Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Etsy Round-Up

Good Morning!

Hey, remember me?   It has been whirlwind this last couple of weeks with 2 client project on the go and my recent trip to BC for my childhood best friend’s wedding and I’ve been suffering from some jet-lag since I returned. But I’m a bit more myself today so I’m sharing a little round-up of some Mother’s Day gift ideas from Etsy.  Now I will admit that although all these gifts could be great for any Mom, most of these gifts are inspired by things I think MY lovely Mother would enjoy or find useful.  Go with what you know, right?

Etsy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1.  If your Mom is a gardener how about these super cute Leather Gardening Gloves? And they are washable!

2.  I can’t think of a better way to represent a Mom’s tireless love and care than with a pretty piece of jewelry  with the infinity knot, like this  Infinity Knot Gold Filled Bracelet.

3. I really like the style of this hanging planter/basket with a hand spun copper & brass bowl.  This one might be a bit modern for my Mom but she might like to use it outside and let it get that rustic patina.

4.  There have been a few times my Mom has suggested a book she has that she thinks I would enjoy, only to realize that she has lent it to someone.  In these cases, she either doesn’t remember who she lent it to or she knows but hasn’t gotten it back yet.  Enter this set of library book cards that you can put inside your books reminding those that have borrowed it to return it.

5. My mom (and often my dad) are perpetually looking for their glasses.  If your mom has the same tendency to misplace her glasses, this magnetic eyeglass holder that you just attach to your shirt is a great practical gift!

6. What Mom doesn’t love a nice tea towel. And this Coastal Cottages tea towel is lovely, and just a little different from your standard tea towel.

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your Mom this year!

Have a lovely day!


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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Today’s post is a tribute to my wonderful Mom…

My mom is all of the above and more.

My Mom always put us first, and I’m sure she gave up more than I even noticed. But she never once complained.

My mom is a nurse, just recently retired, and although she sometimes complained about the day to day annoyances of her job, she was very dedicated to caring for patients. She always makes a big effort to make people who are at their worst feel just a little more comfortable.  And she showed even more loving care when my brother and I were sick.  When I’m feeling sick now, I still want my Mom to come and help me feel better.

I’ve learned so many things from my Mom. How to make the best granola and the best Christmas candy, how to bring down a fever, and how to properly weed a garden (you have to get ALL the root!!).

 I owe so much to my Mom, and want to tell her today that I am…

…though it doesn’t feel like enough.

Another thing you should know about my Mom is that she thinks the price of greeting cards is highway robbery.  It’s a good thing now you can send free ecards, OR you can find them on the internet and post them on your blog!  Here are some funny ones I found for mothers day….

(the above is particularly appropriate for me…sorry Mom)

I love you Mom! Have a great Mother’s Day!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Mom’s out there!


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