Backyard: To Paint or Not to Paint

Good Morning!

The weather has been beautiful in Toronto the past few days so the past weekend I was working on getting my back deck in order.  As you may know, this spring my landlord removed the second floor deck that used to partially cover my deck, so I now get a lot more light.  With the additional light I’ve become more aware of the fact that my door is in need of new coat of paint.


Since I took the pictures I have done a solid cleaning of the doors which helps but they still seem ruddy and worn.  Also, did you notice the sweet art deco inspired glass in the door on the right?  Just in case you need a second look at this beauty…

artdeco door

Oh yaaa.  In fairness, it actually might look good on a modern home but is totally random here given the style of the house.  But I digress – back to the painting.  My first thought was I would just repaint the doors white.  White goes with everything, is clean and classic.  Then I got to thinking, if I’m painting anyway, why not add some colour?  Any colour I use would need to be dark or bright to contrast the muted beige of the siding.  So, I rounded up three colour options from Para Paints and did a little (rough) photoshopping to see how they look on the door.

All doors copy

Option 1 is called Bluenose (P2116-03) from the heritage collection and is currently in the lead for me at the moment.  Option 2 is Nitelife (P5074-85). I choose this colour because it is similar to the colour that the landlord recently painted the front door.  I like this one, but it’s not my favourite of the three. However, it may end up being my only option for colour as I will have to get the landlord’s buy in before painting.  I also really like the Option 3 red colour, which is called Gingham (P5083-73).

This is where I need your help.  Which do you like best?  If the only colour option was #2 would you still paint it  or leave it white?  I welcome some help with this decision!  Let me know what you think!


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Antique Revamps: Which PARA Paint colour would you choose?

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Good Morning Lovelies!

There is nothing I love more than planning a new upholstery project.  Over the last couple of years I’ve been stuffing my storage unit with a few fab antique finds that need some upholstery love. I’ve been itching to start a project where I get to make the fabric and colour choices….you know, tapping into the ‘ol creative juices.  Today I’m going to share my plans for three of my pieces; a round-back caned chair, a channel-back chair, and a sofa from the 1800’s.

I have have a fabric I’ve chosen for each, but I’m still undecided about what colour best to paint the frames. Thankfully, PARA paints has a huge selection of hues to choose from, including their new Colour Forecast palette.  So I’ll be looking for you to weigh in before I make any final decisions.  Before we start, I should mention that the furniture pics provided are not of my actual pieces but are ones I found that are identical or nearly identical to the ones I have.

project 1

I bought a chair identical to this one a couple of years ago at a giant garage sale outside of Erin, Ontario.  I love the caned sides and the shape.  I may not keep it tufted when I redo it, but I am pretty excite to get rid  of the orange velvet. The fabric I’m eying for this chair is Gazebo in Cloud by Braemore that I found on Tonic Living.  But the big question is what colour do I paint the frame?  My top 2 picks are PARA’s Humberstone (PF74) and Honey Brulee (both from their new Colour Forecast Palette.  Which would you choose?

Chair 2 copy 1,2, PARA Paints

project2 A channel-backed chair similar to the one below was also purchased at the giant garage sale I mentioned above.  I think a channel-back chair gives any room a big dose of pretty, don’t you agree? And I love this Etched Aviary fabric from Robert Allen for Dwell Studio.  As it so happens, I already have a few yards of this gorgeousness kicking around!  And for the frame? Well, because the fabric is black and white, I’m going to go bold with this one.  Either PARA’s First Choice (P5025-73) or Plantain Chips (PF52) (the second is also from their new Colour Forecast Palette).  Are you leaning towards rich green or bright yellow?

Chair 1 copy I

1,2, PARA Paints

project 3 A sofa just like this amazing c. 1800’s sofa was purchased at an antique store in my hometown in New Brunswick (and lovingly delivered to me in Toronto by my parents). Such a beautiful unique piece. And the fabric I choose for this puppy?  This amazing Echo-Licorice Floral fabric from the Heirloom Collection by Richloom Studio.  Frame options?  How about PARA’s Perfect Landing (P5210-51D)?  Or maybe Viva Glam (P5086-63)?  Bluish-grey or vibrant pink?

Sofa copy 1, my own, PARA Paints

All this brainstorming has me excited to get one of these projects started.  And I’ll definitely post the results when I’m all finished.  And I wasn’t kidding, I would love for you to tell which way you would go with these so be sure to leave your comments below! Or if you think there may other equally fabulous colour options, head over to the PARA’s paint website and let me know what you find!

Have a great day!


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