DIY Masquerade Mask

Good Morning!

Do you remember the masks that my friend Tory and I wore at our Masquerade Birthday? Well, we crafted those little darlings ourselves…with some help from the dollar store and Pinterest.  I liken the pairing of the dollar store and Pinterest to Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman. One may seem a little more high-class than the other, but in reality they are equally awesome and much better together than apart. (Yes, I love that movie) But I digress. Today I’m giving you a brief little overview of what we did for these masks.  I’ll start with the golden lacey number that Tory wore.

541603_10151460520854589_1015831706_n Tory found the instructions and template for this DIY mask on this post by Sprinkles in Springs on Pinterest.  The full instructions are on the post.

DIY  Tory mask Tory made one change from the instructions and used gold glitter glue instead of fabric puffy paint.  We couldn’t find puffy paint anywhere downtown so we tried the glitter glue which looked great but took a LONG time to dry.  So if you use it, do the mask a couple of days in advance.

For my mask, you need: a plain mask base (I got mine at It’s my Party on the Danforth), feathers (regular and peacock), small plastic jewels with one flat side, a glue gun and some small gauge wire (all from the dollar store).  All I did was glue a pattern of pearly and blue stone jewels to the base mask, put the feathers into small groups and wrap a wire around them to keep them sturdy, glue the feathers to the back side of the mask and it was done! DIY LG Mask

 Holy plumage Batman!

These were very fun to make, so much so that I want to have another party so I can make a different one!

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Masquerade Birthday!

Good Morning!

As you may recall from last week, my friend Tory and I celebrated our birthdays together this past weekend with a masquerade themed birthday party.  I was going to post about the party yesterday, but after all the “festivities”, the last thing I wanted to do on Sunday was edit photos. Let’s be honest, I didn’t even move from my bed/couch until about 5 pm.  At 34, my body now needs about two to three days extra recovery time for a late night.  Sigh.  But it was worth it.

When you throw a theme party there is always some question as to whether people will participate.  We did have extra masks on hand, just in case people came empty handed, but we were really hoping that people would get into the theme.  And let me say, our friends didn’t disappoint.

masquerade copy photos from myself, Tory, Kelly and Monisa

The winner of the prize for best mask went to my friend Monisa (with me, bottom right), who rocked her first ever glue gun project and crafted up this plumage-y beauty using the feathers from 2 masks…..

Monisa's mask

photo from Monisa


There were many great masks, but here are a few of my favourites from the night:

1) Pete’s “I can colour a mask as well as any 2nd grader” pirate

2) Geoff’s slightly creepy long-beaked mask, a throwback to Eye’s Wide Shut

3) Steve’s “Life of Pi” tiger mask

4) Natalie’s ski mask

All in all a great success!  Tomorrow I’ll share a little on how Tory and I constructed our own masks.

Have a great day!