Yummy Energy Bites

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I don’t know about you but with the days getting colder and shorter, I find my energy is lacking.  And when my energy is low I usually crave food. And by food I mean snacks.  And by snacks I mean sugary, fatty, processed crap disguised as food. Sure, they are delicious, but they do little for my energy level (and add to my waistline).  In an effort to find some healthier ways to get a quick pick-me-up, I did a little “research” (aka spending quality time with my BFF Pinterest).  I was excited when I discovered some healthy (and yummy) sounding recipes for different energy bites.  So I tried them out, and I’m sharing three of them with you today!

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The first batch I tried were the Blueberry-Lemon Energy Bites from Dishing up the Dirt. Made with ground up nuts, dates, coconut and dried blueberries these are sweet, super fresh-tasting, and satisfying. I substituted ground almond instead of cashews and fresh blueberries instead of dried and they still turned out lovely.


The next batch was the Nutella Energy Bites from Gimme Some Oven.  I know what you are thinking, these can’t be healthy if they are made with that heavenly hazelnut spread. Sure, they aren’t vegetable smoothie healthy, but when combined with things like flax and chia seeds which offer tons of fiber, protein, good Omega-3 fats and a slew of other minerals and nutrients, they are certainly better for you than a Nutella filled doughnut.  And they taste almost as good.

nutella bite

 The last bites on my list, the Moroccan Date Bon-Bon from Food & Wine, were the biggest surprise of my energy bite adventure. These ones are packed with dates, 3 kinds of nuts, various spices, and get this….kalamata olives! I was expecting the olives to throw off the sweet flavour but it was just the opposite.  They really complemented the other ingredients and made the flavour totally unique but delicious.  Also, I’ve never met a recipe with pistachios that I didn’t like.

Morrocan bonbon

Now, a couple of things to note about these recipes.  You need a good food processor, especially for the ones with the dates because they get very gummy and will bung up anything else you might use to whip these up.  And all of these recipes recommend you put them in the refrigerator, but my bites still fell into messy flat blobs in the fridge.  So, I kept them in the freezer to help keep the shape, and lots of the time I ate them straight out of the freezer!

Energy Bites 2

I would totally recommend all three of these bite-sized healthy snacks.  They are all very different, but all of them are delicious, filling and give you an energy boost when you need it most.  I hope you like them too!


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Fiddlehead Fever

Good Morning!

As I was walking through the grocery store the other day I noticed some of these….


…and was reminded that it’s fiddlehead season! Who’s a big fan of fiddleheads? Um, this girl.  Not only are they totally delish but also, they make me nostalgic for home since I used to eat them a lot as a kid. So, of course I bought a few.  When I got home I gathered up some facts about these little curly-cues to share:

  • The fiddlehead fern is an ostrich fern in a very early stage of growth. The young frond is picked about 2 weeks before it uncurls into a willowy forest plant.
  • The season is quite short, limited to just April and May.
  • Fiddleheads are full of vitamins A and C and can be eaten raw in salads, or blanched and steamed like asparagus.
  • They are native to the eastern half of the United States from Virginia up to Canada (which is why I ate so many growing up in New Brunswick).

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Since this is a design blog thought I would throw in some “inspired by fiddleheads” shots for good measure….

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to try making that fiddlehead gnocchi this weekend….it looks yuuuuumy.

Enjoy your Thursday!