Vegas 2013 Part 2

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

So here we go on Part 2 of my posts on Vegas.  As the first installment really focused on the Bellagio Block Party event, this one will be about the rest of the trip.

I’m not really sure what I expected of Las Vegas when I went.  I had heard good things…that it was fun, had great weather, and good shopping.  I was not prepared for this strange little bubble of absolute excess that I encountered on the strip. Everything is bigger, shinier, more colourful and more over-the-top than what it normally is (or should be).  We stayed at the Mirage.  Our room was nice,the pool was great, and we had a good view of strip.


Some examples of the extreme decor in Vegas…these are the ceilings in a couple of the casinos we walked through.

big copy


One of the girls we went with had some co-workers who were in Las Vegas at the same time so we had planned to meet up with them to go to a club called XS to see “Avichii”.  Who is Avichii?  Well, I’m in my mid-thirties and don’t go to clubs so I had no clue…but apparently he is a DJ.  A very popular one. He is worth 7 million dollars.  He is 23.

Aaaand, I felt old.

But we got in for free, the club was partially situated around a outdoor pool area which was lovely.  And as far as DJ’s of dance music go, he was pretty good. You can see in the picture on the bottom left that we actually were right in the thick of the cheering/raving crowd for awhile…but then someone stepped on my toe and I got the f&$* out of the there.

DJ copy The Bellagio fountain show was one thing I was not expecting to be as impressed with as I was.  It’s only a few minutes long, but it was a very cool thing to behold so I’m glad we caught it.

bellagio fountain copy The weather was awesome while we were there, mid to high thirties, so we did a lot of lounging by the pool.


 And though we didn’t do that much gambling we did spend a little time in the casino.


We also had a couple of nice dinners at Jaleo and Sage.  Both delicious. And we also went to another club, Hakasan, on our last night…but the pictures from that night will never grace the pages of this blog.  Enough said.

All in all a great trip.  Would I go back?  Maybe. But I think I’ve had my fill of Vegas for awhile.



Vegas Part 1 – Vegas Uncork’d Bellagio Block Party

Good Morning!

I hope all of you had a great long weekend! This morning I’m finally getting to the first installment of my Vegas extravaganza. I’m starting with the main reason we chose to go the weekend that we did, which was Bon Appetit Magazine’s Vegas Uncork’d. 

 Vegas Uncork’d is a 3-day culinary star-studded event featuring  award winning chefs like Michael Mina, Gordon Ramsay, and Julian Serrano, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Todd English and many more. The events included some private dinner parties at $300-$500 per plate….um, not in our budget….but there were also a few more reasonably priced food parties, one of which was the one we attended, the “Bellagio Block Party: Cured, Briased, Smoked, Grilled and Toasted.”

bbp-vegas 1 copy The party took place in a large parking lots behind the Bellagio hotel and was comprised of about 15 food and drink stations which you could pick up bite-sized morsels of food from the chefs of some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.  Here are some shots of the scene….

bbp-the atmosphere copy

The best part for me, of course, was the food…

did someone say food copy

The morsels were super delicious. Our particular favourite was a naan wrap with grilled goat. The sauce they used was amazing and it melted in your mouth. Yummmmmmy. I wish I could remember which station/chef it was from!

bbp-the food copy There was also a grill challenge between chef Todd English and chef Akira Back and two students from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School that took place at the party. The winning student won a $20,0000 scholarship and the runner-up a $5,000 scholarship.  It was hard to see to get any decent photos but you can see a video of it here.

So, was it fun?  Did I mention that Patron Tequila was one of the main sponsors? No?  Hmmm, well a boatload of amazing food and excellent tequila…I’ll let you guess if we had a good time or not…

fun times Patron also had HD photobooth there to take fun photos of guests at the event.  See how much we like each other in this one??

…then my friend Rena tried to steal my margarita….

 A great event!  More Vegas pics to come later this week.

Have a great start to your (short) week!