Dad Love – The day after….

Good Morning!

This past weekend, I was working on upholstery projects like crazy and catching up on sleep (for some reason I had crazy insomnia all last week). I didn’t read ONE blog.  Not one. Hence, I will not be doing Last Week’s Loves until tomorrow!  And, I also wasn’t writing posts this weekend, so I thought I would post my Father’s Day post today – a mini ode to my dad, if you will.

I’m pretty lucky to have grown up with an amazing Dad. And when I look around to my friends and peers, I know that I’m also very lucky to still have my father, as many of you have lost yours to soon.

Here are a few of the things my Dad and I both enjoy…..

1. Dogs

My dad is animal lover in general but he particularly loves dogs, and so do I.  We had dogs for most of my childhood, but it has been many years now since our last dog died, and I’m pretty sure my Dad is pushing for a new canine in the house sooner rather than later.

2. Sailboats

My Dad loves sailboats – he is currently refurbishing one in our backyard at home!  I cannot wait until it is finished so we can take it out on the water.

3. Golf

Neither my Dad or I get to golf all that often, but we try to get out when I’m home if we can.  I used to be an angry golfer, so I’m not sure my Dad actually “likes” golfing with me but I still enjoy golfing with him.

4. Hardware stores

Have I told you that my grandfather owned a hardware store? I never spent much time there, but I think inherently that is one of the reasons why I enjoy them so much.  I actually like having an excuse to go to Home Depot.  My dad grew up working in the store so I’m not sure he loves hardware stores the same way I do, but I think he does enjoy them, as he is quite handy and does most things around the house/cottage himself.  And I enjoy helping him with those projects when I’m at home long enough to do it.

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All in all, I am thankful to have grown up with such a great father.  And not only is he a great father, he is also an excellent grandfather to my niece Katrina.  I hope someday I’ll have my own kids who will be lucky enough to have him as their Grampy.

Have a great Monday!


Birthday Blog

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday!

It has been roughly 33 years since I looked like this…..

Ya, I know, I was cute. (There is a very good chance I had just pooed in that tub of water and that is why I’m smiling but the details are not important…..).

To celebrate, I’m having dinner followed by drinks with a group of my closest friends….I’m hoping there will be some of this….


and if things get a little crazy, maybe even a little of this…

And if I had all the money in the world I would wear this Haltson dress….

with these Louboutins….

The fact is, I have always loved birthdays….I mean, one day dedicated just to you, how amazeballs is that? That being said, I am whole-heartedly aware that I’m not getting any younger and I definitely thought I would be in a completely different place in my life at this age than I find myself to be. And in a lot ways that is a great thing, but in other biological-clock a tickin’ away kind of ways it sucks. BUT since it is the one me day of the year, I’m not going to spend it being negative because I have a million things to be thankful for.

Even if this year my hair looks a little more like this (under my colour job)….

And my boobs look a little more like this (the curse of having bigger than C-cup)…

(OMG, who is this woman???)

I’m still young at

and that is all that matters!


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