Inspired by Downton Abbey

Good Morning lovelies!  I have finally discovered what everyone has been talking about and it’s official, I’m now a Downton junkie.  And I have only watched 3 episodes.  Last night I was feeling completely unmotivated.  I was planning on getting some posts written but couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about. I tried to start planning my packing for Alt Summit (which, by the way, is only 6 days away….woohoo) and couldn’t. I even was having a hard time surfing Pinterest….ya, it was that bad, I can ALWAYS pass time on Pinterest.  Then I realized that Season 1 of Downton Abbey had finished downloading on my computer so I thought I would curl up and watch.  SOOOO freakin’ good! Funny, dramatic, generally fabulous. And then suddenly, I was motivated to write a post. Here are some lovely Downton fashion and related interiors for this Thursday morning….enjoy.


Have a lovely day!