A Martha’s Vineyard Farmhouse

Good Morning!

When I stumbled upon the farmhouse of New York restaurateur Keith McNally (of Balthazar restaurant) in Elle Decor,  it reminded me of some of the older farmhouses in New Brunswick.  Though this one is located in posh Martha’s Vineyard, you wouldn’t know it as his renovation has kept the property rustic and simple. But genuinely beautiful.  They raise animals, grow produce and even make their own goat cheese here.  And the gardens are amazing.  I just had to share this lovely spot with you.

all photo via Elle Decor; photography by Simon Upton

Pretty great, huh?  What a great place for kids too.  I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.


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Cape Cod and the Adventures of Bestie

Good Morning!

Today I’m giving you the full summary of my Cape Cod trip…

We arrived on Friday and it was hot and sunny outside so we went to the beach which was only a few steps from where we were staying in Harwichport. The water was gorgeous and warm and the setting was idyllic…..

The next day was rainy so we drove up to Provincetown which was about an hour drive from where we were staying.  Beautiful little artsy town, with great design and antique stores….more on my design finds from my trip in another post, but lemme tell you, awesome stuff.  The perfect way to spend a rainy cloudy day.

Then Sunday we took the ferry to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  There was a big regatta happening as we ferried into Nantucket Sound.  Hundreds of beautiful sailboats rushing past us. Gorgeous scene to take in.  The town had beautiful cobblestone streets and lovely shops.  I got some great restaurant recommendations from Alex from Things That Sparkle that came in handy.

After a few hours on Nantucket it was time to head to Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard.  It was a totally different vibe there.  A bit more eclectic.  One thing I noticed was that the architecture was totally different.  The houses were more gothic revival in style than the Cape Cod cottages we had seen. Oak Bluff’s is also home to the oldest Carousel in the US.  Who knew?

Now, you will note that so far there have been no pictures of myself or my bestie travel partner.  You see, early in the trip I mentioned how all our photos would be on the blog, and she said, “Well, what if I don’t want to be on the blog” (jokingly), to which I replied, “Well, you can just hide your face in all the photos”.

And so “the Adventures of Bestie” began….

Bestie in the rain in Provincetown, and Bestie trying on hats in Nantucket.

Bestie at dinner in Hyannis and at a gallery in Wellfleet.

Bestie with a vintage Cape Cod placemat, and Bestie on the ferry to Nantucket.

And finally bestie doing the thing we most enjoyed on the trip.  Eating….lobster on the left and a “meltaway” on the right.

Bestie shall be revealed soon, but first, here are some interesting observations we made on this trip:

1) Cape Codders are very creative with the names of their hair salons.  Here are two of our favorites….

We also saw “Terri’s Hair Affair” and “Cut Ups”….amazing.

2. They grow giant plants that start with the letter H.  Both the hydrangeas and hibiscus flower were on steroids there. You can’t tell from the pic but they are the size of charger plates!

3.  The categorization of their accommodations was a bit odd.  The use of “Resort” and “Condominiums” was used a smidge too liberally in our opinion.  For example a motel, not on the water, which looked something like this….

….but had a pool would be called a “resort motel”.  And a series of small cottages, also not on or near the water, that looked like this…

would be called “resort condominiums”.  Even the place we stayed, which was a very lovely Inn, was stricken by the crazy naming disease…

As I said, a lovely Inn.  But resort? No. Not by my definition. And how can you be an Inn and a motel?  Weird.

And finally (sorry, crazy long post), my fave pictures (outtakes?) from the trip….oh, and the reveal of Bestie…turns out she is actually fine with having her pics on the blog 🙂

(Fans of “Friends” will know that in the top right corner I’m pulling a Joey and stepping into the map.)

Great Trip!