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Good Morning!

I hope you all had a really great long weekend.  As you may have noticed, I have been pretty spotty with posts these days.  Ever since I got back from my trip to BC, things have been pretty busy.  However, now thing are slowing down a little so I’ve had some time to be inspired and get back to writing.  A little break often helps to get me revved up again and I’m excited to share posts that are have been ruminating and which are long overdue to be shared.  Today I’m sharing just a few little things that have been going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, one of the projects that I have been spending a lot of time on recently is a cushion project for a client (and friend) for her outdoor furniture.  I finally delivered the pieces this weekend and here is how they look…

Cushion Project

I really like the fabric my friend choose which she got from Tonic Living  (back cushions – Fretscene in Canary, seats – Sunnyside in Canvas, and throw pillows – Secret Gate, Pewter) and it came together really well in the end.  The most exciting part of this project (other than the results) was finally getting the 8 large cushions out of my 750 sq ft apartment and actually being able to fully clean up my floors which looked like this for the last couple of months….

floor craziness

I’ve never been so happy to clean my apartment in my life.  Also, I recently scored this awesome piece  for my living room from a little antique store on King Street West  that I was able to put in it’s new spot this weekend, after I delivered the cushions.

new mirror

Please excuse the  picture quality, iPhone shot.  (Did I mention I LOST my camera on my way to BC?? Err).  But I love the mirror even more than I thought I would.  It’s crazy how much bigger it makes the room feel!  I have been looking for a large floor mirror ever since I did this post a few months ago.  And this one was much cheaper than any I’d seen of it’s size.  Total score.

And you may recall my crazy living room rug search?  Well, as you may have seen on the Instagram that I finally found a great,  reasonably priced antique persian rug on eBay that had the perfect colours.  Well, like all things you buy online, you just don’t know until you get it home.  I ordered it based on this photo…

ebay picture2

But when opened it up, this is what I got….

what I gpt It’s in great condition and I like the pattern but, it’s totally the wrong colours.  I was annoyed and originally thought I would just sell it and start the search again.  But then I got an idea. The tones in my bedroom are similar to those in the rug as you can see in this picture from my bedroom post.

And as you can see in the picture I have a large black and white cowhide rug in my bedroom.  Sooo, I’m doing a switcheroo!   It’s not a perfect solution but I think it will work well until I come across a great rug that works for my living room.  Done.

I have a bunch of small projects on the go both inside and outside of my place that will be coming up on the blog soon, so stay tuned!


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Wanted: Living Room Rug

  Good Morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend. I definitely did!  I spent quite a bit of time relaxing while at my friend’s family home in the country.  The downtime gave me a chance to mull over some plans for my space, and this weekend my mind was on rugs, specifically for my living room.  It’s been a long time coming.  Living in a rental you don’t get a choice on flooring.  And what I have is old browny beige carpet.  It could be worse, it could be bright red shag carpet…at least I’m dealing with a neutral.  But since the neutral colours in my living room decor are white and grey, the beige isn’t ideal.  However, the biggest problem are the stains (some were there when I moved in…many have come since) which gives the carpet some, um, interest?   Bottom-line:  the carpet doesn’t match, and isn’t pretty.  A rug is the perfect solution to help hide unchangeable flooring.

To start my search,  I needed to decide on a colour (or colours) for this new rug.  I’ve put together a little photo collage of some key elements in my living room so you can get a sense of the palette.

My Living Room Palette copy

As you can see, the space is mainly blues & greys (couch, chairs) with pops of purple, lilac and pink in the accessories and art.  My first thought was to look for another shade of blue, but then very quickly realized that would be way too much blue.  And grey just seemed a bit bland.  In the end, I decided that some shade of lilac or pink would be best.  A shot of colour that co-ordinates well but isn’t too matchy-matchy.  Here are a few that I’m considering so far:

rugs copy

 1. Jasmine Purple Rug – Rugs USA  2. Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo – Lulu & Georgia 3. Dash & Albert Steps Wool Hooked Rug 4. Momeni Suzani Hook SZI-1 Purple Rug 5. Pari Rug – Lulu & Georgia 6. Luli Sanchez Rug

I”m leaning towards something more traditional in pattern so currently my two front-runners are numbers 1. and 5.  The Luli Sanchez rug (6.) is my dream rug –  it’s like a work of art!  Not surprisingly, there are no prices listed on that site, suggesting one-of-kind pricing (and rightfully so), but likely not in my budget.  Which do you like?

I’m still searching but there are definitely some good options out there.  I’ve hit all the standard haunts for rugs (Rugs USA, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, CB2, EQ3, Layla Grace, Lulu & Georgia). Any other suggestions? Where do you shop for rugs?


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