators, and whether it was mingling at the parties or having deep discussions about blogging, we had a total blast. The added benefit of having Jenn around was that she knows everything. I’m not kidding…she knew who people were, what blogs they were from, which people were on which panels, where we were to eat breakfast…everything.  This fuzzy photobooth picture depicts the essence of Jenn and I at ALT….Jenn doing it right while I have no idea what is going on.

(via photo booth sponsored by Epiphanie Camera Bags)

I attended many sessions sessions including the business of blogging, how to grow a readership, building a personal brand and a roundtable discussion on how to quit your day job.  Some of the best design bloggers out there were sitting on the panels, and let me tell you, these men and women truly know what they are doing.  There were some amazing keynote speakers including Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest and Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project. And to top it all of there were crafty courses on the Saturday – everything from calligraphy to photography.

Clockwise from top right: Jenn and I just before we met Ben from Pinterest (via Jenn’s camera), swag from the party (via me), Ben Silbermann doing his keynote (via b.a.d. photography), Alt shoes (via Justin Hackworth), Panelists Jordan (Oh Happy Day), Kelly (Design Crush), Nicole (Making it Lovely) and Maggie (Mighty Girl) (via me), helpful graphs (via me), Gretchen Rubin closing keynote (via b.a.d. photography), my textile design course (via b.a.d. photography), the crowd during a session (apparently I thought something was hilarious here) (via Justin Hackworth), the lovely Miss Emily Henderson of Secrets of a Stylist speaking during a session (via me).

After the first day I had an overall feeling of, holy sh*t, I am doing everything wrong! And I heard similar sentiments from many other bloggers.  But I came away with so many tools to improve my blog that it was hard to feel anything but inspired the whole time I was there.

Oh, and have I mentioned the amazing parties ….namely the “dinner en blanc” on Friday and the mini parties on the Saturday. Super fun and beautifully decorated…..

Clockwise from top right: Jenn and I in the Method “Smilebooth” with props, Dinner en Blanc (via Justin Hackworth), Jenn and I and some new/old friends Kathleen, Jason, and Cole (via Jenn’s camera), Chinese New Year mini party decor (via b.a.d. photography), the Girls with Glasses Parisian mini-party decor (via moss and issac), Jenn and I at the dinner en blanc (via Jenn’s camera), decor at the Wilson Art mini party (via me).

I was one of about 400 to 500 women (and 10 to 15 men) at the summit so one can imagine that it could get competitive or catty, but it was so welcoming and supportive.  The ideas of collaboration and community came up in one form or another in all the sessions I attended. I have always been amazed about the community and support given by the smaller group of Canadian design bloggers but I’m happy to say it is present even in the broader blogger community.  I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

In subsequent posts I’ll talk about some of the specific things that i took away from the Summit, but for now, I have to go figure out what to wear to the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-up tonight at Brassai.  Can’t wait to see some of you there!


Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Guest Post by Bijou and Boheme

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to have the amazing stylista Christine from Bijou and Boheme visiting Recreated today while I’m on vacation. If you haven’t been following her beautiful blog, you darn well should be! Everyday her posts send me over the moon with their original style, humour and gorgeousness (that maybe isn’t a word, but you get my drift). She is also one of my fave Tweeps on Twitter. I can’t wait for you to see what she has done for today’s post, nothing short of brilliance….so without further ado I give you…..

Hello Recreators…it’s Christine here from Bijou and Boheme and I’m so excited to be here today guesting for one of my favourite Twitter BFF’s Lindsey…she’s been on my A-list ever since she coined the brilliant #boozynostainpkgtour when talking about plans for my little kitchen party…anyone who can come up with a hashtag like that is a friend of mine.
I digress. Anyhoo…I’m pleased as punch to be here and very excited to share a little bedroom make-over a la maison Lindsey….yes, this post is based around Lindsey’s own room…turns out she’s looking for a little change and was hoping I could come up with something…fingers crossed.

To start with, Lindsey sent me photos of room elements that she wants to keep in the space…

but she did say I could change or leave some out if they didn’t work with my plan.
I’ll tell you right off that bat that I kept everything, with the exception of the mirror…the colours just didn’t work with the scheme I had in mind…more on that later.

To start with, I immediately found what I believe to be the perfect yellow accent fabric…otherwise known as Rubie Green Marilyn and went from there…I built on the yellow and grey by adding in a shot of  pale blue and a hit of warm magenta because I thought, why the heck not…EVERY space deserves a little hit of pink.

And after a little maneuvering/shopping/searching/planning, this is what I put together…

So here’s how it works…

RG Marilyn for the curtain panels and Tillinghast for the bedding, a custom headboard upholstered in charcoal grey (and I’m thinking piped in white,) Lindsey’s existing dresser painted out in that gorgeous magenta, a zebra rug because everyone needs at least one, a gorgeous vintage pale blue bench at the foot of the bed to pick up the blue in that chair fabric she already has, mirrored bedside tables to up the glam factor, black and gold lamps…again for girly glamour, a gold modern chandelier from Jonathan Adler to balance out the flirty feminine Anthrophologie mirror over the dresser, a gorge photograph from Elle Moss (I’ve been wanting that beauty for a looooong time) and finally some great patterned accent pillows from Aphro Chic…oh and some fur ones too…they’re always necessary.

I’m SO hoping Lindsey likes it and thank her tons and tons for having me…I had a ball putting this together!



Needless to say I adore the ideas she has come up with, I have been eyeing that chandelier for awhile and love the yellow and pink – I am just pleased as punch!  Thanks so much Christine, come back anytime!  XOXO