Fun Upholstery

Good morning lovelies.  For the last few days, I’ve spent every free moment I’ve had searching for a light fixture for my bedroom redo…I was originally planning on posting about it today, but to be honest, if I see another light fixture right now I think I’ll crawl into a little ball on the floor and rock back and forth…so maybe later in the week.  So instead, today I’m back on a topic close to my heart….upholstery. I’ve rounded up some examples of fun upholstery pieces to share with you this morning. Hope they inspire you to update an old piece of furniture yourself!

 What a pretty fabric on this chair and a great shape to boot (from Spruce Upholstery in Austin) via

Another fun fabric choice via

Cute little update to an average office chair….oh, and did I mention this fabric is from IKEA? Super fun and super cheap for upholstery weight fabric. via

Another gem by Spruce…via

A great reupholstery job…gotta love tufting…via

Great idea for fabric!  via

OK, this might be my east coast roots coming through...via

Gorgeous headboard by Staci Edwards at Switch Studio…..via

  Everyone loves an Eames chair, but it’s even better updated with this chevron pattern…via

And this last lovely chaise was completed by Andrea at Re:style Studio. And, if you are interested in completing your own re-upholstery project, sign up for a BYOP (bring your own piece) upholstery weekend at Re:style!  Yours truly will be instructing and I would love to see you there.  If there is enough interest we will be opening up another weekend before the holidays (think Christmas gifts??).