Here Comes the Sun!

Good Morning!

This past weekend was gorgeous in Toronto; sunny and 20 to 25 degrees, and the humidity has not set in quite yet. I tried to be outside as much as I could.  I started some planters, cleaned off my patio furniture and soaked in the rays.  Today’s post is inspired by that bright sparkling sun….


Have a great Monday!



Weekend Blues and then Sunshine


So, yesterday I was in a terrible mood.  Sad and cranky and feeling sorry for myself. I feel a bit silly admitting that but I figure I should be honest on this blog. I don’t feel a lot better this morning but I’m about to go out and see some of my favorite people, and it’s supposed to be gorgeous outside today so i feel like things are looking up. So that being said, today’s little post is on blue (how I felt yesterday) and yellow (sunshiny, how I hope to feel today).


Hope everyone had a good weekend!