Taste Tuesday: Nougat

Good Morning!

Did any of you go to the One of Kind Show in Toronto in the spring or at Christmas?  Well, something I discovered in the food aisles (LOVE the food aisles) thanks to La Nougaterie Quebec….you guessed it, nougat.

Photo by Victoria Reay via Flickr CC

Until this discovery my exposure to nougat has been the tiny bits inside the Toblerone bar that make it so delicious.  La Nougaterie had all sorts of flavours; chocolate,  lavender, cassis, cranberry….and my favourite by far, orange.

Photo by Meraj Chhaya via Flickr CC

So I’ve been thinking that I need to try to make my own orange nougat.  I’ve found a few recipes that look like they are worth trying, but the one that looks like it is closest to what I want is this Hazelnut & Orange Blossom Nougat from Pease Pudding blog.  I get the impression that nougat is not the easiest to do successfully, so it may take me a few tries to get it right but I’ll keep you posted!

Have you ever tried making nougat?


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