Alt Summit Fashion Panic

Good Morning!

So, I leave for Alt Summit tomorrow (eeeek!) and I really have to get my packing in order.  I am usually not a stress-case about fashion or packing but I’ve also never gone anywhere in which I had so many differing types of events/activities to attend within the same trip. AND, if you see the list of fabulous speakers at Alt, you know this a group of highly creative and also VERY fashionable people.  There has also been a lot of talk on twitter and blogs around Alt fashion.  There was even a online class held on what to wear to Alt (hosted by the ever stylish Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind)! Basically the word is, if you have something fun or crazy that you never have the opportunity to wear, bring it to Alt.  Hence, the panic around my fashion.

  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, though the conference ends on Saturday, I’m planning to stay a couple of days after to ski and check out the Sundance Film Fest. What if I run into Clive Owen or Bradley Cooper (both of whom have movies premiering at SFF) as I am wandering the streets of Park City??? I’ve gotta look good! Despite all this I’ve managed to come up with some outfits/outfits ideas to correspond to the events of my week of fun.  The outfits below are obviously not my clothes or what I’ve packed but you get the gist.

1. Opening Night Dinner.  When we arrive on Wednesday evening , there are a series of dinners being hosted at restaurants all over Salt Lake City.  There is talk of dancing after.  So, I’m thinking something like this….

Wed night welcome dinners 2.  For the daytime sessions I’m thinking fun casual attire  – something like this…

sessions 3. Thursday night we have the White Party.  This is the one event that seems to be causing attendees the most stress.  After a couple of rounds of shopping, my actual outfit for this event is pretty close to this…..

white party 4.  Friday night we have mini-parties which are taking place in various suites in the hotel, and for this event the direction was SEQUINS. The outfit below is, again, very close to the outfit I’ve packed for what is sure to be a night of fun!

Friday Night Parties
5. Sunday and Monday are going to be for skiing and star-gazing in Park City….these last 2 outfits I think would fit the bill for both.  Although there is the possibility of celebrity sightings, they also tend to dress quite casually for this film fest. However, if I’m going to convince Clive Owen to have my children, I’m going to have to look both CUTE and casual.
sundance 1

sundance 2

Now I just have to remember my PJs and my toothbrush.

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!


All photo found in my collection on Polyvore.