DIY Lighting Round-up and Giveaway Results

Good Morning!

Before I get to the DIY lighting round-up, I would like to apologize for not announcing the giveaway results yesterday as planned. Sadly,  my computer was on the fritz which I hope doesn’t mean I have to replace it!  It seems to running alright now so here are the results!  There was only one entry so there was no need to use…..and that lucky entry is Stephanie!  Congrats!  I’ll be sending you an email to let you know how to get your tickets!

And while we are on the topic of the home show, I urge you take a minute to check out the amazing lineup of Fall Home Show Upcycle Challenge entries (including my lighting project ) here and of course I would love it if you could cast vote for lamp (blog post about it here) .  And if you are at the show you can actually take one of these amazing pieces home, as they are going to be up for auction with ALL proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity GTA.  Love that organization, and equally love that I can be a part of helping them do their good work!

Now, back to today’s topic.  Ever since I completed my upcycle challenge project, I have been kind of obsessed with DIY lighting.  I am definitely going to tackle another point at some point, and wow, there is a ton of inspiration about there.  Today I’ve rounded up some great DIY lighting projects from around the web to share with you.

Love this golden light bulb number from Brit & Co!

For a more industrial look you can go with this rustic chandelier DIY from Black Oak Studios.

Although perhaps not ideal for a room where you need bright clear lighting, this gorgeous pendant DIY from Emmmy Lizzzy made from doilies is beautiful and gives off a lovely glow.

I love this DIY pendant lamp from The Hunted Interior made from a thrifted brass bowl.

Although this DIY beaded chandelier from Gus and Lulu would be time-consuming, similar lamps can cost $500 or more in a store!  And this one looks pretty damn close to the real thing.

And how about this super cool Copper Pipe Wall Sconce created by Claire Zinnecker which she shared on Camille Styles!

Pretty damn cool, right?  People are just so creative!  Another DIY lighting project is definitely in my future.  Have you ever tackled a lighting project?


Signature- new

Light in Shining (Red?) Armour

Good morning!

I am finally back in my own bed after having my parents visiting all week…so while it’s sad to have them go and my sofa is pretty comfortable, I do enjoy having my bed back!  And, with said parental visit came the amazing new light for my bedroom.  I LOVE it. I first showed you this photo of the light taken when it was still at the antique store in New Brunswick….

It am aware that is probably better suited for a large entryway or a dining room, but since I have neither in my shoebox rental and I loved it so much, I decided to get it and put it in my bedroom.  Someday when I have a large dining room, I’ll rock this 50’s brass babe there.

Now, second only to how much I love it, the best part of this piece is the bit of history that came with it.  You will notice in the foreground of the above picture, a sconce that looks similar in shape to my chandy but with strange red things hanging from it.  Well, turns out, this light started it’s life in the Imperial Room of the Palace Grill in Moncton, New Brunswick.  The restaurant has since closed, but a postcard of the room from the late 50’s came with my light….

All I could say is Wowza….those red glass ornaments do make a statement on my pretty light….just not one I want to make. But they came with the light so I kept them…you know, just in case someday I want to open a brothel someday 🙂

In fact, I got a whole shoebox full of them, and they are GLASS, not plastic, so they are heaaaavvvvy. Next it was on to cleaning the light….

It was tough, but a team effort (merci beaucoup, M&D).  And just for fun, we put the red wonders on the light once it was up for a quick photo op.  I couldn’t bear to put them on more than one light.

HOT, no?  All joking aside, the finished product makes me so happy….

So unique….j’adore.

This is the last big project for my room redo….a bit (or alot?) more accessorizing is left and I’ll finally be able to reveal!

Have a great day!

Lighting Search

OK, I didn’t think that choosing a hanging light fixture for my bedroom redo would be so difficult but finding one that I like has been tough!  OK, that’s not entirely true, I have found TONs of fixtures I like, but I have some constraints on my purchase, namely budget. I’m just doing a little refresh of my room, and so and I’m trying hard to do it on a reasonable budget. So, I REALLY don’t want to spend more than $250 on a new light fixture for this room.  I’m looking for a chandelier style light, that is gold in finish and that is interesting. My new fabulous headboard (which I’ll share with you soon) is very bright and a focal point in the room so I’m looking for a fixture that is interesting enough to balance the headboard.

So, when the lovely Christine at Bijou and Boheme came up with a design concept for my bedroom redo as part a of a guest post, she choose this amazing Jonathan Adler Meurice chandy…which I LOVE….but I don’t love the price tag….

I also love this one by Quiozel…., but again, a price tag issue

And this one from Zgallerie is fab, but maybe a bit much for my bedroom….

adore these pretty rose balls from Arteriors, but I’m not sure I want my room to have a pink hue all the time….there is already a fair bit of pink…

This Lindsey Adelman piece is beautiful but crazy $$$ is required….

Then I thought maybe something simple, like this one from home depot (with the bulbs replaced with round ones)……..but it seemed a bit boring…..

I’ve visited various thrift and antique shops but didn’t find much that that I like in terms of shape. I did find this adorable and super pretty chandy at an antique store (sorry for terrible phone pic)….

….but it needed to be totally rewired and for the price I didn’t want to have to have it do that, plus I wasn’t sure it was big enough.

Then, while discussing my search with my Mom, she mentioned that the antique shop in my hometown in New Brunswick has lots of antique overhead lighting and that they would go take some photos and get pricing for me.  And what did they find? This amazing art deco chandelier…

How crazy, amazing, and interesting is this piece? And it had been marked it down to 1/5 of the original price! In one of the hip mid-centrury modern furniture stores in Toronto, this would cost a fortune, and I’m getting it for…..wait for it…..$100!  This isn’t a joke. And conveniently my parents are coming to visit me this week, and they are driving so they can bring it with them!  A. MA. ZING. So, the search is over, and I’m pretty happy with the find.  I can’t wait to show you how it looks once it’s installed.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Decade of my Decor Style

Good morning!

Ok, so this past weekend I attended my 10 year university reunion at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. Not going to lie, I was dreading it just a little…awkward small talk, asking people about what they are doing with their lives (even though we already know because of Facebook), watching 20 yr old “kids” drink with reckless abandon, knowing they will wake up tomorrow feeling great while I won’t get over my hangover for 5 days…barf………on the other side, there were a lot of people going and with careers and kids, how often do you get a whole bunch of friends together for the SOLE purpose of partying like it’s 2001?  Hmmm….almost never.   So, off we went, equipped with a 1997-2001 playlist on my IPOD for the drive (think, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child and Third Eye Blind).  And as it turned out, awkward encounters were pretty infrequent and the partying was redonculous…picture ten early thirties alumni dancing on a speaker screaming WOOHOO at the tops of their lungs….RE-DON-CU-LOUS.

Sooo, in honour of for today’s post, I thought would take a look at my decor style from 10+ years ago.  Before you judge, keep in mind that at that time these guys were my idols in terms of fashion…..


and I was in love Rachael and Monica’s shabby chic apartment…..


With that in my mind, here is a little snapshot at my decade old decor style which included…..

Fabric like this…..via

Paint colors like these…via and via

Wood Furniture like this….via

and lighting like this…via

Not terrible but definitely was more “shabby chic” than my current home decor style would be….and pretty boring overall – where now I lean more towards….

Fabrics like this….via and via

Paint colours like this….via

furniture like this…via

and lighting like this….via

It’s clear my decor style has changed over the past 10 years, partly based on budget and partly just a maturing of my decor “eye”. And my style will certainly change significantly again in the next 10 years, but that is the great thing about decor style – it’s ever evolving, which makes it much more fun!

Have a great day!