A New Series: Finding Method in the Madness

Buenos Dias Amigos!

Have you ever noticed that it’s when you  are so busy you can’t see straight that you notice disorganization in your life? When you are busy and something isn’t where it should be or you’ve lost something, it’s a bajillion times more frustrating. Well, that’s how it is for me anyway. And with my insane last 2 weeks of my busy day job, my upholstery client projects, and the Upcycle Challenge, I became acutely aware of everything that was disorganized in my life.  I am a strange anomaly of someone who is not naturally organized but wants organization around them. I crave it even…but don’t practice it.  In my recent busy-ness I promised that as soon as I had some time I would start to get organized.

So, I’m starting a series. It’s called

I’m going to share with you my attempts at organizing parts of my life, for starters,  my space.  I am swallow my pride and will be sharing some disturbing accounts of my disorganization.  I’m ok with self-deprecation! And I think if I put it out there I’m more likely to fix it.  I will not be providing the advice in this series, as I clearly don’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to this stuff.  But will be relying on others (like bloggers, organization websites, etc.) to help me (and maybe you)!

The first project is my office cubby.  There are lots of things wrong with it but a crazy amount of paper and terrible storage are the big ones….here it is over a year ago….

I’ve since done some work to it and the desk and shelf are now white.  I’ve added a small drawer unit underneath for storage but it’s still a mess….check out the madness….gulp…

So there you have it.  In all it’s embarrassing chaos.

But the good news is I’m going to make it better. I’ve already started. I will keep you updated on the progress and hopefully have others to share some tips along the way.  My closet will be next.  Also a doosey.

If you have some organizing tips to share and would like to be a guest in this series, let me know! I clearly need all the help I can get.


I want a nice rack…..

Good Morning!

So I’ll admit it, my spices are a disaster in my cupboard….they are in a series of jars, bottles, and bags and they are totally disorganized, which makes it impossible to find anything when I need it. So, I went on a search for some nice options for a spice rack and here is some of what I found…

fun, bright and organized

pretty labels on plain metal containers…

sleek white and glass rack

magnetized metal containers with blackboard labeling

test tube spices!

vintage containers and labels

more pretty glass jars with DIY labels using book paper and blue tape

precious pale blue rack with glass jars….

hexagonal glass jars with metal lids….and names punctured in the metal!

Photos via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Not sure which one I will choose…but I gotta get on it soon!

Enjoy your day!