Side Table Project: Before and After

 Good Morning!

Today I’m taking a break from my trip posts. First of all, I don’t want you to get sick of them, and second of all, I need a break from editing photos! Instead I’m going to share a recent project I completed for my living room.

So, if you recall in an earlier post I was talking about my web of interdependance with respect to decor.  And how part of solving that was to get a bar cart for this part of my living room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, so far I haven’t found a bar cart that I like (and also like the price of).  And recently I have also been looking for a small china cabinet for my kitchen so I can move some clutter from other places in my kitchen. On the recommendation of my lovely friend Christine from Bijou & Boheme, I went to check out Petits and Jolis in Oakville to see if they had anything that might work.  They have so many lovely things in that store. It’s a must visit if you are in the area.  I didn’t find a china cabinet that worked, but I did find a piece that I thought could work under my window instead of a bar cart.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love the shape, the fact that it has some storage, and the metal fretwork.  Of course to go in my living room it would have to be painted.  And that is what I did!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All freshened up!  I painted the metal black so there is a bit of contrast.



And I changed the pulls to the ones I bought in Milan at Zara Home.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And here is the final before and after! Such an improvement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now I use it for storage of a bunch of my extra fabric, which frees up shelf in another part of my living room!

I’m sure I will change my mind a few more times on where this goes, and if I get a bar cart or not, but for now I really like it.