Barometer Love

Good Morning,

I’ve been thinking about the weather a lot lately.  It’s hard for anyone to argue against climate change these days with the record number of fierce and damaging storms we have been having. I wouldn’t want to be a meteorologist trying to predict weather these days.  I do like to know the temperature outside, and typically rely on the internet to tell me. I don’t have so much as a thermometer. However, today I thought I would share some great barometers that I would be happy to have in my house.

Barometric Love copy

  1. Admiral FitzRoy Barometer
  2. Barometer Weather Station Sputnik
  4. 1930 Abercrombie & Fitch Ship’s Wheel Barometer
  5. Nassau M60 Aneroid Barometer
  6. Circa 1885 Industrial Series Mechanical Clock Barometer
  7. 1920s Vintage Bakelite Taylor Stormoguide Thermometer Barometer Weather Station

Don’t they make you want to pay more attention to the weather?  However, I also found this one which is less attractive, but I would guess very effective.

Have a great day!