Travel Plans: Wannabe Swiss Miss

Good Morning,

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday.  I wrote most of it and then somehow lost it.  No idea what happened. One thing I wanted to post about yesterday is that I finished another project! This one was a wingback for Heather over at Interior Groupie! I will post about it soon but, in the meantime, you can go see it on her blog, here!

And today, I have NEWS! Exciting news!  Next Wednesday I’m heading to….


You got it! SWITZERLAND! The place of pristine lakes and the gorgeous Alps.  The The place that gave us holey cheese, the infamous army knife, and of course, Heidi.  The place where movie spies hide their money.  So awesome.

I will be visiting my friend in Zurich.  She married a Swiss last summer and moved there in December.


I am so excited to see my friend explore the City.


And also excited to do some skiing!



Oh, and the best part….the apres-ski…




And I’m going to try to see as much of the surrounding areas of Zurich as I can fit in, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Any recommendations for things to do and see in Switzerland?



Ski Paradise

Good Morning!

I haven’t posted in few days because I’m frantically getting my things together to go to Alt Summit this week.  I’m leaving Wednesday! Pinch me now!  The conference is in Salt Lake City, Utah and since I’m spending a bundle to get there I decided I would spend a couple of extra days after the conference to ski and check out nearby Park City.  Oh, did I mention that Park City is the home of the Sundance Film Festival?  Oh, and did I also mention that Sundance starts the weekend I’m there?  Ya, so I’m going to be both skiing and star-gazing. Today’s post is inspired by skiing. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty pumped about the star-gazing part, but last time I checked this is not so doing a full celebrity post might be odd. (But I do have an upcoming Sundance fashion post in the works, so stay tuned.) But for now, back to skiing….

I grew up down-hill skiing. There is a small ski hill near my hometown and I used to go almost every weekend in the wintertime and for years our family took annual ski vacations.  But as I’ve gotten older, I typically only go 1 or 2 times a year so when an opportunity comes up to ski in a fabulous place like Park City, I’m snatching it up.  Here are some inspirational ski shots for this cold wintery Sunday.

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Have a great day!